Carbolite AZ Eight Zone Tube Furnaces

Code: AZ
  • Maximum temperature of 1350°C
  • 8 Zones
  • Suitable for CVT & PVT applications

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The Carbolite Gero AZ eight zone gradient tube furnace range comprises of four models, all have a maximum temperature of 1350°C with heated lengths from 360mm to 1000mm.  Accommodating 32mm up to 110mm overall diameter work tubes.

Designed for controlled temperature profiles. These zones can be used to generate temperature profiles along the heated length of the furnace. With eight zones, thick insulation, and highly symmetrical winding of the heating elements throughout the entire AZ furnace, a uniformity of better than ± 5 °C is achieved. A vital advantage of the eight individually controlled zones is the extension of the uniform length inside the furnace.

Additionally, the temperature profile can be precisely controlled for linear increases, peaks, or other user-defined profiles. One process well suited for the AZ tube furnace is chemical vapour deposition as a temperature gradient can be established in the furnace for evaporation of precursor material at the high-temperature end zone and sublimation of the vapour on to the substrate at the cooler temperature end zone. All zones are individually controlled and monitored with thermocouples.

Some heat will naturally transfer between adjacent heating zones; zone barriers are not included in this range which minimises this effect.

Standard Features

  • Eight-zone control for variable heating profiles
  • Gradients, linear increase/decrease etc. of temperature along the heated length
  • Extended uniform temperature distribution
  • Short heating and cooling rates
  • Automatic operation
  • Data recording for quality management
  • Retransmission of setpoint
  • Over-temperature controller with independent thermocouple


  • Range of sophisticated digital controllers, multisegment programmers and data loggers with digital communication
  • Wide choice of tube diameters and materials
  • ‘L’ stand for vertical usage
  • Insulation plugs & radiation shields to prevent heat loss & improve uniformity
  • Modified atmosphere and vacuum assemblies
  • Vacuum packages with a choice of rotary vane pump or turbomolecular pump
  • Complete automation by Siemens SPS control with touch panel and mass flow controller for the gases on request
  • Other diameters and heated lengths on request


  • Chemical vapour transport (CVT)  heat a reactor tube to provide the two distinct temperatures required in chemical vapour transport reactions
  • Physical vapour transport (PVT) Materials are vaporised in the hotter zone and condense in the cooler zone
Eight zone gradient tube furnaces
AZ 13/32/360
Diameter accessory tube (mm) 32
Heated length (mm) 360
Max temp (°C) 1350
Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm) 990 x 1800 x 500
Transport weight (kg) 500
Power (kW) 1.5
Voltage (V) 400 (3P)
Current (A) 3 x 4
Series fuse (A) 3 x 16
AZ 13/50/430
Diameter accessory tube (mm) 50
Heated length (mm) 430
Max temp (°C) 1350
Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm) 990 x 1800 x 500
Transport weight (kg) 550
Power (kW) 2.9
Voltage (V) 400 (3P)
Current (A) 3 x 9
Series fuse (A) 3 x 16
AZ 13/80/810
Diameter accessory tube (mm) 80
Heated length (mm) 810
Max temp (°C) 1350
Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm) 990 x 1800 x 500
Transport weight (kg) 600
Power (kW) 7.3
Voltage (V) 400 (3P)
Current (A) 3 x 12
Series fuse (A) 3 x 16
AZ 13/110/1000
Diameter accessory tube (mm) 110
Heated length (mm) 1000
Max temp (°C) 1350
Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm) 1200 x 1800 x 520
Transport weight (kg) 650
Power (kW) 11.3
Voltage (V) 400 (3P)
Current (A) 3 x 19
Series fuse (A) 3 x 25

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