Crowcon Gasman Single Gas Detector

Code: Gasman II
  • Single gas monitor
  • Robust
  • Ultra-lightweight

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The Crowcon Gasman is a single gas detector with a choice of sensors, including Combustible, Toxic and Oxygen. Compact and designed for use in harsh environments.  Data and event logging are included on all models.  A Carbon Dioxide instrument measuring 0-5% using an infrared sensor is also available, for use in safe areas only. 

Toxic gas and oxygen versions are available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable variants. The flammable gas models are rechargeable only. The Gasman is the perfect choice for detecting specific gases with a monitor that can be serviced to extend its lifetime.  Equipped with loud and bright alarms built in an unobtrusive compact and lightweight design. Single-button operation minimises training time.

Suitable for use in a range of industries including oil and gas, chemical plants (exotic gases), steelworks (CO compensated sensor) hospitality (CO2) and the water industry.


  • Tough polycarbonate housing
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65
  • Full over-moulding – high impact resistance


  • Two levels of instantaneous alarm and TWA alarms for toxic versions
  • 95dB audible alarm
  • Vivid twin red/blue visual alarm – if ambient noise is high, Gasman alerts you by vibrating and with the high impact blue/red LED alarms
  • Internal vibrating alarm


  • Backlit display for gas diagnostics and operating status – easy to read
  • Ultra-lightweight; just 85g for toxic versions – comfortable to wear
  • Real-time TWA and peak display options
  • Calibration reminder, 30-day advance warning
  • Fully interchangeable intelligent sensor modules
  • Approvals; ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO & CSA

Gasman supplied with a calibration flow cap, alligator clip and instruction manual.

Gas Range Typical Alarms
Ammonia (NH3) 0-1000ppm 25ppm
Carbon monoxide (CO) 0-1500ppm 30ppm
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 0-5% 0.5%
Carbon monoxide (H2 filtered) 0-500ppm 30ppm
Chlorine (CL2) 0-20ppm 0.3ppm
Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) 0-1ppm 0.1ppm
Ethylene Oxide (ETO) 0-10ppm 3ppm
Flammable 0-100% LEL 20% LEL
Fluorine (F2) 0-1ppm 0.5ppm
Hydrogen (H2) 0-2000ppm N/A
Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) 0-25ppm 5ppm
Hydrogen fluoride (HF) 0-10 ppm 1ppm
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) 0-250 ppm 5ppm
Nitric oxide (NO) 0-100 ppm 25ppm
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 0-20 ppm 1ppm
Oxygen (O2) 0-25% 19.5%/23.5%
Ozone (O3) 0-1 ppm 0.1ppm
Phosphine (PH3) 0-5 ppm 0.1ppm
Phosgene (COCI2) 0-1 ppm 0.1ppm
Sulphur dioxide (SO2) 0-20 ppm 1ppm

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Gasman-Datasheet 336 KB
Gasman-User-Manual-Issue-11 888 KB

