Carbolite VCF 12/10 Top Loading Chamber Furnace

Code: VCF 12/10
  • Top Loading Furnace
  • Maximum Temperature 1200C
  • 10 Litres Capacity

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Carbolite VCF 12/10 1200C, 10 litres capacity.

The Carbolite Gero VCF 12/10 is a top loading floor standing furnace, heated by coiled resistant elements implanted in cast refractory panels located on all four chamber walls but not on the base to prevent damage from spills. Ideal for work using tall crucibles or heavy subjects. The uplifting door allows fume removal by an inbuilt vent. The furnace has chamber dimensions of H 365 W 180 x D 155 mm. Heating up time is 138 minutes. The furnace has a maximum temperature of 1200C and a continuous operating temperature of 1100C . Power consumption is 3000 watts.

The heating elements on all sides insures good uniformity. The 301 furnace controller is recessed at an angle into the furnace housing, providing functionality of one ramp rate, this can be upgraded, up to 20 ramps is possible, please enquire with Norrscope.  The furnace has a platinum/platinum 13% Rh Type R thermocouple positioned in the chamber corner protected from damage by a ceramic sheath.

The chamber is robust and replacing the heating elements is straightforward by accessing the top of the furnace.


RS232 and RS485 communications
Over temperature protection used for long periods of unattended operation.

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