Crowcon Xgard Type 5 Fixed Gas Detector

Code: XG5
  • Catalytic bead sensor for flammable gas
  • Versatile
  • Zones 1 or 2, Div 1 or 2

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The Crowcon Xgard Type 5 is an Exd Flameproof flammable gas detector using a poison resistant pellistor within an Xgard enclosure, which also contains an amplifier to provide a three-wire 4-20mA output.

Suitable for use with a range of cable glands; M20 or 1/2″ NPT or 3/4″ NPT. There is a choice of housing; durable aluminium with a tough polyester coating or 316 stainless steel suitable for deployment in extreme environments, such as offshore or in heavy industry- corrosion resistant.

Units can be installed on walls or ceilings, with three junction box choices—replacement sensors plugin.  Accessories are available for duct mounting, sampling applications and remote gassing – simple sensor checking.  In wash down areas or marine applications, splash guards and weatherproof caps are available.


  • Simple install and maintenance, common spares for all Xgard types, minimise inventory
  • Validated to IEC 61508 (SIL 1 to SIL 3)
  • Ingress protection IP65
  • Operating temperature -40 to +55°C
  • Response time T90 <15s (typical)
  • Global approvals ATEX/ IECEx UL, INMETRO & GOST-R
  • Size 156 x 166 x 111mm (6.1 x 6.5 x 4.3 inches)
  • Weight Aluminium 1kg. Stainless steel: 3.1kg

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Weight 0.09 kg


Xgard Type 5 Spare Sensor Modules

S011509/S 0-100% LEL methane – pellistor – pellistor VQ21T
S011511/S 0-100% LEL pentane – pellistor VQ21T
S011513/S 0-100% LEL hydrogen – pellistor VQ21T
S011517/S 0-100% LEL ethanol – pellistor VQ21T
S012162/S 0-100% LEL methanol – pellistor VQ21T
S011518/S 0-100% LEL acetylene – pellistor VQ21T
S011519/S 0-100% LEL butane – pellistor VQ21T
S011520/S 0-100% LEL ethane – pellistor VQ21T
S011521/S 0-100% LEL ethylene – pellistor VQ21T
S011522/S 0-100% LEL LPG – pellistor VQ21T
S011523/S 0-100% LEL propane – pellistor VQ21T
S011524/S 0-100% LEL petrol vapour (unleaded) – pellistor VQ21T
S012171/S 0-25% LEL hydrogen – pellistor VQ21T
S012003/S 0-100% LEL acetaldehyde – pellistor 300P
S012973/S 0-100% LEL hexane – pellistor VQ21T
S012977/S 0-100% LEL isopropyl alcohol (IPA) – pellistor VQ21T
S0111001/S 0-100% LEL toluene – pellistor VQ21T
S011840/S 0-100% LEL ethylene dichloride (EDC) – pellistor VQ25
S012972/S 0-100% LEL vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) – pellistor VQ25
S011487/S 0-100% LEL jet fuel – pellistor VQ41T
S011489/S 0-25% LEL ammonia – pellistor VQ41T
S012988/S 0-100% LEL methane – pellistor NP-30#
S012989/S 0-100% LEL pentane – pellistor NP-30#

# very high poison resistance

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