Carbolite MFS/1 Minimum Free Space Oven

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  • Moisture In Coal
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Carbolite MFS/1 Minimum Free Space Oven

The MFS/1 is an oven specifically designed for determining the moisture content in coal.  MFS stands for Minimum Free Space and provides the smallest chamber by following standards to dry coal. The established coal mass is inserted into the chamber at a temperature between 105°C and 110°C under a flow of Nitrogen ISO model or Air ASTM model until the mass remains constant.  The difference in mass after the heating process determines the moisture content.

Carbolite Gero offers two models: MFS/1/ISO meets standards: BS 1016-104.2:1991, BS ISO 687:2010 & BS ISO 11722:2013 and MFS/1 ASTM comply with ASTM D3173-11.

MFS ovens have a volume of 1.4 litres, exact chamber size of H 25 x W 195 x D 290 mm, height is reduced to 22 mm directly below the thermocouple. Maximum operating temperature is 210°C, with uniformity and stability at plus or minus 0.5°C.

The MFS/1 ISO uses nitrogen which removes coal moisture and is supplied by a regulated bottle.  MFS/1 ASTM operates with a regulated flow of air.


  • Corrosion and oxidisation resistant aluminium chamber
  • Adjustment by a flowmeter of Nitrogen or airflow (fitted on the control panel)
  • Loading tray supplied
  • Standard oven controller model 2132
  • Doors are side hinged and sealed for uniformity and single-handed operation
  • Power supply options
  • Tariff code: 85141080

Optional Extras

  • Steel desiccator to provide instant cooling of samples
  • Sample crucibles
  • Over-temperature protection

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