Carbolite SNF Swelling Number Index Furnace

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Carbolite SNF Swelling Number Index Furnace 900C  chamber dimensions  H 330 x W 410 x D 300 mm. Furnace weight 26kg. Compliant with BS 1016-107.1:1991

This furnace is designed to test swelling index number of coal in compliance with standards BS ISO 501:2012 hard coal – determination of the crucible swelling number and ASTM D720-91(2010) standard test method for free-swelling index of coal.  A known mass of coal is heated within a crucible in adherence to a set procedure, after the process a swelling number can be arrived at by comparison of the size and shape of the residual to referenced outlines.

The furnace has a 2132 controller fitted as standard and a crucible wire holder is supplied. Continuous operating temperature is 850C, maximum power consumption is 800 watts. External crucible height 26mm, external diameter 41mm, internal diameter at the base 11mm.

Power Supply is 220-240v single phase. For protection a 30 mA (RCD) residual current device is standard.


  • Over Temperature Protection for long period of unattended operation
  • Additional crucibles and lids available
  • Spares Kit which includes thermocouple, thermocouple sheath, heating element, solid state relay (SSR) and door insulation piece
  • Eight or twenty segment digital controllers, with RS232, RS485 communication options




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