Carbolite PN60 Laboratory Oven

Code: PN60
  • Laboratory oven 300°C
  • Natural convection (no fan)
  • 57 litres

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Carbolite Gero PN60 Laboratory Oven, volume 27 litres capacity.

A bench-mounted natural convection oven with a maximum temperature of 300°C. Suitable for applications where air movement caused by an oven fan could be detrimental. For example, cross-contamination of parts or powder applications. Or where enhanced uniformity is not required, and an economical solution is needed.

The PN60 chamber is manufactured from chemically resistant stainless steel with dimensions of height 350 x width 392 x depth 420mm. Heat up time is 52 minutes.

Maximum oven power is 1000 watts. The standard controller is an R38 digital PID, which can be upgraded to an 8 or 20 segment programmable model with storage and output options. Two nickel-chrome plate shelves are supplied with an option for a further three. An airtight silicone seal prevents heat escape on closing the lever latch door.

  • Uniformity Plus or Minus 7°C at 300°C
  • In accordance with BS EN 61010-2-010:2003
  • Recovery Time 8.5 Mins

The PN range has options to meet specific applications

  • Ports for thermocouple insertion
  • Cable entry port
  • Viewing window
  • Light
  • Option Over temperature protection is used if the oven has expensive contents or is left unattended for extensive periods
  • Additional shelves and runners are available
  • Lockable door option
  • Safety door option isolates element
  • Trolleys and floor Stands
  • Alternative low voltage for different countries or power supplies.
  • Spares kits available

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