Crowcon XgardIQ Fixed Gas Detector

Code: XgardIQ
  • Accepts flammable, toxic or oxygen gas sensors
  • Operated by buttons no need for special magnets or tools
  • Approvals ATEX, IECEx, SGS

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The XgardIQ is an intelligent and versatile gas detector and transmitter compatible with Crowcon’s range of sensor technologies. Available fitted with a variety of flammable, toxic or oxygen gas sensors.

Providing analogue 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus signals as standard, XgardIQ is optionally available with Alarm and Fault relays and HART communications. The 316 stainless steel is available with three M20 or 1/2“NPT cable entries.

(SIL-2) Safety integrity level 2 certified gas detector.

Easy and safe to use

  • OLED display – Bright, clear display indicates the gas level and detector status even in dark locations
  • Non-intrusive calibration – Zero and calibration functions are performed via the display and keypad without the need for a hot-work permit or any special tools (e.g. no magnetic wand required)
  • +ve Safety indicator – Confirms the detector is operating safely at a glance
  • Event log function – Stores all alarm, fault and maintenance events to provide a history of detector use
  • Remote sensor – Up to 15 metres away from the transmitter. Improves the probability of detection

Simple installation and maintenance  

  • Universal transmitter – Common transmitter for Crowcon’s full range of sensor technologies
  • Hot-swap sensor modules – Sensors can easily be replaced using one hand without requiring tools or a hot-work permit
  • Auto-sense function – Automatically detects whether the control system is 4-20mA current sink or source and sets itself appropriately, eliminating the risk of being incorrectly set
  • Auto-configure function – Detects when a sensor module is plugged-in and uploads the appropriate gas type, range, units and alarm levels


  • Smart Bump and Speedy Bump test functions – Enable sensor health and response to be verified quickly and easily using test gas. The process is automated and provides a reminder when a bump test is due
  • Calibration due warning – Reminds the user when calibration is due to ensure that sensors remain operational and accurate at all times
  • Sensor range selection –The user can set the full-scale range of the sensor via the display menu according to the site or specific location requirements


  • HART communications over the 4-20mA signal and via local I.S. pins for HART communicator connection
  • Relay module: provides Alarm 1, Alarm 2 and Fault SPCO contacts rated 230Vac 5A

Gases and Ranges

Gas Units Max
Alarm 1
Alarm 2
range °C 
Oxygen (O2) %Vol 30 25 19 (falling) 17 (falling) -20 to +50
Ammonia PPM 100/1000 50 25 35 -20 to +40
Carbon Monoxide (CO) PPM 1000 250 30 200  -30 to +50
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) PPM 10 10 1.8 3 +5 to +40
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) PPM 100/200 25 5 10 -30 to +50
High-Temperature Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) PPM 100/200 25 5 10 -40 to +70
Ozone (O3) PPM 1 1 0.1 0.2 -20 to +40
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) PPM 100 10 1 1 -30 to +50
Hydrogen (H2) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -40 to +75
Methane (CH4) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -40 to +75
Pentane (C5H12) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -40 to +75
Propane (C3H8) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -40 to +75
Ethanol (IR sensor) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -20 to +55
LPG (IR sensor) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -20 to +55
Methane (IR sensor) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -20 to +55
Propane (IR sensor) %LEL 100 100 20 40 +10 to + 55

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Additional information

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Ordering Information

XgardIQ Sensor Modules

The sensor module product codes shown below apply to new detectors and modules ordered as spares. It is recommended that the Quad-ring (M040147) is replaced at the same time as the sensor module.

Electrochemical sensors

XIQ-IV ammonia sensor module (0-50ppm)
XIQ-AR ammonia sensor module (0-100ppm)
XIQ-AS ammonia sensor module (0-1000ppm)
XIQ-IG carbon monoxide sensor module (0-250ppm)
XIQ-AH carbon monoxide sensor module (0-500ppm)
XIQ-LJ carbon monoxide sensor module (0-1000ppm)
XIQ-AV hydrogen fluoride sensor module (0-10ppm)
XIQ-II hydrogen sulphide sensor module (0-25ppm)
XIQ-IL hydrogen sulphide sensor module (0-50ppm)
XIQ-AI hydrogen sulphide sensor module (0-100ppm)
XIQ-IN hydrogen sulphide sensor module (0-200ppm)
XIQ-AG oxygen sensor module (0-25%, 2-year life)
XIQ-AJ sulphur dioxide sensor module (0-10ppm)
XIQ-IR sulphur dioxide sensor module (0-100ppm)
XIQ-CC chlorine sensor module (0-5ppm)
XIQ-IS chlorine sensor module (0-10ppm)
XIQ-AN chlorine sensor module (0-20ppm)
XIQ-CK chlorine dioxide sensor module (0-1ppm)
XIQ-AP ozone sensor module (0-1ppm)
XIQ-HT high temperature (+70degC) hydrogen sulphide (0-100ppm)

