Carbolite AAF 11/18 Ashing Furnace

Code: AAF 11/18
  • Ashing Furnace
  • 1100°C
  • Rack doubles sample capacity

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Carbolite Gero AAF 11/18 Ashing Furnace 1100°C, 18-litre capacity

The chamber dimensions are H 235 x W 196 x D 400 mm with a heat-up time of 70 minutes. The maximum temperature is 1100°C; however, for continuous operation, the furnace should be used at 1000°C. It has a power output of 7080 watts.

The chamber is heated by wire spirals mounted in ceramic carriers, isolated from the working chamber by side walls of silicon carbide. Designed for heat escape compensation for uniform heating. The chamber has a large floor area that can accommodate several samples and comes with a two-tier rack system that doubles the sample capacity. The rack also includes sample trays and a loading handle. The chamber’s height allows air to flow close to the samples, promoting burn-off. To prevent sample cooling, the inlet air is preheated.

This furnace is commonly used for food, plastics, coal, and other hydrocarbons.

  • Maximum operating temperature 1100°C
  • Chamber capacity 18 litres
  • Silicon carbide tiles of the 18-litre model offer strong resistance to carbon build-up and chemical attack
  • Preheated airflow to maintain excellent temperature uniformity
  • Tall chimney for fume exhaust by convection
  • The vertical counter-balanced door keeps hot door insulation away from the operator
  • A positive break door safety switch isolates the chamber from the power supply when the door is open
  • Double-skinned construction allows convection airflow to cool the outer case to conform to EN61010 safety standard
  • Standards BS 1016 part 4, ISO 344/1171, ASTM D2361, D2795 and D3174
  • Choice of PID controller or programmers

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