Carbolite HTR Rotary Reactor Tube Furnaces

Code: HTR 11/75 & HTR 11/150
  • Rotary Reactor Tube Furnaces
  • Maximum Temperature 1100C
  • Enables Shorter Reaction Times

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Carbolite Gero HTR Rotary Reactor Tube Furnace range comprises of two models the HTR 11/75 and the HTR 11/150.  Both are rotating tube furnaces allowing heating and mixing under atmosphere. The Reactor acts as a fluo-solid (fluidised bed) furnace. Agitation of powdered solids is possible. Reaction times are reduced in comparison to those experienced by combustion in a muffle furnace or gas insertion via a tube furnace.

The Quartz reaction vessel, fluted on the internal surface provides good mixing, 315 ° oscillation via electric motor with variable speed control. Heating is radiated through the silica tube. The furnace design with hinges and the internal profile allows easy access for tube removal and work loading, unloading and cleaning with minimal powder loss.

To seal the atmosphere within the vessel gas tight connections are provided. A single gasket seal around the quartz tube vessel stops leakage. Atmosphere enters the vessel by a flexible silicon rubber tube, the outlet end of the vessel feeds into a stainless steel removable exhaust box with gas outlet for linking to an extraction system.

Both furnaces feature resistance wire elements embedded in the vacuum formed insulation. Maximum temperature is 1100c and continuous operating temperature is 1000C. Cooling time when lid opened is 15 minutes. Supplied with 301 controller, options for multiple ramping and communications are available. Oscillation frequency 1 to 8 per minute.

HTR 11/75 has a heat up time of 11 minutes, reaction chamber dimensions 75 x 100 mm,  maximum power is 1500 watts.

HTR 11/150 heats up in 21 minutes, reaction chamber dimensions 150 x 200 mm,  maximum power is 3000 watts.

  • Laboratory scale calcination produces high temperature reactions in a wide range of materials.
  • Developed with the Imperial College of Science & Technology in London
  • Provides Atmosphere & Agitation of powdered solids
  • Power cut off on furnace opening
  • A variable N2 30mm flow meter is supplied


  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Flow meters single or combined for other gases
  • Inconel reactor
  • Hydrogen detection with gas safety system

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