Drager Parat 7520 & 7530 Escape Hoods

Code: R59427 & R59437
  • Parat 7500 series for Fire & Industrial escape
  • Duration 15 minutes
  • Combination filter

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Providing safe escape for up to 15 minutes, protecting against toxic industrial gases, particles, vapours and fire-related gases. Drager’s high-end fire and industrial escape hoods have two models; the Parat 7520 is the soft case version, and the Parat 7530 is supplied with a hard case. Both models incorporate an ABEK CO P3 filter and are available with an optional elastomeric neck seal, giving even greater protection levels.

Escape without thinking

Removing the packing releases the filter plug, automatically making it active. Don the hood adjusts automatically to head size, providing respiratory and eye protection.

Ergonomic design

It can be clipped onto a belt, shoulder strap, or grip clipped to the user. The hard case version can be wall-mounted, IP54-rated, and splash-resistant when not in use. Soft pack IP54 dust resistant. The condition and filter expiration date are visible within the packing.

Little Maintenance

Filters last eight years; replacing the filter will double the life, offering 16 years of service and low long-term ownership costs.


  • EN 403:2004 fire escape hoods
  • DIN 58647-7 filtering escape devices
  • Compliance with EN 14387:2004 (gas filters & combined filters)

Order Information

Supplied packs (provide dust protection to IP5) with a window to allow the user to check the expiration date and the device’s condition.

R59427 PARAT 7520 Soft Pack. Size 235 × 160 × 115mm
R59437 PARAT 7530 Hard Case. Size 249 × 156 × 115mm
R59428 PARAT 7520e (with elastomeric neck seal), Soft Pack – no longer supplied
R59438 PARAT 7530e (with elastomeric neck seal), Hard Case – no longer supplied


R59477 Replacement Filter Set: PARAT 7500 (includes ABEK CO P3 filter and security seal)
R59451 Wall holder PARAT Hard Case
6733934 Waist Belt, textile
R53026 Waist Belt, Plastic
R59461 Shoulder Strap
R59456 Belt Clip
R59455 Grip Clip
R58472 Adapter Plate for PARAT Soft Pack. For attaching a grip or belt clip to the soft pack
R59457 D-Ring for PARAT Hard Case

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