Carbolite TS1 & TS3 Split Tube Furnaces

Code: TS1 & TS3
  • Single Or Three Zone Split Tube Furnace Range
  • Maximum Temperature 1200°C
  • Various Heated Lengths Available

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Carbolite Gero TS1, TS3 Split Tube Furnaces, maximum temperature 1200°C

The TS tube furnace range incorporates high-quality heating elements and innovative thermal insulation design to achieve first-class performance delivering both reduced case temperatures and power consumption. The extensive range features three main case sizes, small, medium, and large, with multiple heated lengths available.

TS1 are single-zone furnaces, and the TF3 are three-zone furnaces which extend the uniform heated length. Each heated zone of the TS3 benefits from its dedicated controller and thermocouple. The TS furnace body is split into two halves and hinged at the rear; pneumatic dampening struts at either end provide a smooth opening action. The ability to open the furnace makes it easier for operators to exchange work tubes, or insert vessels, such as reactors, with end flanges that would make them difficult to insert into a non-split furnace.

An accessory work tube is required to protect the heating elements and support the workpiece. The TS range can accommodate work tubes with outside diameters ranging from 60 mm to 200 mm. Slide-in accessory work tubes and tube adapters allow a single furnace to accommodate a variety of tube diameters. The work tubes themselves can easily be exchanged to meet the different physical or chemical requirements of a process.

Optional work tube packages enable users to equip the TS for operation under vacuum or modified atmosphere; for such applications, an extended work tube is required.

Standard features

  • 1200°C maximum operating temperature
  • Programmable temperature controller with 24 segments
  • TS1 fitted with Carbolite Gero EPC3016P1
  • TS3 fitted with Carbolite Gero CC-T1
  • TS1 (1-zone) Heated length range from 150 to 1200 mm
  • TF3 (3-zone) Heated lengths of 450 and 1200 mm
  • Accepts work tubes with outer diameters from 60 mm up to 200 mm
  • Wire elements in high-quality vacuum formed insulation ensure fast heat up, excellent temperature uniformity, and a short cool down time
  • Furnace splits into two halves and accommodates tubes or samples fixed into a test rig
  • Horizontal configuration mounted on the control module for heated lengths up to 600 mm
  • Furnace body detachable from the control box to allow the use of optional mounting arrangements
  • Horizontal configuration has a separate control module for heated lengths of 800 mm and above
  • Control module with a 2-metre cable to furnace with plug and socket


  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multisegment programmers, and data loggers with digital communication options
  • Over-temperature protection (recommended to protect valuable contents & for unattended operation)
  • A range of additional work tubes end seals and work tube packages for use with modified atmosphere and/or vacuum
  • Vacuum packages with a choice of rotary vane pump or turbomolecular pump
  • A wide selection of tube diameters and materials
  • Insulation plugs and radiation shields to prevent heat loss and improve uniformity
  • A vertical mounting stand for the furnace body, including a bracket for mounting the furnace body to customer’s equipment
  • 4 m long extension cable to give a total 6 m length of cable between furnace body and control box
  • Gas packages with manual valve
  • Gas packages with electrically operated valve for up to 3 gases
ModelMax temp °CFurnace Ø mmHeated lengths mmHeat Up Time MinsMax Power W
Single Zone
TS1 12/60/15012006015099750
TS1 12/60/300120060300461500
TS1 12/60/4501200604502000
TS1 12/60/6001200606002500
Three Zone
TS3 12/60/4501200604502000
TS3 12/60/600120060600632500
Single Zone
TS1 12/125/40012001254001341860
TS1 12/125/60012001256001502510
TS1 12/125/80012001258001473160
TS1 12/125/1000120012510001473810
TS1 12/125/1200120012512001544460
Three Zone
TS3 12/125/60012001256001132510
TS3 12/125/80012001258001413160
TS3 12/125/1000120012510001343810
TS3 12/125/1200120012512001384460
Single Zone
TS1 12/200/6001200200600626600
TS1 12/200/1200120020012008011400
Three Zone
TS3 12/200/6001200200600626600
TS3 12/200/1200120020012008011400

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