Carbolite RWF 11/13 Rapid Heating Chamber Furnace

Code: RWF 11/13
  • Rapid Heating Furnace
  • Maximum Temperature 1100°C
  • 13 Litres Capacity

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Carbolite RWF 11/13 1100°C, 13 litres capacity.

The RWF 11/13 furnace is a rapid heating bench-mounted laboratory chamber furnace. Heating up in as little as 11 minutes. The furnace has a maximum temperature of 1100°C and a continuous operating temperature of 1000°C. The chamber is 13 litres capacity dimensions H 195 x W 210 x D 325 mm. Power consumption is 5000 watts. The furnace comes as standard with a 301 controller. Options to upgrade this with 8 or 20 segment ramping with ability to store own programmes, please contact Norrscope for information.

Carbolite Gero RWF furnace has free radiating coiled wire elements in the roof and on both sides of the chamber, this coupled with more power and low mass thermal insulation provides rapid heating rates without detrimental uniformity affects.

At the base of the furnace is a ceramic hearth designed to be tough and durable.

RWF 11/13 Features

  • Protection for the user against heat, the door uplifts and is now soft closing
  • Heats up in a quarter of the time compared to traditional furnaces
  • Replaceable ceramic hearth useful if leakage
  • Rigidised low thermal mass insulation provides high-efficiency heating
  • Door safety switch prevent electric shock
  • Double skinned construction allows convection airflow to cool the outer case, to conform to EN61010 safety standard.
  • Delayed start and process timer as standard option.

Further Options

RS232 and RS485 communications
Over-temperature protection used for long periods of unattended operation.

*Heat up time quoted 100°C below maximum and assumes empty chamber.

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