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GS-AE-A-001-G Gasman C2H4-100LEL Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AE-A-012-G Gasman C2H4-100LEL Rech USA CSA
GS-CI-A-001-G Gasman C2H4O-10ppm (BIASED) Rech GBR ATEX
GS-CI-A-006-G Gasman C2H4O-10ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-CI-A-004-G Gasman C2H4O-10ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-CI-A-003-G Gasman C2H4O-10ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-CI-A-008-G Gasman C2H4O-10ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-CI-A-007-G Gasman C2H4O-10ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-CI-A-012-G Gasman C2H4O-10ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-BD-A-013-G Gasman C2H5OH-100LEL(NF) Rech AUS ATEX
GS-BD-A-006-G Gasman C2H5OH-100LEL(NF) Rech DEU ATEX
GS-BD-A-004-G Gasman C2H5OH-100LEL(NF) Rech ESP ATEX
GS-BD-A-001-G Gasman C2H5OH-100LEL(NF) Rech GBR ATEX
GS-BD-A-007-G Gasman C2H5OH-100LEL(NF) Rech NLD ATEX
GS-BD-A-012-G Gasman C2H5OH-100LEL(NF) Rech USA CSA
GS-AB-A-015-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech BRA INMET
GS-AB-A-006-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AB-A-004-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AB-A-003-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AB-A-001-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AB-A-008-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AB-A-007-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AB-A-017-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech POL ATEX
GS-AB-A-012-G Gasman C3H8-100LEL Rech USA CSA
GS-BE-A-008-G Gasman C3H8O-100LEL(NF) Rech ITA ATEX
GS-BE-A-017-G Gasman C3H8O-100LEL(NF) Rech POL ATEX
GS-AD-A-004-G Gasman C4H10-100LEL Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AD-A-003-G Gasman C4H10-100LEL Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AD-A-001-G Gasman C4H10-100LEL Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AD-A-008-G Gasman C4H10-100LEL Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AD-A-017-G Gasman C4H10-100LEL Rech POL ATEX
GS-AC-A-006-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AC-A-004-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AC-A-003-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AC-A-001-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AC-A-007-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AC-A-017-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL Rech POL ATEX
GS-AC-A-012-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL Rech USA CSA
GS-KF-A-006-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL(NF) Rech DEU ATEX
GS-KF-A-004-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL(NF) Rech ESP ATEX
GS-KF-A-001-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL(NF) Rech GBR ATEX
GS-KF-A-008-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL(NF) Rech ITA ATEX
GS-KF-A-017-G Gasman C5H12-100LEL(NF) Rech POL ATEX
GS-BC-A-001-G Gasman CH4-100LEL (NF) Rech GBR ATEX
GS-BC-A-008-G Gasman CH4-100LEL (NF) Rech ITA ATEX
GS-BC-A-012-G Gasman CH4-100LEL (NF) Rech USA CSA
GS-AA-A-013-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AA-A-015-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech BRA INMET
GS-AA-A-006-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AA-A-004-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AA-A-003-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AA-A-001-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AA-A-008-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AA-A-007-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AA-A-017-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech POL ATEX
GS-AA-A-012-G Gasman CH4-100LEL Rech USA CSA
GS-AN-B-006-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AN-B-004-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AN-B-003-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AN-B-001-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AN-B-008-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AN-A-013-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AN-A-015-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AN-A-006-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AN-A-004-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AN-A-003-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AN-A-001-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AN-A-008-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AN-A-017-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AN-A-012-G Gasman Cl2-20ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-CK-A-013-G Gasman ClO2-1ppm Rech AUS ATEX
GS-CK-A-015-G Gasman ClO2-1ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-CK-A-004-G Gasman ClO2-1ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-CK-A-003-G Gasman ClO2-1ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-CK-A-001-G Gasman ClO2-1ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-CK-A-008-G Gasman ClO2-1ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-CK-A-012-G Gasman ClO2-1ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-BI-B-015-G Gasman CO-1500ppm NonR BRA INMET
GS-BI-B-006-G Gasman CO-1500ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-BI-B-003-G Gasman CO-1500ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-BI-B-001-G Gasman CO-1500ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-BI-B-007-G Gasman CO-1500ppm NonR NLD ATEX
