Detcon DM-700-Toxic Gas Sensors

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  • Toxic Gas Detector
  • Swap Sensors
  • Easy Maintenance

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The Detcon DM-700 by Teledyne are non-intrusive “Smart” sensors designed to detect Toxic Gases in the air using electrochemical sensor technology.

The intelligent plug-in, field-replaceable cell automatically recognises the gas type and range and features oversized gold-plated connections that help prevent corrosion.

The Model 700’s rugged framework includes an intrinsically safe electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing with fully encapsulated electronics and dual-layer surge protection.

This innovative design virtually eliminates sensor failure due to water ingress, corrosion, vibration, and transient spikes.

A primary feature of the Model 700 is embedded intuitive software that simplifies the operator interface by guiding the user through routine calibration, configuration, and fault diagnostic functions using a built-in alpha/numeric display.

The Model 700 is equipped with standard analogue 4-20mA and Modbus RS-485 outputs. Among its unique features is a wireless option that can be used with Detcon’s SmartWireless product line. Additional integration options include a Remote Alarm Module (RAM) and HART.

Detcon’s toxic gas sensors have a long shelf life and an industry-leading warranty.

Applications; Oil & Gas, Chemical Plants, Food & Beverage, Steel Mills, Pulp and Paper, Refineries, Wastewater Treatment Plants and Utilities.


Failsafe User-Friendly Interface

  • LED Display (With Antiglare Cover)
  • Full-Text Display Method
  • Non-intrusive Interface
  • Auto Zero/Auto Span
  • Pre-emptive Fault Diagnostics

Environmentally Bulletproof

  • Electropolished 316SS Construction
  • 100% Epoxy Encapsulated Circuitry
  • Bulletproof I/O Protection
  • Water-Proof, Corrosion-Proof,
  • Vibration-Proof

Modular and Serviceable

  • Modular Design
  • Plug and Play Components
  • Quick Thread Release (For Sensor Replacement)
  • Integral Calibration Port

