Carbolite GVA GVC Vertical Tube Furnaces

  • Single and Three Zone Range
  • 1200C Vertical Use
  • Heated Lengths 300-1200mm

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Carbolite GVA GVC Vertical Tube Furnaces all supplied without work tube, maximum temperature 1200C. Continuous temperature 1100C.

Carbolite Gero GVA is single zone bench mounted furnace and the GVC is the three zone version. Both types of furnace can accommodate a large overall diameter of work tube up to 170mm. Adaptors allows the flexibility of accepting tubes lower than the maximum overall diameter into the furnace.

The furnace is supplied with stand for vertical use, this can be wall mounted or even used in a horizontal position. The controller is separated from the furnace by 2 metre conduit. Standard controller supplied is a PID 301 with process timer and one ramp. Options allow 8 or 20 segment programming with storage.

The furnace heats using free wire radiating elements inside the furnace body, this and the use of a separate work tube reduces the probability of element damage. Insulation is vacuum formed provided fast energy efficient heating.

The models in this range are detailed below, 12 indicates the maximum temperature the following number denotes the heated length in mm.

Single zone modular horizontal models: GVA 12/300, GVA 12/450, GVA 12/600, GVA 12/750, GVA 12/900, GVA 12/1050 & GVA 12/1200

Three zone zone modular horizontal models: GVC 12/450, GVC 12/600, GVC 12/750, GVC 12/900, GVC 12/1050 & GVC 12/1200

Features Unique to GVC 3 Zone models

  • 150mm each end zones
  • End zone controlled by back to back thermocouples
  • Excellent uniformity, end zone temperature loss compensated

Options Common GVA & GVC

  • Over temperature protection used if furnace has expensive contents or is left unattended for large periods of time.
  • Work tubes varying lengths and diameters and materials – shock and chemically resistant.
  • Insulation plugs, Work Tube Seals  & Radiation shields to increase uniformity, combat heat loss and for atmosphere retention
  • Pumps are offered for vacuum application: rotary vane pump or turbo molecular pump.
  • Alternative mounting options
  • Extend Controller conduit length to 6 metres
  • Available without stand (control module and furnace body)

Options GVC 3 Zone Only

  • Ends Zones 300mm
  • Re-transmission of setpoint

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