Crowcon Gasman Single Gas Detector

Code: Gasman II
  • Single gas monitor
  • Robust
  • Ultra-lightweight

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The Crowcon Gasman is a single gas detector with a choice of sensors, including Combustible, Toxic and Oxygen. Compact and designed for use in harsh environments.  Data and event logging are included on all models.  A Carbon Dioxide instrument measuring 0-5% using an infrared sensor is also available, for use in safe areas only. 

Toxic gas and oxygen versions are available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable variants. The flammable gas models are rechargeable only. The Gasman is the perfect choice for detecting specific gases with a monitor that can be serviced to extend its lifetime.  Equipped with loud and bright alarms built in an unobtrusive compact and lightweight design. Single-button operation minimises training time.

Suitable for use in a range of industries including oil and gas, chemical plants (exotic gases), steelworks (CO compensated sensor) hospitality (CO2) and the water industry.


  • Tough polycarbonate housing
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65
  • Full over-moulding – high impact resistance


  • Two levels of instantaneous alarm and TWA alarms for toxic versions
  • 95dB audible alarm
  • Vivid twin red/blue visual alarm – if ambient noise is high, Gasman alerts you by vibrating and with the high impact blue/red LED alarms
  • Internal vibrating alarm


  • Backlit display for gas diagnostics and operating status – easy to read
  • Ultra-lightweight; just 85g for toxic versions – comfortable to wear
  • Real-time TWA and peak display options
  • Calibration reminder, 30-day advance warning
  • Fully interchangeable intelligent sensor modules
  • Approvals; ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO & CSA

Gasman supplied with a calibration flow cap, alligator clip and instruction manual.

GasRangeTypical Alarms
Ammonia (NH3)0-1000ppm25ppm
Carbon monoxide (CO)0-1500ppm30ppm
Carbon dioxide (CO2)0-5%0.5%
Carbon monoxide (H2 filtered)0-500ppm30ppm
Chlorine (CL2)0-20ppm0.3ppm
Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2)0-1ppm0.1ppm
Ethylene Oxide (ETO)0-10ppm3ppm
Flammable0-100% LEL20% LEL
Fluorine (F2)0-1ppm0.5ppm
Hydrogen (H2)0-2000ppmN/A
Hydrogen cyanide (HCN)0-25ppm5ppm
Hydrogen fluoride (HF)0-10 ppm1ppm
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)0-250 ppm5ppm
Nitric oxide (NO)0-100 ppm25ppm
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)0-20 ppm1ppm
Oxygen (O2)0-25%19.5%/23.5%
Ozone (O3)0-1 ppm0.1ppm
Phosphine (PH3)0-5 ppm0.1ppm
Phosgene (COCI2)0-1 ppm0.1ppm
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)0-20 ppm1ppm

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Gasman-Datasheet 336 KB
Gasman-User-Manual-Issue-11 888 KB

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Rechargeable single-use shortcodes, common models
GSR-01-XX-ZRechargeable, 0-100% LEL methane (CH4)
GSR-02-XX-ZRechargeable, 0-25% vol. oxygen (O2)
GSR-03-XX-ZRechargeable, 0-500ppm carbon monoxide (CO)
GSR-04-XX-ZRechargeable, 0-100ppm hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
GSR-05-XX-ZRechargeable, 0-5% vol. CO2 IR safe area
Non-rechargeable single-use shortcodes, common models
GSA-02-XX-ZNon-rechargeable, 0-25% vol. oxygen (O2)
GSA-03-XX-ZNon-rechargeable, 0-500ppm carbon monoxide (CO)
GSA-04-XX-ZNon-rechargeable, 0-100ppm hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
Gasman Flammable Calibrations


Sensor codeDescription
AA0-100% LEL methane
AB0-100% LEL propane
AC0-100% LEL pentane
AE0-100% LEL ethylene
AF0-100% LEL hydrogen
AD0-100% LEL butane
BC0-100% LEL methane (unfiltered)
BD0-100% LEL ethanol (unfiltered)
BE0-100% LEL IPA (unfiltered)
KF0-100% LEL pentane (unfiltered)


C03334Torx T6 tool for star headed screw
C02132Gasman external filter
C01937Aspirator assembly
C01952Harness plate – use with the shoulder strap or chest harness straps
C01843Shoulder strap
C01844Chest harness strap kit – consists of two straps (harness plate sold separately)
C011304Chest harness kit (harness plate and two straps)
C01983Leather carry case – either wear on a belt or use with shoulder strap
C01953Hard hat clip
C01892Gas test kit (includes trigger regulator with 1m gas supply tube, flow cap, magnet and 2m gas vent tube)
Battery Chargers/Interfaces


C011318Single way charger with multi-region power supply
C01296Charging lead for vehicle lighter socket lead
C01940Single way charger/interface 12Vdc input
C01941Single way charger 12Vdc input
C011305Charger interface kit (includes single way charger/interface, USB-RS232 adaptor and PC lead, multi-region power supply )
C011319Single way charger/interface with multi-region power supply
Multiway Chargers/Interfaces


C019515-way multiway charger without power supply
C0110415-way multiway charger with 90-260V in-line power supply, US power supply
C0110425-way multiway charger with 90-260V in-line power supply, UK power supply
C0110435-way multiway charger with 90-260V in-line power supply, EU power supply
PC Interface


E07532PC lead (9 way D, female to female)
C02097USB to RS232 adaptor
Gasman Charger Power Supplies


C03580Multi-region power supply (includes UK, EU, US and Australian plug adaptors)
E07693Power supply for multiway charger 90-260V
Gasman calibration docks


GT-GM-03Gasman Calibrator

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