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Electro-Chemical H2S Gas Detection Sensor Assemblies
967-242490-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Sensor Assembly no condulet
967-242491-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Gas Sensor Assembly alum. condulet
967-242494-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Gas Sensor Assembly 316SS condulet
9H7-242491-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Gas Sensor w/Hart bridge Assembly alum. condulet
9H7-242494-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Gas Sensor w/Hart bridge Assembly 316SS. condulet
9R7-242491-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Gas Sensor w/RAM Assembly alum. condulet
9R7-242494-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Gas Sensor w/RAM Assembly 316SS condulet
9K7-242491-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Gas Sensor w/Hart-RAM Assembly alum. condulet
9K7-242494-100__ DM-700- Electro Chemical H2S Gas Sensor w/Hart-RAM Assembly 316SS condulet
Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detection Sensor Assemblies
967-12EG90-100__ DM-700-C2H2 Acetylene Sensor Assembly  (Available with Flying leads only!)
967-505090-100__ DM-702-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
967-191990-001__ DM-700-AsH3 Arsine Sensor Assembly
967-747590-005__ DM-700-Br2 Bromine Sensor Assembly
967-12EB90-100__ DM-700-C4H6 Butadiene Sensor Assembly
967-444490-100__ DM-700-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Assembly
9R7-444491-100_ DM-700-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Assembly Remote Control / Alarm Relay Module
967-747490-010__ DM-700-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
967-777790-001__ DM-701-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-1ppm)
967-747690-050__ DM-700-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-50ppm)
967-192190-005__ DM-700-B2H6 Diborane Sensor Assembly
967-12EO90-100__ DM-700-C2H5OH Ethanol Sensor Assembly
967-24EZ90-100__ DM-700-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
967-12ED90-100__ DM-700-C2H4 Ethylene Sensor Assembly
967-12EJ90-100__ DM-700-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide Sensor Assembly
967-272790-001__ DM-700-F2 Fluorine Sensor Assembly
967-12EP90-100__ DM-700-CH2O Formaldehyde Sensor Assembly
967-848490-100__ DM-700-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (ppm Range)
967-070790-01P__ DM-702-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (1% Range)
967-050590-04P__ DM-702-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (4% Range)
967-090890-030__ DM-700-HBr Hydrogen Bromide Sensor Assembly
967-090990-030__ DM-700-HCL Hydrogen Chloride Sensor Assembly
967-131390-030__ DM-700-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor Assembly
967-333390-010__ DM-700-HF Hydrogen Fluoride Sensor Assembly
967-242490-100__ DM-700-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Assembly
967-12EE90-100__ DM-700-CH3OH Methanol Sensor Assembly
967-24EK90-100__ DM-700-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
967-949490-100__ DM-700-NO Nitric Oxide Sensor Assembly
967-646490-010__ DM-700-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Assembly
967-393990-001__ DM-700-O3 Ozone Sensor Assembly
967-192090-005__ DM-700-PH3 Phosphine Sensor Assembly
967-555590-020__ DM-700-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly
DM-700-H2S Electro Chemical H2S Sensor Assembly
S927-242400-xxx__ Spare DM-700-H2S – ITM “xxx” Range – “__” Certification.
602-00303-300 Bottom housing assembly for  H2S – gas
377-242401-100 Hydrogen Sulfide plug-in sensor for DM-700-H2S
DM-700 Electrochemical Toxic Gas Sensor Assemblies
S927-zzzz00-xxx__ Spare DM-700-EC Electro Chemical Universal ITM  (Specify gas type “zzz” – range “xxx” – Certification “__”
602-003803-000 Bottom housing assembly for DM gases
602-00303-300 Bottom housing assembly for  HF – gas
377-12EG01-100 Acetylene plug-in sensor for DM-700-C2H2
377-505001-100 Ammonia plug-in sensor for DM-702-NH3
377-191901-001 Arsine plug-in sensor for DM-700-AsH3
377-747501-005 Bromine plug-in sensor for DM-700-Br2
377-12EB01-100 Butadiene plug-in sensor for DM-700-C4H6
377-444401-100 Carbon Monoxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-CO
377-747401-010 Chlorine plug-in sensor for DM-700-CL2
377-777701-001 Chlorine Dioxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-CLO2 (0-1ppm)
377-747601-050 Chlorine Dioxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-CLO2 (0-50ppm)
377-192101-005 Diborane plug-in sensor for DM-700-B2H6
377-12EO01-100 Ethanol plug-in sensor for DM-700-C2H5OH
377-24EZ01-100 Ethyl Mercaptan plug-in sensor for DM-700-C2H5SH
377-12ED01-100 Ethylene plug-in sensor for DM-700-C2H4
377-12EJ01-100 Ethylene Oxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-C2H4O
377-272701-001 Fluorine plug-in sensor for DM-700-F2
377-12EP01-100 Formaldehyde plug-in sensor for DM-700-CH2O
377-848401-100 Hydrogen plug-in sensor for DM-700-H2 (ppm range)
377-050501-04P Hydrogen plug-in sensor for DM-700-H2 (0-4% range)
377-070701-01P Hydrogen plug-in sensor for DM-700-H2 (0-1% range)
377-090801-030 Hydrogen Bromide plug-in sensor for DM-700-HBr
377-090901-030 Hydrogen Chloride plug-in sensor for DM-700-HCL
377-131301-030 Hydrogen Cyanide plug-in sensor for DM-700-HCN
377-333301-010 Hydrogen Fluoride plug-in sensor for DM-700-HF
377-242401-100 Hydrogen Sulfide plug-in sensor for DM-700-H2S
377-12EE01-100 Methanol plug-in sensor for DM-700-CH3OH
377-24EK01-100 Methyl Mercaptan plug-in sensor for DM-700-CH3SH
377-949401-100 Nitric Oxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-NO
377-646401-010 Nitrogen Dioxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-NO2
377-393901-001 Ozone plug-in sensor for DM-700-O3
377-192001-005 Phosphine plug-in sensor for DM-700-PH3
377-555501-020 Sulfur Dioxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-SO2
Model Series 700 Spare Parts – Universal
613-120000-700 Sensor splash guard with integral cal-port
327-000000-000 Magnetic programming tool
975-000020-893 Sensor duct mount kit – 700 Series
500-003087-100 Transient Protection Module (standard terminal board)
 500-005132-100 Hart Bridge Module
927-70000A-000 RAM Module
 927-70000H-000 Hart/RAM Module
 500-005134-100 Ram Terminal board
500-005137-100 Foundation Field Bus Module
943-004221-000 Sensor Mounting Plate for 2-3″ pipe
943-004223-000 Sensor Mounting Plate with Sunshade for 2-3″ pipe

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