Drager PEX 3000

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  • Flammable
  • One Man Calbration
  • Two Button Operation

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Drager PEX 3000 is a fixed gas detector for flammable gas.  It can serve applications in zoned areas.  The detector has two measuring range versions 0-100%LEL and 0-10%LEL. Both are available in small or medium size housing. Finally there is a remote option, transmitter only (no sensor) available with the same two housing versions, meaning six models for the entire PEX 3000 range.

The sensors installed are Drager’s DD type designed for fast response enabled by a mesh inlet design detecting a hazard before a potentially explosive atmosphere is generated. The PEX 3000 models XTR 0010 and XTR 0011 are equipped with a low drift LC sensor making them suitable for low concentration or leak detection applications.

Power requirement for install is 12 to 30 v DC. The medium housing variants have entries for horizontal or vertical cables. Controller and sensor connects by spring EX approved terminations.  For commissioning or calibration the junction box can be opened, even in a hazardous area no separate tool is required.

  • Transmitter signal output  4 to 20 mA enables pairing with most control panels.
  • Operating temperature  – 40 up to + 65 °C
  • Housing glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP)
  • Size: Type XTR 00×0: 8 x 13 x 5.5 cm, Type XTR 00×1: 13.5 x 11 x 5.5 cm, weight 600g. Packed shipping approx 5.20kg each

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8318280 Type XTR 0000, small housing, 0 to 100 %LEL
8318360 Type XTR 0001, medium-sized housing, 0 … 100 %LEL
8318290 Type XTR 0010, small housing, 0 … 10 %LEL
8318370 Type XTR 0011, medium-sized housing, 0 … 10 %LEL
8318380 Type XTR 0090, small housing, remote transmitter without sensor
8318390 Type XTR 0091, medium-sized housing, remote transmitter without sensor

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