Drager Parat 5510, 5520 & 5530 Escape Hoods

Code: R59415, R59425 & R59435
  • Fire Escape
  • 15 Minutes
  • Gas & Particles

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Parat 5500 series by Drager comprises of three models for fire escape. The Parat 5510 single pack, Parat 5520 soft pack and Parat 5530 hard case model. All stop the penetration of toxic fire specific gases, vapours and particles deploying a CO P2 high-performance filter. Exhaled breath is channelled out of the mask by an exhalation valve. Tested for H2S resistance at 2500ppm, providing a 15 minute period of use.

Opening the pack starts operation, two filter plugs disembark themselves once packing is removed and the hood is self-fitting. In Signal colour the user is discernible, with large width visor, fog repellent, to maximise the field of vision for escape.

Can be transported by attaching to clothing or a belt. Small, compact weighing just 590g.

Operational life up to 16 years with half-life filter change.

Approvals  DIN 58647-7 and EN 14387:2004.

Order Details

R59415 Parat 5510, Single Pack. Size 190 × 135 × 90 mm
3363279 Parat 5510 grab bag version, includes gloves and Cyalume stick
R59425 Parat 5520, Soft Pack. Size 215 × 155 × 105 mm
R59435 Parat 5530, Hard Case. Size 241 × 143 × 107 mm


R59474 Replacement Filter Set:  Parat 5510 (includes CO P2 filter with red pull strings and sealing label)
R59475 Replacement Filter Set: Parat 5520/30 Includes CO P2 filter and sealing tag
R59451 Wall holder Parat Hard Case
6733934 Waist Belt, textile
R53026 Waist Belt, plastic
R59461 Shoulder Strap
R59456 Belt Clip
R59455 Grip Clip
R58472 Adapter Plate for Parat Soft Pack. For attaching a grip or belt clip to the soft pack
R59457 D-Ring for Parat Hard Case

Parat Training Hoods – Generic Whole Parat Range

R59410 Single Pack
R59420 Soft Pack
R59430 Hard Case

Training Hood Accessories

R59479 Training Filter
R59482 Filter Plug Straps pack of 20

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