Drager Panorama Nova Full Face Mask R52972

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  • Proven worldwide
  • Full face mask with a secure fit
  • Protection of the respiratory tract & eyes

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If the contaminants are known and enough oxygen is available, the Drager Panorama Nova can be used with filters to provide reliable protection. Or, in conjunction with a self-contained breathing apparatus or airline system, the mask can be used in oxygen-depleted contaminated environments and for firefighting.

The Panorama Nova’s mask body is made from EPDM or silicone, which is skin kind. It remains incredibly flexible at both high and low temperatures. Its double sealing frame and triple face seal provide a secure and comfortable fit for almost all face shapes. Thanks to the universal size, logistics and storage are greatly simplified. Alternatively, the Panorama Nova is available with Supra adapters for mask helmet combination with the Drager HPS series’s helmets.

The distortion-free visor is optionally made of impact-resistant polycarbonate or chemical-resistant triplex. The 180° wide-angle offers a nearly unrestricted field of view. The intelligent ventilation system ensures a mist-free visor.

The high-quality materials of the Panorama Nova are easy to clean and maintain. Its high quality ensures a long service life and, thus, long-term cost savings.


  • Offers compatibility with Rd40 filters, powered air-purifying respirators, SCBA and airline system
  • Different thread connections: RA thread connection Rd40, PE thread connection M45x3, ESA plug-in connector, P Dräger plug-in connection
  • 5-point harness
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Weight approx. 550 g – 650 g (depending on visor/frame)
  • Approval EN 136 class 3 (CE mark), DIN 58610, vfdb, NIOSH, AS/NZS (depending on variant)

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Ordering Information

Panorama Nova P PC
R52972 With plug-in connector for positive pressure compressed air breathing apparatus. Tested according to EN 136, with CE mark.

Panorama Nova P PC
R54215 With anti-scratch and anti-fog coated visor.

Panorama Nova P Triplex
R52992 As Panorama Nova P, but with visor of scratch, shock, heat and chemical resistant laminated glass (Triplex).

Panorama Nova Standard P
R54450 The personal facepiece for the price-conscious user who demands quality and wearing comfort. Visor is polycarbonate, held in a red plastic frame. Without neck strap. Tested and approved according to EN 136, with CE mark.

Panorama Nova Silicone P PC
R53070 As Panorama Nova P, but with facepiece, inner mask and harness made of high-quality silicone. Without neck strap. Tested according to EN 136, with CE mark.

Panorama Nova Silicone P
R54216 With anti-scratch and anti-fog coated visor. Tested according to EN 136.


R51019 Wikov V carrying case Impact-resistant synthetic material with an adjustable harness, suitable for storing
R53680 Mabox carrying case Robust and temperature resistant
R54610 Mabox II, carrying case
R51548 Spectacle frame Can be fitted in all Panorama Nova masks, spectacle case, without optical lenses
R54939 Protex mask bag Made of flame retardant cotton with Drager logo
4055092 Visor cover for PN (25pcs) Plastic cover for Panorama Nova visor. Protects visors from dirt and splashes

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