GS-BI-B-012-G Gasman CO-1500ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-BI-A-015-G Gasman CO-1500ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-BI-A-004-G Gasman CO-1500ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-BI-A-001-G Gasman CO-1500ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-BI-A-008-G Gasman CO-1500ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-BI-A-017-G Gasman CO-1500ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-BI-A-012-G Gasman CO-1500ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-AH-B-006-G Gasman CO-500ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AH-B-004-G Gasman CO-500ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AH-B-003-G Gasman CO-500ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AH-B-001-G Gasman CO-500ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AH-B-008-G Gasman CO-500ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AH-B-007-G Gasman CO-500ppm NonR NLD ATEX
GS-AH-B-012-G Gasman CO-500ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AH-A-013-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AH-A-015-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AH-A-006-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AH-A-004-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AH-A-003-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AH-A-001-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AH-A-008-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AH-A-007-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AH-A-017-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AH-A-012-G Gasman CO-500ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-CS-B-001-G Gasman CO-500ppm(H2 fil) NonR GBR ATEX
GS-CS-A-003-G Gasman CO-500ppm(H2 fil) Rech FRA ATEX
GS-CS-A-001-G Gasman CO-500ppm(H2 fil) Rech GBR ATEX
GS-CS-A-007-G Gasman CO-500ppm(H2 fil) Rech NLD ATEX
GS-HG-A-075-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech AUS SAFE
GS-HG-A-068-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech BRA SAFE
GS-HG-A-070-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech DEU SAFE
GS-HG-A-069-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech ESP SAFE
GS-HG-A-073-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech FRA SAFE
GS-HG-A-066-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech GBR SAFE
GS-HG-A-072-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech ITA SAFE
GS-HG-A-071-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech NLD SAFE
GS-HG-A-074-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech POL SAFE
GS-HG-A-067-G Gasman CO2-5vol Rech USA SAFE
GS-BB-B-006-G Gasman COCl2-1ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-BB-B-001-G Gasman COCl2-1ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-BB-B-017-G Gasman COCl2-1ppm NonR POL ATEX
GS-BB-A-001-G Gasman COCl2-1ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-BB-A-008-G Gasman COCl2-1ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-BB-A-012-G Gasman COCl2-1ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-AU-B-004-G Gasman F2-1ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AU-B-001-G Gasman F2-1ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AU-B-012-G Gasman F2-1ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AU-A-003-G Gasman F2-1ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AU-A-001-G Gasman F2-1ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AU-A-007-G Gasman F2-1ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AU-A-012-G Gasman F2-1ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-MA-A-001-G Gasman Flam-100%LEL (MPS) Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AF-A-013-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AF-A-006-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AF-A-004-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AF-A-003-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AF-A-001-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AF-A-008-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AF-A-007-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AF-A-017-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech POL ATEX
GS-AF-A-012-G Gasman H2-100LEL Rech USA CSA
GS-AK-B-006-G Gasman H2-2000ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AK-B-003-G Gasman H2-2000ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AK-B-001-G Gasman H2-2000ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AK-B-012-G Gasman H2-2000ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AK-A-013-G Gasman H2-2000ppm Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AK-A-006-G Gasman H2-2000ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AK-A-004-G Gasman H2-2000ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AK-A-003-G Gasman H2-2000ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AK-A-001-G Gasman H2-2000ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AK-A-008-G Gasman H2-2000ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AK-A-007-G Gasman H2-2000ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AK-A-012-G Gasman H2-2000ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-AI-B-013-G Gasman H2S-100ppm NonR AUS ATEX
GS-AI-B-006-G Gasman H2S-100ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AI-B-004-G Gasman H2S-100ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AI-B-003-G Gasman H2S-100ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AI-B-001-G Gasman H2S-100ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AI-B-008-G Gasman H2S-100ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AI-B-007-G Gasman H2S-100ppm NonR NLD ATEX
GS-AI-B-012-G Gasman H2S-100ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AI-A-015-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AI-A-006-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AI-A-004-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AI-A-003-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AI-A-001-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AI-A-008-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AI-A-007-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AI-A-017-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AI-A-012-G Gasman H2S-100ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-BF-B-015-G Gasman H2S-250ppm NonR BRA INMET
