Calgaz FF20 Series Fixed Flow Regulators for 1AL Cylinders

Code: FF20
  • To fit the 1AL aerosol type cylinder
  • Four variations
  • 24 month warranty

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Calgaz, the world’s leading manufacturer of calibration gases and equipment, is proud to offer the most comprehensive range of specialist regulators around the globe for non-refillable and portable gas cylinders.

The FF20 series has been developed to precisely fit the 1AL aerosol type cylinder. Calgaz offers four variations of the FF20.

The Septum Model allows gas to be withdrawn by syringe as required. The Stem Flow and Flow Meter versions are fitted with a flow rate indicator using a floating ball indicator with a higher minimum flow rate. The Stem Flow is also equipped with a small inlet pressure gauge to allow the user to estimate the volume of gas remaining in the cylinder. Calgaz can also offer a Nozzle, a push fit onto the 1ALU cylinder.

All regulators carry a 24-month warranty, and we recommend replacing them after two years of service.


Inlet Outlet Flow Stages Max Inlet Pressure On/Off Knob
FF20 Septum 7/16″ x 28 UNF -2B Aerosol Septum 1 11 bar Yes
FF20 Stem Flow 7/16″ x 28 UNF -2B Aerosol 4mm Barb – HDPE 0.25 to 1.0 LPM 1 11 bar Yes, with Brass 28 bar max gauge
FF20 Flow Meter 7/16″ x 28 UNF -2B Aerosol 4mm Barb – HDPE 0.5 to 1.0 LPM 1 11 bar Yes

Materials of Construction:

Body Needle Seals Flow Meter Plating Knob Weight
FF20 Septum Ni-Brass Brass Nitrile Ni-Brass Aluminium 0.06kg (0.13lb)
FF20 Stem Flow Aluminium – SS 303 SS 303 Viton Acrylic Ni-Brass Aluminium 0.14kg (0.31lb
FF20 Flow Meter Ni-Brass Brass Nitrile Acrylic Ni-Brass Aluminium 0.14kg (0.31lb

Gas Suitability:

Non-Reactive H2S & SO2
FF20 Septum Suitable Suitable
FF20 Stem Flow Suitable Suitable
FF20 Flow Meter Suitable Suitable
FF20 Nozzle Suitable Suitable

Cylinders Compatibility:

FF20 Septum
FF20 Stem Flow
FF20 Flow Meter
FF20 Nozzle

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C014793 FF20 Flow Regulator with Flow Meter (12DA)
C016039 FF20 Stem Flow Regulator (12DA)
C014794 FF20 Flow Regulator with Septum (12DA)

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