Drager Polytron 5700 IR

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  • Flameproof
  • Long-life Sensor
  • High Accuracy

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The Drager Polytron 5700 is a fixed flammable gas detector equipped with an Infrared poison immune sensor PIR 7000.  Class I, Division 1 certified, suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Standard target gas measuring ranges: Methane 0 to 100 vol%  Or Propane, Ethylene, Methane with alternative ranges (see below).  The PIR 7000 sensor has an integrated library of 100 gases that can be selected from the menu; cross-calibration with a standard gas like Methane or Propane occurs; the procedure does not require returning the instrument or needing specialist expertise. The sensor is also immune to dirt particles contaminating the optical housing; an integral four beam system counteracts the interference. A splash guard option adds further protection.  Sensors are drift-free and fit for the toughest of applications, for example, offshore deployment.

The output from the transmitter is 4-20mA 3 wire, available with relays that ensures communication with all control panels.

Housing options Epoxy coated copper-free aluminium or stainless steel SS316 L. Docking stations can be included for increased safety (E), also assists commissioning. D versions without a Docking station.

Operating temperature -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)

A remote sensor option is available; a calibration flow cell is required to facilitate calibration at the transmitter end.

Featuring the same advantages as other detectors in the 5000 range, a common interface, ability to act as a standalone detector, simplified menus, backlit display and selection of mounting options.

The Polytron 5700 has two PIR 7000 sensor choices, the 340 – has a bigger application scope with a different wavelength, offers alkanes detection at high sensitivity. Type 334 offers 0 to 20 %LEL and up to 100 %LEL, alternatively 0 to 100 %v/v for methane. For type 340, the full scale is configurable from 5 to 100 %LEL.

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334 d A 8344220, previous 4544220
334 d A relay 8344221, previous 4544221
334 e A (incl. Docking Station) 8344224, previous 4544224
334 e A relay (incl. Docking Station) 8344225, previous 4544225
340 d A 8344240, previous 4544240
340 d A relay 8344241, previous 4544241
340 e A (incl. Docking Station) 8344244, previous 4544244
340 e A relay (incl. Docking Station) 8344245, previous 4544245

Stainless Steel

Polytron 5xx0 Kit (Custom configuration e. g. stainless steel housing) 8344500

Part numbers still usable

334 d S 8344222, previous 4544222
334 d S relay 8344223, previous 4544223
334 e S (incl. Docking Station) 8344228, previous 4544228
334 e S relay (incl. Docking Station) 8344229, previous 4544229
340 d S 8344242, previous 4544242
340 d S relay 8344243 , previous 4544243
340 e S (incl. Docking Station) 8344248, previous 4544248
340 e S relay (incl. Docking Station) 8344249, previous 4544249

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