Drager Regard 2400 & 2410

Code: REGARD 2400 & 2410
  • 4 channels
  • Easy operation
  • Approvals SIL 1 & ATEX

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Drager Regard 2400 and 2410 are flexible small control units for the detection of toxic gases and oxygen as well as combustible gases and vapours. Combined with Drager transmitters or sensing heads provides a low-maintenance gas detection system for reliable protection. This series replaces the Regard 1.

Versions and configuration

Up to four transmitters can be connected to the Regard 2400 and Regard 2410 control systems. The Regard 2400 comes with an enclosure with integral power supply unit and can be mounted directly to a wall. The Regard 2410 has been designed for economical mounting on DIN rails in an existing switch or wall cabinets. Both versions have four integrated relays which are assigned to the two gas alarms, audible warning and fault condition. In addition to the four inputs for transmitters, the Regard 2400/2410 also provides two digital inputs. This can be used for remote acknowledgement, for example. Both devices have ATEX approval.

Easy to operate

The configuration of the Regard 2400/2410 is carried out via a laptop or a PC. The appropriate connection cable and the required software are available as accessories.

Flexible extensions

Via the internal Modbus interface, the Regard 2400 and 2410 can be connected with external modules such as an input or output module or one or several relay modules.

Order Information

SC00011 Regard 2410
SC00014 Regard 2400
SC00016 Internal converter module SE Ex (only Drager REGARD 2400), one required per SE Ex channel
3603560 Converter module SE Ex, one required per SE Ex channel
SC00040 Configuration set
SC00018 Input-Output module
SC00019 Relay module
4208745 Power Supply 2.5A, DIN Rail Mounting
4208746 Power Supply 5A, DIN Rail Mounting
4208747 Power Supply 8A, DIN Rail Mounting

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