GS-BF-B-006-G Gasman H2S-250ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-BF-B-004-G Gasman H2S-250ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-BF-B-001-G Gasman H2S-250ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-BF-A-015-G Gasman H2S-250ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-BF-A-004-G Gasman H2S-250ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-BF-A-003-G Gasman H2S-250ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-BF-A-001-G Gasman H2S-250ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-BG-B-006-G Gasman H2S-500ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-BG-B-004-G Gasman H2S-500ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-BG-B-003-G Gasman H2S-500ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-BG-B-001-G Gasman H2S-500ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-BG-A-004-G Gasman H2S-500ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-BG-A-003-G Gasman H2S-500ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-BG-A-001-G Gasman H2S-500ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-BG-A-017-G Gasman H2S-500ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-BG-A-012-G Gasman H2S-500ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-AQ-B-013-G Gasman HCN-25ppm NonR AUS ATEX
GS-AQ-B-015-G Gasman HCN-25ppm NonR BRA INMET
GS-AQ-B-006-G Gasman HCN-25ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AQ-B-004-G Gasman HCN-25ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AQ-B-003-G Gasman HCN-25ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AQ-B-001-G Gasman HCN-25ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AQ-B-008-G Gasman HCN-25ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AQ-B-007-G Gasman HCN-25ppm NonR NLD ATEX
GS-AQ-A-006-G Gasman HCN-25ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AQ-A-003-G Gasman HCN-25ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AQ-A-001-G Gasman HCN-25ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AQ-A-008-G Gasman HCN-25ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AQ-A-007-G Gasman HCN-25ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AQ-A-017-G Gasman HCN-25ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AV-B-006-G Gasman HF-10ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AV-B-003-G Gasman HF-10ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AV-B-001-G Gasman HF-10ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AV-B-008-G Gasman HF-10ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AV-B-007-G Gasman HF-10ppm NonR NLD ATEX
GS-AV-B-012-G Gasman HF-10ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AV-A-013-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AV-A-006-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AV-A-004-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AV-A-003-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AV-A-001-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AV-A-008-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AV-A-007-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AV-A-017-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AV-A-012-G Gasman HF-10ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-MA-A-013-G Gasman MPS-100LEL Rech AUS ATEX
GS-MA-A-006-G Gasman MPS-100LEL Rech DEU ATEX
GS-MA-A-004-G Gasman MPS-100LEL Rech ESP ATEX
GS-MA-A-003-G Gasman MPS-100LEL Rech FRA ATEX
GS-MA-A-008-G Gasman MPS-100LEL Rech ITA ATEX
GS-MA-A-007-G Gasman MPS-100LEL Rech NLD ATEX
GS-MA-A-017-G Gasman MPS-100LEL Rech POL ATEX
GS-AS-B-004-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AS-B-003-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AS-B-001-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AS-B-008-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AS-B-012-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AS-A-015-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AS-A-006-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AS-A-004-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AS-A-001-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AS-A-017-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AS-A-012-G Gasman NH3-1000ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-AR-B-013-G Gasman NH3-100ppm NonR AUS ATEX
GS-AR-B-006-G Gasman NH3-100ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AR-B-004-G Gasman NH3-100ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AR-B-003-G Gasman NH3-100ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AR-B-001-G Gasman NH3-100ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AR-B-008-G Gasman NH3-100ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AR-B-007-G Gasman NH3-100ppm NonR NLD ATEX
GS-AR-B-012-G Gasman NH3-100ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AR-A-013-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AR-A-015-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AR-A-006-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AR-A-004-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AR-A-003-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AR-A-001-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AR-A-008-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AR-A-007-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AR-A-017-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AR-A-012-G Gasman NH3-100ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-CQ-A-015-G Gasman NO-100ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-CQ-A-006-G Gasman NO-100ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-CQ-A-004-G Gasman NO-100ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-CQ-A-001-G