Crowcon Gas-Pro Multi Gas Detector

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  • Up to Five Gases
  • Robust
  • Easy Operation

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The Crowcon Gas-Pro detects up to five gases, with diffusion or pumped model choices. A versatile gas detector with infrared sensors options for Flammable or Carbon Dioxide gases. VOC detection is possible with a PID sensor, ideal for chemical or refinery applications, mainly when used with tanks containing solvents.

Compact and rugged, suitable for harsh environments and easy to use, intuitive functionality and one-button operation minimise training time. For confined space work, the internal pump is automatically activated with the flow plate, for simple pre-entry checks. The pump capacity is 0.5l/m and will draw a sample of gas from 30 metres within 80 seconds. The top-mounted display with dual colour backlight (green/red) ensures easy visibility of readings and alerts.

+ve Safety provides continual visual assurance of unit compliance to the user and others.  Manage larger fleets of Gas-Pro detectors easily with Crowcon I-Test bump and calibration solution (additional option).


  • Alarms; audible >95dB @ 30cm (98dB @30cm in loud mode), visual – all angle dual red/blue LEDs &
  • IR sensors resistant to silicon poisoning, long life & low maintenance
  • VOC monitoring for working with fuels, paint thinners & glues
  • Battery life 14 hours from a full charge (13 hours pumped operation) based on CH4, O2, H2S & CO.
    Typical charge time 7.5 hours
  • Bump test and calibration reminders
  • Datalogging 125 hours based on 10-second intervals, 45,000 logs
  • Event logging; alarm, over-range, calibration, bump, on/off, TWA, 1000 events
  • Operating temperature -20°c to + 55°C
  • Interface data connection for gas test solutions and direct to PC
  • Ingress protection IP65 & IP67
  • Charging; desktop cradle, USB power & communications lead, direct connection to a multiregional power supply and vehicle charger adaptor
  • Approvals: ATEX, IECEx, UL, INMETRO & MED
  • Size:43 x 130 x 84mm . Weight 362g (5 gas pumped)

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Gas-Pro Datasheet 390 KB
Gas_Pro Manual 3 MB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg

Ordering Information

Gas-Pro 4 gas – Short Codes

CO/H2S/O2/CH4 with multi-region power lead – 3-year warranty
GPA-0014-EA-A  4 gas non-pumped, no flow plate
GPB-0014-EA-A  4 gas non-pumped with a flow plate
GPC-0014-EA-A  4 gas pumped with a flow plate

CO/H2S/O2/CH4 with multi-region cradle charger – 3-year warranty
GPA-0014-EA-C  4 gas non-pumped, no flow plate
GPB-0014-EA-C  4 gas non-pumped with a flow plate
GPC-0014-EA-C  4 gas pumped with a flow plate

Gas-Pro 5 Gas – Short Codes

CO/H2S/O2/CH4/CO2 with multi-region power lead – 3-year warranty
GPF-0015-EA-A  5 gas non-pumped with a flow plate
GPP-0015-EA-A  5 gas pumped with a flow plate

CO/H2S/O2/CH4/CO2 with multi-region cradle charger – 3-year warranty
GPF-0015-EA-C  5 gas non-pumped with a flow plate
GPP-0015-EA-C  5 gas pumped with flow plate

Gas-Pro IR with PID Sensor

4 Gas – Non pumped, includes flow plate and multi-region PSU
GPF-0011-EA-A  CO (0-500ppm)/O2/LEL IR CH4/PID
GPF-0012-EA-A  CO H2 filter (0-2000ppm)/O2/LEL IR CH4/PID
GPF-0013-EA-A  H2S (0-100ppm)/O2/LEL IR CH4/PID

4 Gas – Pumped, includes flow plate and multi-region PSU
GPP-0011-EA-A  CO (0-500ppm)/O2/LEL IR CH4/PID
GPP-0012-EA-A  CO H2 filter (0-2000ppm)/O2/LEL IR CH4/PID
GPP-0013-EA-A  H2S (0-100ppm)/O2/LEL IR CH4/PID

5 Gas includes flow plate and multi-region PSU
GPF-0003-EA-A  Dual CO+H2S/O2/LEL IR CH4/PID – non-pumped
GPP-0003-EA-A  Dual CO+H2S/O2/LEL IR CH4/PID – pumped

Sampling options

AC0100 Gas-Pro pumped flow plate
AC0101 Gas-Pro non-pumped flow plate
AC0201 1m standard tubing (includes tube insert)
AC0203 3m standard tubing (includes tube insert)
AC0205 5m standard tubing (includes tube insert)
AC0210 10m standard tubing (includes tube insert)
AC0220 20m standard tubing (includes tube insert)
AC0230 30m standard tubing (includes tube insert)
AC0301 1m tubing for reactive gases (includes tube insert)
SS0726 Exhaust bellows (on outlet for pumped sampling, calibration/gas testing)
AC0103 Calibration flow plate for PC Calibration (no magnet)
M04038 Gas-Pro flow plate individual gasing
S013055 Gas-Pro dust filter flow plate (only for use with CO/O2/H2S/LEL)

Charging options

CH0100 Multi-region power lead (includes CH0101 & CH0102)
CH0101 Multi-region power supply
CH0102 Charging lead
CH0103 USB communications lead (not powered)
CH0104 USB dual communication and power lead
CH0105 Gas-Pro charger cradle (no power)
CH0106 Vehicle charging adaptor. For use with CH0102 charging lead.
CH0107 5 Way multi-region power supply (use with 5 x CH0102)

