DNH Tunnel-500 / DUP-40 Loudspeaker

Code: TUNNEL 500/DUP-40-54T
  • Effective frequency range 250 – 8125Hz
  • Weight 13 kg
  • Mounting 2 brackets
  • Inside ceramic terminal

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TUNNEL-500 with DUP-40 is designed to be very directional and therefore excellent for tunnel applications. Extra Long Throw Approved Horn/Driver Combination. 40 watt, 100 volts.

  • Ingress protection IP67 
  • Operating temperature -50°C -90 C 
  • Rated/maximum power:40 W / 60 W
  • SPL 1W/1m:113 db
  • SPL Rated Power:127 db

When connecting the driver, use enclosed gasket without any lubricants.
Screwdriver unit into TUNNEL – 500 until the driver is in contact with the gasket, then continue screwing the driver for 90˚ to 115˚. UNEF 1 3/8 -18 thread.
Remove lid, lead cable through cable gland, connect to the terminal and choose required power on transformer.
Screw lid back into place 2 Nm.
Fasten brackets and choose the wanted angle of loudspeaker with intervals of 2,5° max. 12,5°.
To change the position of the loudspeaker please adjusts the brackets (by loosening/tightening the screws) as required.
For optimum performance, always use the correct voltage/power and operate within the frequency limits as stated.
Do not open loudspeaker when energized.
This loudspeaker is supplied with two years warranty against defective workmanship.

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