Drager Regard 3000 Control System

  • Monitor an array of gases & vapours
  • Multi-coloured status light signals
  • Includes integrated horn & SIL2-capable contacts

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The Drager REGARD 3000 control system is a modular gas detection system that can detect various gases and vapours. Its multi-coloured status light indicates the status of the system. You can combine three modules – Input, Relay and Gateway – and connect up to four analogue transmitters and eight relays with the controller.

Especially well visible and audible from a distance

​In the event of an alarm, every second counts – but it is also helpful to see the status of the gas detection system at a glance. The REGARD 3000 makes this possible with its status light. Different colours indicate whether everything is in order (blue), whether there are malfunctions (yellow) or whether alarms are pending (red). In addition, it can be seen immediately whether the alarm is active (flashing red) or has been acknowledged (continuous red light). This way, everyone on site is informed about the system status and daily checks are made easier.

Access the gas warning system more centrally

​Gas transmitters are often installed in areas that are difficult to access or far away from each other and the associated control unit. The REGARD 3000’s 4 – 20 mA HART® input module gives you central access to all diagnostic information in case of an alarm or fault. The transmitter configurations can also be read out and transferred conveniently. The intuitive touch display gives you an overview of the status of your gas detection system at all times.

Flexible options for expansion

​If the range of functions or the size of the gas detection system changes, The REGARD 3000 can be expanded by an additional relay or gateway module, depending on the requirements. This way, the system remains flexible and grows with the plant without shutting down the production process for longer. A REGARD 3000 can be equipped with a maximum of one input module, one relay module and one gateway module.

Networking individual systems with each other

​Do you have several gas detection systems with REGARD 3000 and REGARD 7000? Would you like to have all systems in view and control and configure them centrally? Then, connect the REGARD 7000 as a client to the REGARD 3000 systems via an Ethernet cable connection. Networked in this way, the client can detect, control and configure the REGARD 3000 units as satellites.

Flexible options for mounting

​Do you already have a control cabinet or control station for your production process control system and would like to integrate the gas warning system there? Or do you need a small gas detection system that can easily integrate into your building? With the Dräger REGARD 3000, you can integrate the docking station directly into a control cabinet and mount the operating unit (display module) in the control cabinet door. Or you can use the innovative, compact wall-mounted housing. You can choose between the colours telegrey and black.

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3705684 Drager REGARD 3000 Base unit black
3706357 Drager REGARD 3000 Base unit grey
3709719 Drager REGARD 3000 Display unit black
3705685 Drager REGARD 3000 Display unit grey
3705672 Drager REGARD 3000/5000 Slot Cover
3705680 Drager REGARD 3000 4 – 20mA Input Module 2Ch
3705681 Drager REGARD 3000/5000 4 – 20mA Input Module 4Ch
3705687 Drager REGARD 3000/5000 Relay Module 4Ch
3705688 Drager REGARD 3000/5000 Relay Module 8Ch
3705693 Drager REGARD 3000/5000 MB RTU Gateway Module
3705694 Drager REGARD 3000/5000 MB TCP Gateway Module
3711953 Drager REGARD 3000 Adapter plate Set
3704261 Drager REGARD 3000 Control cabinet cable harness 2 m
3709678 Drager REGARD 3000 Docking Station
3716409 Drager REGARD 3000 Dust cover
3716411 Socket spanner for cable gland
3720165 Drager REGARD 3000 Fixing bracket
3709533 Drager REGARD 3000/5000 PC-Software Key

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Regard 3000 Datasheet 336 KB
Regard 3000 Manual 7 MB

