Carbolite LHT 5/60 High Temperature Laboratory Oven

Code: LHT 5/60
  • High Temperature Oven
  • 500C
  • 60 Litres

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Carbolite LHT 5/60 High Temperature Laboratory Oven, 60 litres capacity

Carbolite Gero LHT 5/60 is a bench mounted oven having a maximum continuous temperature of 500C. The oven features a powerful fan driving air throughout the chamber to assist uniformity. Minimum operating temperature ambient plus 60C.

The LHT 5/60 internal chamber is made from chemically resistant stainless steel, with dimensions of 400 x 400 x 405mm. Heat up time is 50 minutes, maximum oven power is 2250 watts. Two stainless steel shelves are supplied allowing multi positioning. One further shelf can be added. The controller included is an R38 digital PID, advanced 8 or 20 segment ramping controllers with digital outputs are available.

Surrounded in low thermal mass insulation allows for maximum energy efficiency and rapid heat up.  The exterior is manufactured from corrosion resistant zinc coated mild steel, complete with stoved epoxy polyester. Double skin construction insures the outer casing remains cool.

  • Excellent Uniformity Plus or Minus 5C at 250C
  • Recovery Time 16 Mins


  • Air exhaust fan for fume extraction (could alter uniformity)
  • Cable entry port
  • Control Fan Speed
  • Mounting options: Stands & stacking frames
  • Viewing Window
  • Option Over temperature protection used if oven has expensive contents or is left unattended for long periods of time
  • Spares Kits
  • Additional Shelves


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