Drager Polytron 8900 UGLD

Code: Polytron 8900
  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector
  • Flammable and Toxic Gas
  • Early Warning

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The Drager Polytron 8900 UGLD is an explosion proof transmitter. The sensor is an ultrasonic microphone, housed in a intrinsically safe enclosure, sealed in PVC, preventing water and dirt ingress. The area monitor is designed to detect high pressure gas leakage in process environments outside.

Fast response is guaranteed as instead of detecting gas clouds affected by wind and weather, the ultrasonic acoustic sensor picks up the noise of a gas leak. Detection of any gas escape is instant. This early warning can prevent operations grinding to a halt, allows maintenance to be scheduled, reducing down time and cost.

Once a leak is detected the ultrasound level is shown on the backlit display of the unit and transmitted.  Alarms are set above background noise. It is possible to configure a time delay (up to 30 seconds).

Operation is possible in noisy environments, pressurised gas leaks from vessels produce audible and inaudible ultrasound. The Draeger Polytron 8900 is tuned specifically to pick up the ultrasound, identifying gas leakage with a rate of 100 g/sec in a 20 meter radius. Frequent calibration is not required.  Some alternative ultrasonic gas leak detectors cannot be calibrated, the 8900 can be calibrated easily.

The transmitter uses the same interface as others in the 8000 range, providing a common mode of operation, reducing training time and simplifying event interpretation. Polytron 8900 readings are shown from 0 to 100 percent of the full scale decibel sensitivity range.

  • Ultrasonic sensor typically lasts in excess of ten years
  • Measurement ranges 0-100% equivalent to 55-110 dB re 20μPa
  • Pressure 700 to 1,300 mbar
  • Outputs 4 to 20 mA Analogue and HART Digital
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 60°C
  • Two alarm relays and one error relay
  • Approvals ATEX & IECEx. UL pending, CSA planned
  • Transmitter housing Stainless steel SS316L
  • Dimensions H 28 x  W 15 x  D 13 cm. Weight 5.0kg

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8328030 Drager Polytron 8900 UGLD d S 4-20/HART Relay Stainless Steel Ex d Housing with 4-20mA HART output and 3 Relays


4544101 Magnetic Wand
8328021 Remote Sensing Head with wall mount kit

Connecting cable with plug for the Remote Sensing Head

8323305: 5 m
8323315: 15 m
8323330: 30 m

8328042 UGLD Calibration and Bump Test Kit w/o Air Cylinder
6813239 Zero Air Gas Cylinder 112L for Calibration and Bump Test Kit
4544198 Pole Mount Kit
8323405 Drager PolySoft Configuration Software
4544197 IR Connection Kit (requires PolySoft)

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