Crowcon Xgard Type 4 Fixed Gas Detector

Code: XG4
  • Catalytic bead sensor for flammable gas
  • Suitable for high-temperature applications
  • Zones 1 or 2, Div 1 or 2

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The Crowcon Xgard Type 4 is an Exd Flameproof flammable gas detector using a poison-resistant pellistor within a 316 stainless steel housing attached to an Xgard enclosure (aluminium) also contains the terminals to provide a three-wire mV Wheatstone Bridge output. Can be connected directly to Crowcon Gasmaster and Gasmonitor; an Accessory Enclosure accessory is required for connection to 4-20mA type control systems such as Vortex.

Suitable for use with a range of cable glands; M20 or 1/2″ NPT or 3/4″ NPT. Units can be installed on walls or ceilings, with three junction box choices—replacement sensors plugin. Accessories are available for duct mounting, sampling applications and remote gassing – simple sensor checking. Splash guards and weatherproof caps are available for wash-down areas or marine applications.


  • Simple installation and maintenance, common spares for all Xgard types, minimise inventory
  • Validated to IEC 61508 (SIL 1 to SIL 3)Crowcon Xgard
  • Ingress protection IP54
  • Operating temperature -20 to +150°C
  • Response time T90 <15s (typical)
  • Approvals ATEX: II 2 GDExd IIC T3 Gb (Tamb -40 to +150°C)
  • Size 195 x 166 x 111 mm (7.6 x 6.5 x 4.3 inches)
  • Weight Aluminium 1.5kg (3.3 lbs)

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XG4-A2-01-FD Xgard Type 4 Alu 1/2NPT ATEX/IECEx CH4-100LEL
XG4-A4-01-FD Xgard Type 4 Alu 3/4NPT ATEX/IECEx CH4-100LEL
XG4-A1-01-FD Xgard Type 4 Alu M20 ATEX/IECEx CH4-100LEL
Xgard Type 4 Spares
S011954 0-100% LEL methane plus general flammable gases. Supplied with bonded sensor retainer and Viton o-ring.
General Spares
M04909 Sensor retainer O-ring. Viton.
M04910 Junction box lid O-ring. Viton.
S011720 Terminal support PCB
E07688 High temperature terminal block.
Xgard Accessories
C011061 Accessory adaptor* (spare) – M20 threaded adaptor for connecting other accessories
C01051 Collector cone* – includes accessory adaptor. For aiding detection of light gases such as methane.
C01052 Spray deflector* – includes accessory adaptor. For outdoor installations & protection from water sprays.
C01442 Weatherproof cap* – includes accessory adaptor. For use offshore or very wet environments.
C01339 Flow adaptor, for use in sampling applications.
C011063 Sun shield. Protects against excessive heat build-up due to direct sunlight. Supplied with fixing rivets.
C03005 Calibration adaptor.
C01254 Carbon cloth filter (self adhesive) – for Xgard Types 3, 4 and 5 only. Removes long chain hydrocarbons.
S011918 Duct mounting kit* – Stainless steel plate with 6mm remote calibration fitting. Maximum duct airflow: 6m/s. Not compatible with Stainless Steel Xgard.
2575/2 Detector pulley system. Enables Xgard methane and hydrogen detectors to be lowered from high level for calibration.
00109A Calibration termination box (ABS box which enables gas to be applied to detectors remotely, a spray deflector or collector cone is also required on the detector).
M04214 PTFE tube 6 mm OD x 1 mm wall for use with calibration termination box. Price per metre length.

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