Inmetro certified

CH0200 Multi-region power lead (includes CH0101 and CH0202) – Inmetro
CH0202 Charging lead – Inmetro
CH0203 USB communications lead (not powered) – Inmetro
CH0204 USB communication and power lead – Inmetro


AC0500 Tube insert (connection from tube to flow plate) x10
AC0511 Elbow tube insert x 10
AC0502 Water trap
AC0504 Hand aspirator bulb
AC0506 Chest harness plate
AC0507 Chest harness straps (2 per pack)
AC0508 Single strap
AC0509 Drop line 6m (includes D-ring clip)
AC0512 Ball float probe (select tubing length separately)

Confined space kit

AC0600 Gas-Pro hardshell case (includes foam insert with space for standard items) – contents not included
AC0610 Gas-Pro CSE kit (hardshell case with a foam insert with space for Q-Test, 34 or 58L cylinder, power and comms cable, drop line, Gas-Pro, flow plate, filters, chest harness, straps and instructions) contents not included


SS0101 0-100% LEL (for all released flammable pellistor options)
SS0150 0-100% LEL unfiltered (ethanol)
SS0280 0-5% vol. carbon dioxide (CO2 IR)
SS0300 Dual toxic CO 0-500ppm/H2S 0-100ppm
SS0500 0-25% Oxygen (2 Year)
SS0501 0-30% Oxygen (3 Year)
SS0304 Sulphur dioxide 0-20ppm H2S filtered
SS0305 Chlorine 0-5ppm (diffusion only)
SS0309 Ozone 0-1ppm (diffusion only)
SS0306 Ammonia 0-100ppm
SS0310 Nitric oxide 0-100ppm (diffusion only)
SS0311 Nitrogen dioxide 0-20ppm
SS0308 Chlorine dioxide 0-1ppm (diffusion only)
SS0301 Carbon monoxide 0-1000 ppm (T4) 0-2000ppm or 0-500ppm (H2S & SO2 filtered) (Gas-Pro)
SS0302 Carbon monoxide 0-1000 ppm (T4) 0-2000ppm (Gas-Pro) (H2 filtered)
SS0303 Hydrogen sulphide 0-100 ppm
SS0404 Hydrogen sulphide 0-1000ppm
SS0201 Methane 0-100% LEL IR
SS0203 Pentane 0-100% LEL IR
SS0204 Propane 0-100% LEL IR


SS0700 Sensor blank and seal
SS0719 Sensor seal – standard (x10 off)
SS0701 Sensor seal – sensor blank (x10 off)
SS0702 Sensor seal – dual toxic (x10 off)
SS0703 Full set of Gas-Pro screws and nuts
SS0704 Case Screws 4 off M3 x12
SS0705 Screws 7 off KB22 x6 (display and PCB)
SS0706 Display to mainboard connector and adhesive pad
SS0707 Display to mainboard connector adhesive pad x10
SS0708 Gas-Pro Crowcon bubble label
SS0709 Gas-Pro front (including bubble label) and rear case moulding assembly (including 4 screws)
M02362 Alligator clip
SS0710 Gas-Pro spare battery
SS0711 Gas-Pro battery tray
SS0712/A Gas-Pro main PCB (Board A = B1 Variant) including 4 screws (supplied in English with standard settings)
SS0712/B Gas-Pro main PCB (Board B = B2 Variant) including 4 screws (supplied in English with standard settings)
SS0712/C Gas-Pro main PCB (Board C = B3 Variant) including 4 screws (supplied in English with standard settings)
SS0713 Gas-Pro sounder seal
SS0714 Vibrator
SS0715 Pump including gasket and screws
SS0716 Pump blanking assembly including gasket
SS0717 Gas-Pro display assembly (includes LCD, backlight, mounting bracket and screws)
SS0718 Servicing sounder bung (x10 off)
SS0720 Replacement Gas-Pro certification label (serial number needed at time of order)
SS0722 Gas-Pro individual sensor calibration gas plate
SS0723 Replacement Calibration report (only if calibrated at Crowcon within 6 months, serial number required at time of order)
SS0731 Insulator for Gas-Pro B1 Board
SS0730 Insulator for Gas-Pro B2 Board
SS0729 Insulator for Gas-Pro B3 Board
SS0732 Ribbon Cable (Display to main PCB connection)
SS0733 Flow plate gasket – Gas-Pro flow plate, non-pumped
SS0734 Flow plate gasket – Gas-Pro flow plate, pumped
SS0735 Flow plate gasket – Gas-Pro calibration flow plate, no magnet
SS0736 Gas-Pro Battery Adhesive Pads x10
M040030 Quick release Luer fitting for Gas-Pro flow plate
M040123 Filter element for S013055 dust filter flow plate
AC0611 Adhesive flow plate gasket for I-Test (Gas-Pro)

Gas-Pro PID Spares

SS0600 PID-A1 sensor 0 -1000ppm
SS0738 GASPRO PID Electrode Stack (PID-ES)
SS0739 GASPRO PID Lamp 10.6 eV (PID-LP 10.6)
C03664 Cleaning Kit (PID-CK)
SS0740 PID Stack Removal Tool (PID-RT)
SS0737 Insulator for Gas-Pro B4 board
SS0742 PID Sensor Gasket
SS0712/D Gas-Pro main PCB (Board D = B4 Variant) including four screws (supplied in English with standard settings)
SS0741 PID Lamp Spring

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