Carbolite MTF 12/38/250 Tube Furnace

Code: MTF 12/38/250
  • Single Zone Tube Furnace
  • 1200C
  • 250mm Heated Length

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Carbolite Gero MTF 12/38/250 small tube furnace 1200°c, 250mm heated length, inbuilt tube 38mm internal diameter.

A horizontal Miniature Tube Furnace (MTF), the maximum temperature is 1200°C, with a continuous operating temperature of 1100C.  Heat up time is 25 minutes. Uniform length is 90mm plus or minus 5°c. Featuring an integral wire-wound work tube of 38mm internal diameter. Maximum power consumption is 1000 watts.

Common MTF range features

  • Inbuilt tube
  • Supplied with 301 controller, with one ramp to set temperature
  • Delayed start/process timer functionality
  • Furnaces can have accessories applied such as a work tube inserted, end seals, a gas inlet to allow non-oxidising atmosphere or vacuum
  • Designed for maximum operator comfort so the full diameter of the work tube can be used, the thermocouple does not get in the way as external from the work tube & heating element
  • Furnace range can optionally be mounted vertically by use of an L stand with the controller in a separate control box

MTF 12/38/250 is supplied as standard with Horizontal configuration mounted on the control module.

Used widely in industry such as testing of novel materials, testing electronics/semiconductors under inert atmospheres or vacuum, testing of temperature sensors such as thermocouples and PT100’s, which may require enhanced thermal uniformity.


  • Over-temperature protection used if the furnace has valuable contents or is left unattended for extensive periods.
  • Insulation plugs & radiation shields to increase uniformity and combat heat loss.
  • Eight or twenty segment programmable digital controllers and data loggers are available with RS232, RS485 communication options.

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