Gasman NO-100ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-CQ-A-007-G Gasman NO-100ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-CQ-A-012-G Gasman NO-100ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-AL-B-006-G Gasman NO2-20ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AL-B-004-G Gasman NO2-20ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AL-B-003-G Gasman NO2-20ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AL-B-001-G Gasman NO2-20ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AL-B-008-G Gasman NO2-20ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AL-B-012-G Gasman NO2-20ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AL-A-015-G Gasman NO2-20ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AL-A-006-G Gasman NO2-20ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AL-A-004-G Gasman NO2-20ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AL-A-003-G Gasman NO2-20ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AL-A-001-G Gasman NO2-20ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AL-A-008-G Gasman NO2-20ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AL-A-017-G Gasman NO2-20ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AL-A-012-G Gasman NO2-20ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-MB-A-001-G Gasman O2-25%vol (LEAD FREE) Rech GBR ATEX (BIASED)
GS-AG-B-013-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR AUS ATEX
GS-AG-B-015-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR BRA INMET
GS-AG-B-006-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AG-B-004-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AG-B-003-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AG-B-001-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AG-B-008-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AG-B-007-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR NLD ATEX
GS-AG-B-017-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR POL ATEX
GS-AG-B-080-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR PORT ATEX
GS-AG-B-012-G Gasman O2-25vol NonR USA CSA
GS-AG-A-013-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AG-A-015-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech BRA INMET
GS-AG-A-006-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AG-A-004-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AG-A-003-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AG-A-001-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AG-A-008-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AG-A-007-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AG-A-017-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech POL ATEX
GS-AG-A-080-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech PORT ATEX
GS-AG-A-012-G Gasman O2-25vol Rech USA CSA
GS-MB-A-013-G Gasman O2-25vol(LF) Rech AUS ATEX
GS-MB-A-006-G Gasman O2-25vol(LF) Rech DEU ATEX
GS-MB-A-004-G Gasman O2-25vol(LF) Rech ESP ATEX
GS-MB-A-003-G Gasman O2-25vol(LF) Rech FRA ATEX
GS-MB-A-008-G Gasman O2-25vol(LF) Rech ITA ATEX
GS-MB-A-007-G Gasman O2-25vol(LF) Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AP-B-006-G Gasman O3-1ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AP-B-004-G Gasman O3-1ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AP-B-003-G Gasman O3-1ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AP-B-001-G Gasman O3-1ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AP-B-008-G Gasman O3-1ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AP-B-007-G Gasman O3-1ppm NonR NLD ATEX
GS-AP-B-012-G Gasman O3-1ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AP-A-015-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AP-A-006-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AP-A-004-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AP-A-003-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AP-A-001-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AP-A-008-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AP-A-007-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AP-A-017-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AP-A-012-G Gasman O3-1ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-AT-B-006-G Gasman PH3-5ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AT-B-004-G Gasman PH3-5ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AT-B-007-G Gasman PH3-5ppm NonR NLD ATEX
GS-AT-A-013-G Gasman PH3-5ppm Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AT-A-015-G Gasman PH3-5ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AT-A-004-G Gasman PH3-5ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AT-A-001-G Gasman PH3-5ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AT-A-008-G Gasman PH3-5ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AT-A-007-G Gasman PH3-5ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AT-A-017-G Gasman PH3-5ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AT-B-001-G Gasman PH3, 0-5ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AT-A-006-G Gasman PH3, 0-5ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AT-A-012-G Gasman PH3, 0-5ppm Rech USA CSA
GS-AJ-B-006-G Gasman SO2-20ppm NonR DEU ATEX
GS-AJ-B-004-G Gasman SO2-20ppm NonR ESP ATEX
GS-AJ-B-003-G Gasman SO2-20ppm NonR FRA ATEX
GS-AJ-B-001-G Gasman SO2-20ppm NonR GBR ATEX
GS-AJ-B-008-G Gasman SO2-20ppm NonR ITA ATEX
GS-AJ-B-012-G Gasman SO2-20ppm NonR USA CSA
GS-AJ-A-013-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech AUS ATEX
GS-AJ-A-015-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech BRA INMET
GS-AJ-A-006-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech DEU ATEX
GS-AJ-A-004-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech ESP ATEX
GS-AJ-A-003-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech FRA ATEX
