Drager PIR 7000 IR Fixed Gas Detector

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  • Flammable Detector
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Fast Response

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The Drager PIR 7000 infrared Gas Transmitter is designed for stationary, continuous monitoring of flammable gases and vapours in hazardous areas. There are two models to choose from:

Type 334 measures Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) for a range of gases and vapours containing Hydrocarbons, for example, Methane, Propane and Ethylene.

Type 340 is more sensitive to Propane and Alkanes of greater length like Octane and Nonane. Providing more sensitive measurements and alarm thresholds in the ppm range.  It is less sensitive to the detection of Methane and Ethylene.

The user can select Methane, Propane or Ethylene from the gas library menu and add up to ten more gases. Response time is configurable; the normal response is under 4 seconds and a fast response under a second. Selecting fast response and lowing alarm levels gives the quickest response time to a leak. For set-up and calibration, a magnetic wand is all that is needed.

Outputs are 4-20mA analogue and Hart digital as standard, providing compatibility with most controllers and building management systems. Power required 13 to 30 V DC, 3-wire.

Housed in a hermetically sealed stainless steel SS 316L enclosure, the detector can be used in harsh environments and combines a maximum light-collecting construction with a four beam signal stabilising system. The total optical system uses reflectors, not light beam split. The double-compensating optical system is resistant to fog, dust and insects found in the measuring cuvette or dirt accumulation on the optical surfaces. Due to its non-imaging construction, the measuring signal is not affected by a partial beam block. The byproduct is no false alarms, extended periods between maintenance, no moving parts and no drifting signal output.

PIR 7000 measuring ranges

  • Type 334: 0 to 20 … 100 %LEL. 0 to 100 % vol. CH4 (IDS 01×1) (Methane)
  • Type 340: 0 to 5 … 100 %LEL.   0 to 850 ppm C3H8 (IDS 01×2) (Propane)


  • Configure for various gases, vapours & measuring ranges
  • If the optics are dirty, a Beam block warning is triggered
  • Different mounting options
  • Operating temperature range– 40 to + 77 °C / – 40 to + 170 °F
  • Selection of configuration capabilities (signals acc. to NAMUR NE 43)
  • Approvals ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA
  • SIL 2 certified
  • Dust approval for zone 21 and 22
  • Inbuilt tag holder for labelling
  • Shock and vibration tolerant up to 4 G
  • Continuously self-tests – IEC/EN 61508 standard
  • Typical lifetime > 15 years
  • Size: length 160 mm, diameter 89 mm, weight 2.2 kg (excluding accessories)

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6811552 Type 334 (NPT) HART
6811550 Type 334 (M25) HART
6811817 Type 334 (M25) HART, complete set
6811562 Type 340 (NPT) HART
6811560 Type 340 (M25) HART
6811819 Type 340 (M25) HART, complete set

The complete set option includes an Ex e junction box, splash guard, status indicator and mounting set, assembled before purchase.


Px00 Magnet with key chain (formerly Magnetic wand 4543428)
6811648 Mounting set
6811850 Duct mount set
6811911 Splash guard
6811609 Insect guard
6811890 Hydrophobic filter
6811610 Calibration adapter
6811625 Status indicator
6811490 Flowcell
6811630 Bump test adapter
6811915 Process adapter
6811415 Process cuvette
6811663 USB PC adapter

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