Additional information

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Characteristics control unit
Type of controller Modular control unit for gas and fire warning systems for wall or control cabinet mounting
System boundaries 1 Docking Station, 1 Input Module, max. 1 Output Module, max. 1 Gateway Module, max. 1 configuration PC
System response times Transmission of measured values and status information to the REGARD® 3000
If the maximum transmission time for status information is exceeded, a special status is signalled
Measured value update time at the input: 50 ms
4 – 20 mA Input Module / HART® 2/4 Ch
Measured value update time at the input: max. 6 s
Modbus RTU Gateway Module
Setting times t20 < 3 s
t50 < 3 s
t90 < 3 s
The setting times are independent of the measured gas.
Time until ready to measure After switching on the REGARD® 3000 < 60 s
Electrical data
Terminal blocks Plug-in contacts for conductor diameters from 0.08 mm2 to 2.5 mm2
Operating voltage 115 – 230 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption 2 A max. (typ. 1 A)
(depending on the number of installed modules and connected transmitters)
Power loss Max. 25 W (10 W (power supply) + 15 W (dockingstation))
Output SFR Min. 5 V, 10 mA, max. 30 V, 2 A switching capacity; fuse output against overload
Output SSR Min. 5 V, 10 mA, max. 30 V, 2 A switching capacity; fuse output against overload
Pre-alarm relay output Min. 5 V, 10 mA, max. 30 V, 2 A switching capacity; fuse output against overload
Master alarm relay output Min. 5 V, 10 mA, max. 30 V, 2 A switching capacity; fuse output against overload
Monitoring functions – Input voltage monitoring 18-30 V related to the supply voltage of the dockingstation. In case of undervoltage, the SFR is activated; in case of overvoltage, the supply is switched off and the SFR is activated, after which a restart is necessary.
– Total current monitoring Switch-off at >5.5 A (max. 6 A) at 18-30V, after which a restart is necessary.
– Overtemperature monitoring Shutdown of the docking station and activation of the SFR, after which a restart is necessary.
Terminal Blocks
Terminal type Plug-in terminal
Conductor diameter 0.5 mm2 to 2.5 mm2
4-20 mA Input Module / HART® 2/4 Ch
Number of input channels 2 or 4
Transmitter supply voltage Typically 24 V, depending on the supply voltage of the dockingstation
Transmitter supply current Max. 500 mA per channel
Total max. 1 A per module (ambient temperature ≥ 50 °C)
Total max. 2 A per module (ambient temperature < 50 °C)
If the total transmitter supply current is exceeded, the transmitters must be supplied externally.
Current range signal input 0 to 24 mA (short circuit detection at 38 mA)
Input resistance 262 Ohm
Measurement accuracy ± 0.05 mA ±0.002 mA/K [0 … 4 mA]
± 1. 25 % ± 0. 05 %/K [4 … 24 mA]
Power consumption Max. 2.1 A
Power loss Max. 5 W bei 24 V
Deviation with adjustable time parameters Max. ±1 %
Relay Module 4/8 Ch
Number of output relays 4 or 8 with one potential-free switch contact each
Switching voltage 100 to 240 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz
5 to 50 V DC
Switching current 100 to 240 V AC up to 2 A; cosine Phi ≥ 0.4
5 to 30 V DC,10 mA to 2 A
>30 to 50 V DC, 10 mA to 1.2 A
Power consumption Max. 100 mA (no relay activated) Max. 150 mA (4 relays activated)
Power loss Max. 5 W at 24 V DC
Pollution level 2
Overvoltage category II
Update rate of the switching outputs 0.5 s
Deviation with adjustable time parameters Max. ±1 %
Modbus RTU Gateway Module
Number of channels 1 channel, bidirectional. A gateway module always occupies one port in the overall system.
Current consumption Type. 100 mA at 24 V
Power loss Max. 4 W at 24 V
Transmission rate Adjustable: 9,600 to 921,600 Baud
Cable length Fieldbus side <57.600 Baud max. 1200 m
<230,400 Baud max. 500 m
<921,600 Baud max. 120 m
Housing characteristics
Dimensions [H x W x D] [mm]
Base Unit 300 x 305 x 100
Display Unit 300 x 303 x 50
Dockingstation 185 x 200 x 50
4 – 20 mA Input Module / HART 2/4 Ch 69 x 110 x 35
Relay Module 4/8 Ch 69 x 110 x 35
Modbus RTU Gateway Module 69 x 110 x 35
Slotcover 69 x 110 x 35
Ambient conditions
Temperature (during operation) -20 … +55 °C
Temperature (in storage) -30 … +65 °C
Humidity (with display unit) 5 … 90 % r.h., non-condensing
Humidity (without display unit) 0 … 95 % r.h., non-condensing
Humidity (in storage) 5 … 90 % r.h., non-condensing
Pressure 700 … 1300 hPa
Height max. 2000 m above sea level
ATEX (metrological performance) EN 60079-29-1, EN 50104, EN 50271, EN 45544-1, EN 45544-2, EN 45544-3
SIL (Functional Safety) EN 50402, IEC 61508-3
CE marking 2014/34/EU ATEX Directive
2014/30/EU EMC Directive
2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive

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