Carbolite HTR 11/75 & HTR 11/150 Rotary Reactor Tube Furnaces

  • Maximum Temperature 1100°C
  • Up to 4 samples of 50cm³ each can be treated simultaneously
  • Gas control with needle valve and flow meter

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Carbolite Gero HTR Rotary Reactor Tube Furnace range comprises of two models; HTR 11/75 and HTR 11/150. Both are rotating tube furnaces allowing heating and mixing under atmosphere. The Reactor acts as a fluidised bed furnace. Agitation of powdered solids is possible. Reaction times are reduced in comparison to those experienced by combustion in a muffle furnace or using a tube furnace.

The fluted internal surface of the quartz reactor ensures thorough mixing as the variable speed electric drive system oscillates the reactor tube through 315 degrees. The hinged heated chamber design allows easy loading and unloading of the quartz vessel. The vessel profile provides easy access for emptying and cleaning with minimal powder loss.

Furnaces feature resistance wire elements embedded in the vacuum formed insulation. The maximum temperature is 1100°c, and continuous operating temperature is 1000°C. Heating is radiated through the fused silica (quartz) vessel. Cooling time with the lid open is typically 15 minutes.

Suitable for calcinations, pyrolysis or reactive gas treatment of a great variety of powders and granulates with volumes up to 50 cm3 or 700 cm3.  A typical charge for the furnace would be moderately fine to coarse granular solids which do not contain significant quantities of dust.

A single seal gasket directs the reactor exhaust into a removable stainless steel exhaust box from where a gas outlet allows piping to an extraction system.

Standard features

  • EPC3016P1 programmable temperature controller with 24 segments
  • Heating is provided by long life, rapid heating, resistance wire elements mounted in rigid, half-cylindrical vacuum formed insulation modules
  • Quartz reaction vessel included as standard
  • Positive break safety interlock switch cuts power to the elements when the heating chamber is open
  • Gas enters the Reactor through a flexible silicon rubber tube
  • 30 mm flow meter for nitrogen is provided
  • 1 to 8 rotations per minute selectable (oscillating)


  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multisegment programmers and data loggers with digital communication options is available
  • Over-temperature protection (recommended to protect valuable contents & for unattended operation)
  • Single or multiple flow meters for different gases
  • Optional Inconel reactor
HTR 11/75 HTR 11/150
Max temp (°C) 1100 1100
Heat-up time (mins) 11 21
Max continuous operating temp (°C) 1000 1000
Dimensions: Reaction chamber dimensions (mm) 75 x 100 150 x 200
Dimensions: Reaction chamber capacity (ml) 50 700
Dimensions: Oscillation frequency per min 1 to 8 1 to 8
Dimensions: Rotation in each direction 315° 315°
Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm) lid open 480 x 1140 x 550 540 x 1300 x 900
Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm) lid down 800 x 1140 x 680 950 x 1300 x 900
Max power (W) 1500 3000
Holding power (W) 400 1000
Thermocouple type K K
Weight (kg) 40 95

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