Carbolite GSM 11/8 Specialist Ashing Furnace

Code: GSM 11/8
  • Ashing Furnace 1100C
  • Fused Quartz Chamber Suitable for Dust Sensitive Work
  • Volume 8 Litres

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Carbolite Gero GSM 11/8 Ashing furnace has a chamber of 8 litre capacity, made from fused quartz material to avoid the presence of ceramic dust generated by materials normally used to make a furnace chamber. Allowing use with certain work that maybe sensitive to contamination from the presence of Alumina or Silica dust (Al2O3 and SiO2). The fused quartz muffle also protects the heating elements, containing aggressive atmospheres for example sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids.  The design also retains gas better if fitted with gas inlet.

The GSM 11/8 Ashing Furnace has chamber dimensions of H 120 x W 175 x D 345 mm with a heat up time of 70 minutes. Heating is provided from all walls, both sides, top and bottom. Maximum power is 2950 watts. Maximum temperature is 1100C however for continuous operation the furnace should be used at 1000C. The furnace comes with a PID 301 controller with timing and one set rate to desired temperature. The controller can be upgraded on order to 8 or 20 segment programmable, with communication and storage options.


  • Ideal for work that maybe compromised by the presence of Al2O3 and SiO2
  • Moulded ceramic fibre door plug
  • Chamber encloses corrosive & aggressive vapours such as H2SO4, HNO3, HCl
  • Vertical counter-balanced door to avoid operator contact with heat
  • Power isolation on door opening
  • Construction allows for convection cooling of exterior surface


  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Sample Trays and Racks
  • Gas Inlet

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