Drager Parat C Smoke Hood

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  • Fire escape hood
  • Long shelf life
  • Discontinued

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The Drager Parat C smoke hood is obsolete; the direct replacement is the Parat 5000 series.

Designed for a 15-minute escape from a fire. Five models have soft or solid case options and a training unit in the range. Supplied with a highly visible signal-coloured hood with visor; one size fits all. Fitted with a combined gas and particle filter CO-P2 designed to combat smoke and poisonous by-products of fire such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen cyanide. Protecting the wearer during escape or awaiting fire brigade recovery.

The Parat C can be stored and used in an emergency on ships, hospitals, and industry. It is CE-marked and approved in accordance with EN 403. The filter lasts six years, and replacing it will increase its shelf life to twelve years.

Weighs 600 grams, and the box size is H 18 x L 19 x W 8 cm.


R53555 Soft-pack, in a handy soft case
R52818 Traveller-pack, in a plastic hard box
R52817 Single-pack, in a carton box
R52845 Twin-pack, two hoods in a sealed wall box
R54461 Parat C box, supplied in mines, proven robust box
R54105 Parat C/S training unit


6736192 Replacement filter CO-P2
R25266 Spare part set (without filter)
R51906 Wall holder for Parat C/S traveller-pack
R53205 Carrying harness for wearing Parat C traveller-pack on a belt

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