Carbolite HTF 17/5 High Temperature Chamber Furnace

Code: HTF 17/5
  • High-Temperature Furnace 1700°C
  • 5 Litre Capacity
  • Advanced Controller Included

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Carbolite Gero HTF 17/5 High-Temperature Chamber Furnace, 1700°C, 5 litres capacity

The furnace has two molybdenum disilicide elements on each side of the chamber, which is made from refractory, surrounded by low thermal mass insulation. Fan cooling is provided to keep the exterior cold. The furnace is fitted with a 3216P1, eight segment digital programmer as standard with RS232 communications. This controller can be upgraded to 20 segments with additional storage; please contact Norrscope for details. Over-temperature protection is included as standard.

HTF 17/5 is a bench mounted furnace with chamber dimensions of H 158 x W 150 x D 225 mm with a heat-up time of 50 minutes. Maximum power is 4050 watts. The maximum temperature is 1700°C operate 100°C below for continuous use.

The furnace has a vertically opening door protecting against contact with hot insulation. HTF models can be customised according to an application, for example, catalytic afterburners can be added, used in ceramic binder burn off.

  • MoSi2 elements suitable for daily operation and have a long life.
  • Door safety switch prevents electric shock.
  • Double skinned construction allows fanned airflow to cool the outer case, to conform to EN61010 safety standard.

Suitable for laboratory and industry high-temperature applications.

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