Carbolite BLF 16/3 High Temperature Bottom Loading Chamber Furnace

Code: BLF 16/3
  • Bottom Loading Furnace 1600C
  • 3 Litre Capacity
  • Advanced Controller Included

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Carbolite BLF 16/3 High-Temperature Bottom Loading Chamber Furnace, Bench Top.

Carbolite Gero BLF 16 furnace consists of an electric hearth, that loads up into the chamber situated above, making it easy for loading fragile or heavy samples into the chamber. The hearth travel allows the full height of the chamber to be utilised. The hexagonal chamber consists of six walls total 190 x 150 mm diameter. On each wall, silicon carbide heating elements are located, giving all-round heating for maximum uniformity. Ideal for zirconia dental crowns and frameworks sintering as the elements will not discolour the subjects.

The chamber is a combination of refractory brick hot face insulation and low thermal mass insulation giving efficient heating and durability. The furnace is fitted with a 3216P1, eight segment digital programmer as standard. This controller can be upgraded to 20 segments with additional storage; please contact Norrscope for details. Over-temperature protection is also included as standard.

The bottom-loading design using an electrically operated elevator hearth allows for samples to be removed and placed back while hot or cold, insuring operator safety from radiated heat.

BLF 16/3 has a heat-up time of 80 minutes. Maximum power is 6000 watts. The maximum temperature is 1600C operate 100C below for continuous use.

  • Applications sintering high-performance ceramics, melting glass under high temperature or working with modified atmospheres
  • Uploading loading hearth design allows rapid furnace heating & cooling
  • Hearth cage with safety interlock
  • Surround heat allows for enhanced uniformity


  • BLF designated crucibles
  • Special hearth allowing gas introduction for atmospheres, achieved by an inverted crucible positioned in a hearth groove (not gas-tight) the groove can be sealed with alumina (Al2O3) or Zirconia (ZrO2) powder. Gas inlet connection through the hearth surface, thus no blocking/interference from the sample directly on the hearth.
  • Radiation shutter
  • Insert of thermocouple or stirrer via chamber roof
  • Rotating hearth possible
  • Plasma sprayed alumina protection tube to protect heating elements from sample contamination

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