Carbolite CWF 13/36 Chamber Furnace

Code: CWF 13/36
  • Medium Capacity 36 Litre
  • Maximum Temperature 1300°C
  • Replaces GPC Model

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Carbolite CWF 13/36 1300°C, 36 litres capacity formerly the GPC 13/36.

A medium-scale bench-mounted chamber furnace with internal dimensions of H 250 x W320 x D 450 mm with a heat-up time of 47 minutes. Maximum power is 9000 watts. The maximum temperature is 1300°C; however, for continuous operation, the furnace should be used at 1200°C. Supplied with a 301 controller allowing one ramp rate to set point.

Removable instrument and back panels allow easy maintenance while heating element coils can be replaced through the furnace door.

Equipped with heating elements on both sides of the chamber protected by tough alumina, providing excellent uniformity and allowing heat escape compensation. The elements consist of graded wiring, allowing fast heat up and efficiency at the customers operating temperature.

The chamber entrance is built with refractory material, meaning it is sturdy and resistant coupled with low-density thermal insulation improves temperature profiles.

  • Free radiating coiled wire elements increase uniformity
  • Tough refractory insulation inside the chamber and around the entrance
  • Replaceable ceramic hearth support heavy loads, useful if leakage
  • Soft Closing Door
  • Door safety switch prevent electric shock
  • Double skinned construction allows convection airflow to cool the outer case, to conform to EN61010 safety standard.
  • Delayed start and process timer
  • Choose eight or twenty segment digital programmers, with RS232, RS485 communication options

Furnaces are suitable for ferrous metal heat treatments; annealing, hardening, tempering, stress-relieving, and simulation of a more extensive industrial process, on a laboratory scale. Furnaces can be used testing of component materials or finished products to determine quality, suitable for tooling and coating testing.

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