Carbolite RHF 14/15 Chamber Furnace

Code: RHF 14/15
  • Fast Heating
  • Maximum Temperature 1400°C
  • Durable Silicon Carbide Elements

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Carbolite Gero RHF 14/15  1400°C, 15 litres capacity

A bench-mounted high-temperature chamber furnace, the RHF 14/15, has chamber dimensions of H 220 x W 220 x D 310 mm with a heat-up time of 35 minutes. The maximum power is 10000 watts. Supplied with a 301 controller allowing one ramp rate to set point and process timer.

Supplied with a resistant cast alumina hearth and tough refractory brick insulation surrounds the door, both areas of high contact, subject to the most wear or possible spillage. All other insulation is a low thermal mass, providing high efficiency for rapid heating and cooling.

The furnace has Silicon carbide heating elements, long-lasting and able to cope with laboratory work’s variable temperature demands. Designed to last several years, replacement is made easy by removing the back panel; the heating elements can be removed when warm or cold. A switch is automatically triggered on opening the door, isolating the power supply to the heating elements and avoiding electric shock.


  • Upgrade to 24 segment programmer or touch screen controller
  • Over Temperature Protection is available if the furnace is left unattended for long periods

Applications are varied used in Laboratory and General Industrial applications. Widely sold into the Semiconductor sector and Ceramics sector.

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