Drager Saver PP15 & PP10 Escape Sets

Code: PP15 & PP10
  • Positive Pressure Escape Set
  • 10 or 15 Minutes
  • Minimal Maintenance

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Drager Saver PP15 & PP10 are positive pressure escape sets. Ideal when physical assertion is required to exit a hazardous marine or industrial situation. Air is provided as demanded by the user.  Supplied with either a 15 or 10-minute air supply, with steel or aluminium cylinders. Soft bag or hard case versions are available for both models.

A valve is automatically triggered when the set bag is opened, allowing immediate activation.  Providing optimal safety and reducing complexity when reacting to an emergency event.

The set comprises of a Panorama Nova full-face mask which provides enhanced peripheral vision and is fog resistant. The special rubber head harness facilitates fast donning.  A positive pressure lung demand valve (LDV) is supplied, covered with non-slip silicone protective cap.

In the event of a false alarm, the set can be easily recharged without the need of specialist tooling.  The charging connector is G 5/8” at the valve. A window on the soft bag permits viewing the cylinder contents gauge to check the air level.

Supplied in Orange bags with photo-luminescent and reflective bands for increased visibility, enabling operation in dark environments or with anti-static bags, allowing use in explosive environments.


  • Ten years before servicing needed
  • Versions with air inlet extending air supply duration
  • Cylinder charging pressure 200 bar. LDV output flow of 500 L/min
  • Can be wall-mounted in hazardous areas for fast deployment
  • Washable and flame retardant
  • Can be used whilst wearing other safety equipment, e.g. helmets or ear defenders
  • H2S version available with LDV diaphragm resistant to high levels of Hydrogen Sulphide, ideal for Oil & Gas applications
  • Lighter carbon composite cylinder option
  • Charged cylinders or empty to assist transportation
  • Compliance with EN402. Anti Static version can be used in ATEX  Zone 0
  • Size:  H 510 x  L 260 x  D 190 mm


PP 10 PP 15
Weight (Kg) including cylinder
Hard Case Model 6.6kg 7.6kg
Soft Bag 4.9kg 5.9kg
Aluminium 2 Litre 200 bar Steel 3 Litre 200 bar

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Saver PP Brochure 249 KB
CF & PP User Manual Instructions 2 MB

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Weight 0.09 kg

Ordering Information

PP10 operation time 10 minutes. PP15 operation time 15 minutes

Soft Bag Versions

3359746 Saver PP 10 with Charged Aluminium Cylinder 2L / 200bar
3359747 Saver PP 15 with Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar
3359754 Saver PP 10 with Air Supply Hose, Charged Aluminium Cylinder 2L / 200bar
3359755 Saver PP 15 -with Air Supply Hose, Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar

Hard Case Versions

3359751 Saver PP 10 with Charged Aluminium Cylinder 2L / 200bar
3359752 Saver PP 15 with Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar
3359759 Saver PP 10 with Air Supply Hose, Charged Aluminium Cylinder 2L / 200bar
3359760 Saver PP 15 with Air Supply Hose, Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar

Spare Compressed Air Cylinders

3350410 Aluminium cylinder 2L / 200 bar for PP 10
3350209 Steel cylinder 3L / 200 bar for PP15

Full Face Mask

R59024 Panorama Nova Full Face Mask for use with the Saver PP, with rubber head harness


3361263 Antistatic Bag Saver PP10
3361264 Antistatic Bag Saver PP15
3350396 Waistbelt for Saver CF/PP
3350388 Security Tabs for CF / PP (note: priced per piece /min order qty = 5)
3360516 Wall bracket for the Hard Case (HC) versions
3350424 Storage Case
3350431 Wall Mounting Kit for case
3351823 Single unit Storage Box Saver PP or CF
3350396 Waistbelt for Saver CF/PP

Cylinder and Valve assemblies for Saver CF/PP

3350410 PP 10 minute cylinder and valve
3350209 PP 15 minute cylinder and valve

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