Carbolite RHF 16/15 Chamber Furnace

Code: RHF 16/15
  • Fast Heating
  • Maximum Temperature 1600°C
  • Durable Silicon Carbide Elements

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Carbolite Gero RHF 16/15  1600°C, 15 litres capacity

A bench mounted high-temperature chamber furnace the RHF 16/15 has chamber dimensions of H 220 x W 220 x D 310 mm with a heat-up time of 58 minutes. Maximum power is 10000 watts. Supplied with a 301 controller allowing one ramp rate to set point.

Supplied with a resistant cast alumina hearth and tough refractory brick insulation surrounds the door, both areas of high contact, subject to the most wear or possible spillage. All other insulation is a low thermal mass which provides high efficiency for rapid heating and cooling.

The furnace has Silicon carbide heating elements, long-lasting with the ability to cope with laboratory work’s variable temperature demands.  Designed to last several years, replacement is made easy by removing the back panel; the heating elements can be removed when warm or cold.  On opening the door, a switch is automatically triggered, isolating the power supply to the heating elements avoiding electric shock.

Features and Options

  • Controller supplied includes setpoint and process timer
  • Upgrade to eight or twenty segment digital controllers, with RS232, RS485 communication options
  • Over Temperature Protection available if furnace left unattended for long periods

Applications are varied used in Laboratory and General Industrial applications. Widely sold into the Semi-conductor sector and Ceramics sector.

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