Drager Polytron Pulsar 2

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  • Easy to Align
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The Drager Polytron Pulsar 2 is a fixed gas open path detector for flammable gases using a transmitter and receiver. The infra red beam is transmitted to the receiver and the gas reading is determined by the resulting IR absorption signal loss.  Explosion proof it can be used in hazardous zone areas.  As standard it detects Methane or Propane as selected by user, range from 0 to 4 up to 0 to 8 LEL m.  Dependent on the area being monitored a range of different transmitters are provided reflecting the distance between transmitter and receiver. 4 to 60 m, 30 to 120 m or 100 to 200 m, (13 to 197 ft, 98 to 394 ft or 328 to 656 ft).

To align to the transmitter and receiver correctly an alignment kit containing a hand held terminal, test cards and software is available. Once aligned automated zeroing of gas completes to finalise the install. Manual aligning or gas testing is not required. Fault detection is diagnosed by the 4-20mA output variation. Under 1mA out means the beam is blocked or hardware fault.  2mA identifies a recent beam block which will fault if blockage time exceeds one hour. A 3.5mA output indicates misalignment or dirt interference, a pre-warning signal to schedule maintenance, monitoring will still be operational.

The receiver logs gas readings, signal strength/blocks and temperature for up to a week. A condensed version is stored for up to a month. To insure system integrity the Drager Polytron Pulsar 2 adapts to changing environmental conditions to maintain accuracy. Heated optics combat the cold. The receiver instructs the transmitter digitally to increase the flash rate in the wake of interference or on the detection of gas. The detector is resistant to sunlight so can be used in the desert, also immune to flare stacks so it is ideal for oil and gas applications.

Hart communication allows digital access to the Pulsar outside hazardous areas.

Polytron Pulsar

ATEX 4-60m (TX only) 2350309
ATEX 30-120m (TX only) 2350310
ATEX 100-200m (TX only) 2350311
ATEX 4-120m (RX only) 2350312
ATEX 100-200m (RX only) 2350313
ATEX 4-120m (RX only Ethylene) 2350393
ATEX 100-200m (RX only Ethylene) 2350394

Polytron Pulsar 2

With ABS moulded cover and Ex e certified junction box

Range 4-120 m (RX only Ethylene) 2350340
Range  100-200 m (RX only Ethylene) 2350341
Range  4-60 m (TX only) 2350499
Range 30-120 m (TX only) 2350500
Range 100-200 m (TX only) 2350501
Range 4-120 m (RX only) 2350502
Range 100-200 m (RX only) 2350503
Range 4-120m (RX only Ethylene) 2350340
Range  100-200m (RX only Ethylene) 2350341

With ABS moulded cover and Ex d certified plug and socket connectors

Range 4-120 m (RX only Ethylene) 2350342
Range 100-200 m (RX only Ethylene) 2350343
Range 4-60 m (TX only) 2350504
Range 30-120 m (TX only) 2350506
Range 100-200 m (TX only) 2350507
Range 4-120 m (RX only) 2350508
Range 100-200 m (RX only) 2350509
Range 4-120m (RX only Ethylene) 2350342
Range 100-200m (RX only Ethylene) 2350343

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Polytron Pulsar 2 Main Brochure 935 KB
Polytron Pulsar 2 Brochure 2 MB
Polytron Pulsar Open Path Gas Detector Technical Manual 7 MB
Polytron Pulsar Duct Mount 902 KB

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Accessories & Spares


Sun Shield (stainless steel) 2350297
Junction Box ATEX (Ex e) 2350298
Mounting Plate 2350299
Set of 4 U Bolt pipe fixings for 150mm diameter pipe (standard unit) 2350302
AI500 Digital interface unit 2350306
Remote Junction Box/HHT Kit 2350322
Pulsar Alignment Kit, ATEX/CSA 2350325
Adapter AI500 to HHT or PC 2350326
Pulsar PC Software with cable (supports Polytron Pulsar, AI500 and HHT) 2350327
Data wand for AI500 2350238
Attenuator plate AP800 2350339
Set of 6 U Bolt fixings (CSA & UL Darger Polytron Pulsar) 2350405
Gas test sheets Polytron Pulsar Duct Mount) 2350451
Polytron Pulsar Alignment Telescope 2350505
ABS Moulded Cover 2350510 Pulsar 2
Gas Cell Kit single pass – Methane and Propane 2350518 Pulsar 2
Gas test sheets (set of 5, spares for p/n 2350325) 2350521
Desert Modification Kit 4208729
Alignment Kit, ATEX/CSA (Ethylene Polytron Pulsar only) 2350519
Gas test sheets (Ethylene) 2350520
Polytron Pulsar ATEX Duct Mount 2350419

Previous Part Numbers

Polytron Pulsar

ATEX 4-60m (Complete TX + RX)  2350292 order individual parts separately
ATEX 30-120m (Complete TX + RX) 2350294  order individual parts separately
ATEX 100-200m (Complete TX + RX ) 2350308 order individual parts separately
Demonstration unit (c/w HHT, tripods, cables, controller) 2350304

Polytron Pulsar 2

Range 60m / 197 ft ATEX certified with JB 2350493
Range 120m / 394 ft ATEX certified with JB 2350494
Range 200m / 656 ft ATEX certified with JB 2350495
Range  60m / 197 ft ATEX certified with EEx d plug and socket 2350496
Range  120m / 394 ft ATEX certified with EEx d plug and socket 2350497
Range  200m / 656 ft ATEX certified with EEx d plug and socket 2350498

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