GS-AJ-A-001-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech GBR ATEX
GS-AJ-A-008-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech ITA ATEX
GS-AJ-A-007-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech NLD ATEX
GS-AJ-A-017-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech POL ATEX
GS-AJ-A-012-G Gasman SO2-20ppm Rech USA CSA
C03334 Torx T6 tool for star headed screw
C02132 Gasman external filter
C01937 Aspirator assembly
C01952 Harness plate – use with the shoulder strap or chest harness straps
C01843 Shoulder strap
C01844 Chest harness strap kit – consists of two straps (harness plate sold separately)
C011304 Chest harness kit (harness plate and 2 straps)
C01983 Leather carry case – either wear on belt or use with shoulder strap
C01953 Hard hat clip
C01892 Gas test kit (includes trigger regulator with 1m gas supply tube, flow cap, magnet and 2m gas vent tube)
Battery Chargers/Interfaces
C011318 Single way charger with multi-region power supply
C01296 Charging lead for vehicle lighter socket lead
C01940 Single way charger/interface 12Vdc input
C01941 Single way charger 12Vdc input
C011305 Charger interface kit (includes single way charger/interface, USB-RS232 adaptor and PC lead, multi-region power supply )
C011319 Single way charger/interface with multi-region power supply
Multiway Chargers/Interfaces
C01951 5-way multiway charger without power supply
C011041 5-way multiway charger with 90-260V in-line power supply, US power supply
C011042 5-way multiway charger with 90-260V in-line power supply, UK power supply
C011043 5-way multiway charger with 90-260V in-line power supply, EU power supply
PC Interface
E07532 PC lead (9 way D, female to female)
C02097 USB to RS232 adaptor
Charger Power Supplies
C03580 Multi-region power supply (includes UK, EU, US and Australian plug adaptors)
E07693 Power supply for multiway charger 90-260V
Bump test docks
GT-GM-03 Gasman Bump Test Dock
I-module Sensor Assemblies
S011973/M 0-100% FLAM (MPS™) Sensor (ATEX IECEx)
S011424/M 0-100% LEL methane
S011436/M 0-100% LEL propane
S011437/M 0-100% LEL pentane
S011439/M 0-100% LEL butane
S011440/M 0-100% LEL ethylene
S011460/M 0-100% LEL hydrogen
S011424/M/KDF 0-100% LEL methane AUS alarms
S011436/M/KDF 0-100% LEL propane AUS alarms
S011437/M/KDF 0-100% LEL pentane AUS alarms
S011491/M Ethanol (Unfiltered)
S011492/M IPA / Propanol (Unfiltered)
S011493/M Toluene (Unfiltered
S011494/M Propane (Unfiltered)
S011495/M Pentane (Unfiltered)
S011496/M Methane (Unfiltered)
S011423/M 0-25% oxygen, two year (CSA and MED)
S011972/M 0-25% oxygen, two year (ATEX IECEx and InMetro)
S011851/M 0-20% Oxygen 5 Year (Long life) (ATEX IECEx UL)
S011811/S 0-500ppm carbon monoxide
S011463/M 0-1500ppm carbon monoxide
S011812/S 0-100ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011912/M 0-250ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011428/M 0-20ppm chlorine*
S011435/M 0-100ppm ammonia
S011438/M 0-1000ppm ammonia
S011425/M 0-20ppm sulphur dioxide
S011432/M 0-1ppm ozone*
S011426/M 0-20ppm nitrogen dioxide*
S011429/M 0-2000ppm hydrogen
S011430/M 0-25ppm hydrogen cyanide
S011431/M 0-5ppm phosphine*
S011433/M 0-10ppm hydrogen fluoride*
S011434/M 0-1ppm fluorine*
S011995/M 0-1ppm chlorine dioxide
S011852/M 0-100ppm nitric oxide
S011464/M 0-1ppm phosgene
S011994/M 0-10ppm ethylene oxide
S012171/M 0-5% CO2 IR (uncertified safe area only)
S01080 Front and back moulding set
M05150 Gasman replacement certification label (serial number needed at time of order) authorised service centres only
M02362 Alligator clip
S01018 Gasman front and rear moulding set – CO2 IR specific
M041179/RFI Gasman CO2 spare rear moulding
M04851 Flow cap assembly
M04852/3 Instrument sensor seal O2 sensor
C03329 Metal clip
M03705 Clip retaining nut M3 (minimum order quantity 10)
S011760/2 Main PCB non-rechargeable
S011761/2 Main PCB rechargeable
E01918 Disposable battery (minimum order quantity 5)
C011303 Gasman battery tray assembly (inc. battery and tray)
E07621 i-module elastomer (minimum order quantity 5)
M04839 i-module elastomer support (minimum order quantity 5)
E01873 Gasman LCD
M04854 Gasman bezel for elastomer and LCD screen (KB)
E07620 LCD elastomer (minimum order quantity 5)
E07649 Charger elastomer – rechargeable version only (minimum order quantity 5)
M04682 Sensor sealing ring (minimum order quantity 5)
SM1035 Sounder
M04858 Sounder seal (minimum order quantity 10)
M03793 Case screw (minimum order quantity 20)
M03792 Screw KB22 X 6 CSK WN1413 BZP (minimum order quantity 10)
M05910 Crowcon domed label (minimum order quantity 8)
M07630 Gasman English manual
M07631 Gasman American manual
M07632 Gasman French manual
M07633 Gasman German manual
M07634 Gasman Dutch manual
M07635 Gasman Spanish manual
M07636 Gasman Italian manual
M07637 Gasman Brazilian Portuguese manual
C01873 Gas test kit magnet
M05913 Gas type label LEL (minimum order quantity 20)
M05914 Gas type label LIE (minimum order quantity 20)
M05915 Gas type label UEG (minimum order quantity 20)
M05916 Gas type label OX (minimum order quantity 20)
M05917 Gas type label H2S (minimum order quantity 20)
M05918 Gas type label CO (minimum order quantity 20)
M05919 Gas type label SO2 (minimum order quantity 20)
M05920 Gas type label CL2 (minimum order quantity 20)
M05921 Gas type label NH3 (minimum order quantity 20)
M05922 Gas type label O3 (minimum order quantity 20)
M05923 Gas type label NO2 (minimum order quantity 20)
M05924 Gas type label HCN (minimum order quantity 20)
M05925 Gas type label F2 (minimum order quantity 20)
M05926 Gas type label HF (minimum order quantity 20)
M05927 Gas type label PH3 (minimum order quantity 20)
M05928 Gas type label NO (minimum order quantity 20)
M05931 Gas type label TOX (minimum order quantity 20)
M05999 Gas type label CO2 (minimum order quantity 20)

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