Pellistor sensors

XIQ-AF hydrogen sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-BW LPG sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-AA methane sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-AC pentane sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-AB propane sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-CL Acetylene sensor module (0-100% LEL)

IR sensors

XIQ-CT IR ethanol sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-BJ IR methane sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-BN IR propane sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-CX IR pentane sensor module (0-100% LEL)
XIQ-CV IR LPG sensor module (0-100% LEL)

XgardIQ Remote Sensor and Duct Mounting Assemblies

S012325 XgardIQ remote sensor assembly. 5-metre cable
S012331 XgardIQ remote sensor assembly. 15-metre cable
C01894 Duct mounting kit – for ducts between 300mm and 3m wide, air-flows from 4 to 20m/s Note: This accessory can only be used in conjunction with the remote sensor assembly

XgardIQ General Accessories

S012321 Dust Filter – to be applied to the sensor module (1 per) Not for use with HF, mercaptan or ozone
S012323 Calibration cap. Clips to the XgardIQ transmitter for application of calibration/bump test gas
S012343 Calibration station. Surface-mounted accessory to enable calibration of an XgardIQ sensor module on a work-bench.
S012322 Splash guard. For outdoor installations & sensor protection from water sprays. Includes pipe spigot for application of bump test gas
S012324 Flow adaptor. For gas sampling applications
S012335 Dummy sensor module. Maintains IP rating of the XgardIQ transmitter when no sensor module is installed. Supplied as standard
C01001 Pipe mounting kit. Stainless steel u-bolts, nuts and washers to enable XgardIQ to be rigidly mounted to a 50mm (2″) pipe. Max diameter: 60mm
S012340 Collector Cone. Attaches to the XgardIQ or XgardIQ remote sensor housing to aid detection of lighter than air gases such as hydrogen or methane. Note: a ‘calibration termination box’ accessory is available for neatly terminating a remote gassing pipe if fitted. Part number 00109A
S012339 Sun Shade. Stainless Steel 316. Protects the detector from elevated temperatures due to direct sunlight. For use in harsh environments
S012344 Sun Shade. Stainless Steel 304. Protects the detector from elevated temperatures due to direct sunlight. For use in light industrial applications
C02186 Sensor module removal tool. For removing the sensor module. Insert the tool and lever downwards to release the module from its connector
E070045 XgardIQ transmitter PC comms cable. Enables configuration via Detectors Pro software
C02187 XgardIQ sensor module PC comms cable. Enables calibration via Detectors Pro software
E070047 XgardIQ display module programming cable. Required for updating display firmware


M040147 XgardIQ Quad-ring
M040148 XgardIQ enclosure lid O-ring
S012310/S XgardIQ display module assembly
S012312/S XgardIQ main PCB assembly (includes terminal PCB, main PCB and shell)
S012312/HART XgardIQ main PCB assembly (includes terminal PCB, main PCB and shell). HART enabled
E071132 XgardIQ D-connector & lead assembly
E071136 XgardIQ main PCB to display PCB cable assembly (includes Exd cable bush)
M011134 XgardIQ M20 blanking plug
M01931 XgardIQ 1/2″NPT blanking plug
M03572 Refer to portables spares price list (Triple Plus+) for pricing
M03760 M4 x 8 pozidrive pan head screw
M03691 M4 spring washer
M03810 M3 grub screw
S013058 Relay module (supplied as a spare part)
M040173 5-way field cable connector (orange)
M040172 5-way field cable connector (black)
M070030/SF XgardIQ manual – English
M070031/SF XgardIQ manual – French
M070032/SF XgardIQ manual – Italian
M070033/SF XgardIQ manual – German
M070034/SF XgardIQ manual – Spanish
M070035/SF XgardIQ manual – Dutch
M070036/SF XgardIQ manual – Polish
M070037/SF XgardIQ manual – Russian
M070038/SF XgardIQ manual – Portuguese

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