Crowcon Xgard Type 1 Fixed Gas Detector

Code: XG1
  • Oxygen or Toxic gas
  • IS approved
  • Zones 0, 1 or 2, Div 1 or 2

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The Crowcon Xgard Type 1 is an Exia Intrinsically Safe toxic and oxygen gas detector using an electrochemical sensor within an Xgard enclosure, which also contains the amplifier/transmitter to provide a two-wire 4 to 20mA sink output. A Zener barrier or galvanic isolator is required for I.S. hazardous area operation.

Suitable for use with a range of cable glands; M20 or 1/2″ NPT or 3/4″ NPT. There is a choice of housing; glass-reinforced nylon, durable aluminium with a tough polyester coating, or 316 stainless steel suitable for deployment in extreme environments, such as offshore or in heavy industry- corrosion resistant.

Units can be installed on walls or ceilings, with three junction box choices—replacement sensors plugin.  Accessories are available for duct mounting, sampling applications and remote gassing – simple sensor checking.  In wash down areas or marine applications, splash guards and weatherproof caps are available.


  • Simple install and maintenance, common spares for all Xgard types, minimise inventory
  • Validated to IEC 61508 (SIL 1 to SIL 3)
  • Ingress protection IP65
  • Operating temperature -40 to +50°C (range varies for some sensor types)
  • Response time T90 <15s Oxygen. T90 <30s to 120s Toxic
  • Global approvals ATEX/ IECEx UL, INMETRO & GOST-R
  • Size 156 x 166 x 111 mm (6.1 x 6.5 x 4.3 inches)
  • Weight Nylon 0.5kg, Aluminium 1kg & Stainless Steel 3.1kg


C011061 Accessory adaptor(spare) – M20 threaded adaptor for connecting other accessories
C01051 Collector cone – includes accessory adaptor. For aiding detection of light gases such as methane
C01052 Spray deflector – includes accessory adaptor. For outdoor installations & protection from water sprays
C01442 Weatherproof cap – includes accessory adaptor for use offshore or very wet environments
C01339 Flow adaptor, for use in sampling applications
C011063 Sun shield. Protects against excessive heat build-up due to direct sunlight. Supplied with fixing rivets
C03005 Calibration adaptor
S011918 Duct mounting kit. Stainless steel plate with 6mm remote calibration fitting. Max duct airflow: 6m/s
2575/1 Detector pulley system. Enables Xgard methane and hydrogen detectors to be lowered from a high level for calibration
00109A Calibration termination box (ABS box which enables gas to be applied to detectors remotely, a spray deflector or collector cone is also required)
M04214 PTFE tube 6 mm OD x 1 mm wall for use with calibration termination box

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg


Xgard Type 1 Spare Sensor Modules

S011667/S            0-25ppm, ammonia

S011566/S            0-50ppm, ammonia

S011567/S            0-100ppm, ammonia

S012022/S            0-100ppm, ammonia (low temp., -40C)

S011673/S            0-250ppm, ammonia

S011677/S            0-500ppm, ammonia

S011679/S            0-1000ppm, ammonia

S011830/S            0-1ppm, arsine

S011658/S            0-3ppm, bromine

S011557/S            0-5ppm, bromine

S011572/S            0-50ppm, carbon monoxide

S011574/S            0-100ppm, carbon monoxide

S011576/S            0-150ppm, carbon monoxide

S011578/S            0-200ppm, carbon monoxide

S011259/S            0-250ppm, carbon monoxide

S011580/S            0-300ppm, carbon monoxide

S011582/S            0-500ppm, carbon monoxide

S011584/S            0-1000ppm, carbon monoxide

S011586/S            0-2000ppm, carbon monoxide

S011588/S            0-3ppm, chlorine

S011263/S            0-5ppm, chlorine

S011590/S            0-10ppm, chlorine

S011592/S            0-15ppm, chlorine

S011594/S            0-20ppm, chlorine

S011596/S            0-30ppm, chlorine

S011598/S            0-50ppm, chlorine

S011600/S            0-100ppm, chlorine

S011690/S            0-1ppm, chlorine dioxide

S011831/S            0-1ppm, diborane

S011558/S            0-10ppm, ethylene oxide

S011659/S            0-50ppm, ethylene oxide

S011515/S            0-100ppm, ethylene oxide

S011565/S            0-1ppm, fluorine

S011704/S            0-200ppm, hydrogen

S011706/S            0-500ppm, hydrogen

S011562/S            0-2000ppm, hydrogen

S011710/S            0-2% vol. (0-50% LEL ) hydrogen

S011834/S            0-4% vol. (0-100% LEL ) hydrogen

S011707/S            0-10ppm, hydrogen chloride

S011708/S            0-25ppm, hydrogen chloride

S011829/S            0-25ppm, hydrogen cyanide

S011602/S            0-30ppm, hydrogen cyanide

S011564/S            0-10ppm, hydrogen fluoride

S011604/S            0-2ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011606/S            0-5ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011608/S            0-10ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011610/S            0-20ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011257/S            0-25ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011612/S            0-30ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011614/S            0-50ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011616/S            0-100ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011618/S            0-200ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011620/S            0-250ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011622/S            0-300ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011624/S            0-1000ppm, hydrogen sulphide

S011288/S            0-50ppm, nitric oxide

S011289/S            0-100ppm, nitric oxide

S011634/S            0-5ppm, nitrogen dioxide

S011561/S            0-10ppm, nitrogen dioxide

S011626/S            0-30ppm, nitrogen dioxide

S011628/S            0-50ppm, nitrogen dioxide

S011630/S            0-100ppm, nitrogen dioxide

S011563/S            0-1ppm, ozone

S011265/S            0-25% vol. oxygen

S011833/S            0-1ppm, phosgene

S011698/S            0-1ppm, phosphine

S011568/S            0-2ppm, phosphine

S011685/S            0-1ppm, silane

S011636/S            0-5ppm, sulphur dioxide

S011638/S            0-10ppm, sulphur dioxide

S011640/S            0-15ppm, sulphur dioxide

S011644/S            0-20ppm, sulphur dioxide

S011646/S            0-50ppm, sulphur dioxide

S011652/S            0-100ppm, sulphur dioxide

S011654/S            0-250ppm, sulphur dioxide

S011560/S            0-100ppm, volatile organics

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