Detcon TP-700 H2S Sensor

Code: TP-700
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector
  • Solid State MOS Sensor
  • Easy Maintenance

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The Detcon TP-700 by Teledyne is a non-intrusive “Smart” sensor designed to detect and monitor H2S in the air over the range of 0-100 ppm using a proprietary solid-state metal oxide semiconductor technology. The plug-in, field-replaceable detector features over-sized gold-plated connections that help prevent corrosion.

The TP-700’s rugged framework includes an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing with fully encapsulated electronics and dual-layer surge protection. This innovative design virtually eliminates sensor failure due to water ingress, corrosion, vibration, and transient spikes. A primary feature of the Model TP-700 is embedded intuitive software that simplifies operator interface by guiding the user through routine calibration, configuration, and fault diagnostic functions using a built-in alpha/numeric display.

The Model TP-700 is equipped with standard analogue 4-20mA and Modbus RS-485 outputs. Among its unique features is a wireless option that can be used with Detcon’s SmartWireless product line. Additional integration options include a Remote Alarm Module (RAM) and HART. Detcon’s solid-state MOS H2S gas sensor has an infinite shelf life and is supported by a 10-year conditional warranty.

Applications; Oil and Gas drilling and production sites,  Refining and Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper Mills, Waste Water Treatment Plants.


Failsafe User-Friendly Interface

  • LED Display (With Antiglare Cover)
  • Full-Text Display Method
  • Non-intrusive Interface
  • Auto Zero/Auto Span
  • Pre-emptive Fault Diagnostics

Environmentally Bulletproof

  • Electropolished 316SS Construction
  • 100% Epoxy Encapsulated Circuitry
  • Bulletproof I/O Protection
  • Water-Proof, Corrosion-Proof,
  • Vibration-Proof

Modular and Serviceable

  • Modular Design
  • Plug and Play Components
  • Quick Thread Release (For Sensor Replacement)
  • Integral Calibration Port

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Part NumberModels
967-015520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Sensor Assembly no condulet
967-011520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Gas Sensor Assembly alum. condulet
967-014520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Gas Sensor Assembly 316SS condulet
9H7-011520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Gas Sensor w/Hart bridge Assembly alum. condulet
9H7-014520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Gas Sensor w/Hart bridge Assembly 316SS. condulet
9R7-011520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Gas Sensor w/RAM Assembly alum. condulet
9R7-014520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Gas Sensor w/RAM Assembly 316SS condulet
9K7-011520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Gas Sensor w/Hart-RAM Assembly alum. condulet
9K7-014520-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Gas Sensor w/Hart-RAM Assembly 316SS condulet
Spare Parts – TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Sensor Assembly
S927-010000-100__TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S (ITM)
602-003152-000Bottom housing assembly for FP/TP/IR – includes flame arrestor
370-010000-700Solid State MOS H2S plug-in sensor for TP-700

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