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Crowcon Electrochemical sensors typically have a stated shelf life of six months from manufacture, provided they’re stored in ideal conditions at 20˚C. Inevitably, a small proportion of this period is taken up during the manufacture of the gas detector and in shipping to the customer.

We advise that when acquiring sensors and any spare parts during its lifetime, you plan and time your purchases for a minimal delay between storage and usage.

Lifespan when in use? In absolutely ideal conditions – stable temperature and humidity in the region of 20˚C and 60%RH with no incidence of contaminants – electrochemical sensors have been known to operate over 4000 days (11 years)! Frequent exposure to the target gas doesn’t limit the life of these tiny fuel cells: high-quality sensors have a large amount of catalyst material and robust conductors which don’t become depleted by the reaction.

However, ideal conditions don’t always exist or stay that way, so it’s vital to err on the side of caution when it comes to gas sensors.

With that in mind, electrochemical sensors for common gases (for example carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulphide) have a typical operational life of 2-3 years. A more exotic gas sensor, such as hydrogen fluoride, may have only 12-18 months.

E01976ammonia   0-100 ppm (Sensoric; -40C min temp)
E01957ammonia   0-100 ppm (Sensoric SE; -20C min)
E01967ammonia   0-1000 ppm (Sensoric SE; -20C min)
E011050carbon monoxide sensor CO-BF
E01987chlorine dioxide 0-1ppm   (Sensoric)
E01686chlorine sensor (Sensoric)
E01231chlorine sensor 7CLH
E01587ethylene oxide sensor 7BETO
E01234hydrogen chloride sensor 7BHL
E01616hydrogen chloride sensor HCL (Sensoric)
E01237hydrogen cyanide sensor 7HCN
E01617hydrogen cyanide sensor HCN (Sensoric)
E01687hydrogen fluoride sensor (Sensoric)
E01236hydrogen sensor, 0-2000ppm   7HYT
E01899hydrogen sensor 0-100% LEL (H2 3E 4)
E01229hydrogen sulphide sensor 7H (0-1000ppm only)
E01446hydrogen sulphide sensor 7HH (0-50ppm)
E011034hydrogen sulphide sensor (0-50ppm) H2S-BH
E011035hydrogen sulphide sensor (0-200ppm) H2S-B1
E01233nitric oxide sensor 7BNT
E011030nitric oxide sensor 3NT(G) with pins
E01230nitrogen dioxide sensor 7NDH
E01488/Aoxygen sensor 7OX
E01503ozone sensor 7OZ
E01620ozone sensor (O3 3E 1)
E01917phosgene sensor (Sensoric)
E01585phosphine sensor 7PH
E01383sulphur dioxide sensor 7SH
E01232sulphur dioxide sensor 7ST/F
E01586volatile organics sensor 7BVO
Above come with pins unless otherwise stated.

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