Calgaz 8AL Aluminium Calibration Gas Cylinders

Code: 8AL
  • Two types of cylinder
  • Universal C10 valve
  • For both reactive and non-reactive gases

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Calgaz has two types of 8AL cylinders designed to meet your needs.

The 8ALE and 8ALU are approved for global use and vary only slightly in appearance and weight.

All cylinders have the universal C10 valve as standard and can be filled with non-reactive and reactive gases.


  Contents Pressure Dimensions Weight
8ALE 58 litres 35 bar (500 psi) 362 mm x 89 mm (14 1/4″ x 3 ½”) 1.2 kg (2.65lb)
8ALU 58 litres 35 bar (500 psi) 362 mm x 89 mm (14 1/4″ x 3 ½”) 0.73 kg (1.6 lb)


  Approvals Type Cylinder Valve Recommended Equipment
8ALE Global Non-Refillable C10 Most commonly used regulators include 700 Series, DFR 2000 Series, or 4200 Trigger
8ALU Global Non-Refillable C10 Most commonly used regulators include 700 Series, DFR 2000 Series, or 4200 Trigger

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8AL Datasheet 219 KB

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Weight 0.190 kg

Ordering Information

C020210 8AL 10PPM NO2/AIR
C020358 8AL 0.4%1-Butene/N2
C019820 8AL 25PPM H2S/2.5%CH4/AIR
C023462 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/AIR
C022121 8AL 1000PPM H2S/45%CO2/CH4
C017708 8AL 180PPM H2S/40%CO2/CH4
C020721 8AL 27PPM SO2/5.5%CO2/N2
C022020 8AL 90PPM SO2/22.5%CO2/N2
C020375 8AL 450PPM SO2/22.5%CO2/N2
C011122 8AL 2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016285 8AL 2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016431 8AL 2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011129 8AL 20PPM H2S/1.05%C3H8/N2
C019516 8AL 50PPM CO/18%O2/N2
C021807 8AL 2%CO2/2%O2/N2
C011135 8AL 20PPM H2S/1.1%C3H8/N2
C011137 8AL 5%CO2/21%O2/N2
C011139 8AL 8%C4H10/13.8%CO2/N2
C022151 8AL 160PPM SO2/12%CO2/N2
C011142 8AL 0.7%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C020387 8AL 400PPM CO2/20.9%O2/N2
C020031 8AL 1.05%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C018481 8AL 0.55%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C021829 8AL 1000PPM CO/3%O2/N2
C018729 8AL 50PPM CO/2000PPM CO2/18%O2/N2
C020288 8AL 1750PPM H2S/10%CH4/N2
C021633 8AL 5%CO2/16%O2/N2
C020953 8AL 8%C4H10/15%CO2/N2
C011183 8AL 0.4%C3H8/15%O2/N2
C021144 8AL 5%CO2/15.9%O2/N2
C020722 8AL 1800PPM SO2/22.5%CO2/N2
C017284 8AL 2.5%CO2/18%O2/N2
C016629 8AL 0.4%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C017586 8AL 0.4%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C011136 8AL 0.9%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C019668 8AL 0.9%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C018295 8AL 10PPM I-C4H8/10PPM C7H8/N2
C019520 8AL 10PPM SO2/20PPM H2S/N2
C019451 8AL 2.5%CH4/19%O2/N2
C019606 8AL 70PPM CO/1.54%C3H8/N2
C022044 8AL 200PPM CO/2.5%CH4/N2
C020444 8AL 400PPM CO2/20.9%O2/N2
C021726 8AL 10PPM NO2/60PPM CO/N2
C019638 8AL 200PPM SO2/10%CO2/N2
C021816 8AL 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/N2
C011134 8AL 100PPM NO/200PPM SO2/N2
C011145 8AL 100PPM CO/18%O2/N2
C019639 8AL 20PPM H2S/0.85%C3H8/N2
C016778 8AL 3%CO2/20.9%O2/N2
C018378 8AL 2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C018444 8AL 2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C020347 8AL 40PPM SO2/8%CO2/N2
C020932 8AL 66%CH4/10%CO2/N2
C011189 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/AIR
C020918 8AL 20PPM H2S/1000PPM CO2/1000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C011197 8AL 200PPM CO/0.9%I-C4H10/12%O2/N2
C011209 8AL 100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011198 8AL 100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019689 8AL 100PPM CO/2%CO2/18%O2/N2
C019345 8AL 100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011215 8AL 25PPM H2S/2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C020451 8AL 50PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011196 8AL 50PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011231 8AL 25PPM H2S/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019974 8AL 25PPM H2S/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011220 8AL 50PPM H2S/0.75%I-C4H10/12%O2/N2
C011227 8AL 1.2%CO2/9.5%CH4/26%CO/N2
C017741 8AL 25PPM H2S/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011240 8AL 50PPM H2S/2.5%CH4/16%O2/N2
C021584 8AL 100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C019159 8AL 50PPM H2S/0.9%C4H10/18%O2/N2
C020617 8AL 60PPM CO/1%CO2/18%O2/N2
C021030 20PPM SO2/500PPM CO/50PPM NO/N2
C019662 8AL 50PPM H2S/0.9%I-C4H10/18%O2/N2
C020725 8AL 200PPM CO/0.6%C3H8/20.9%O2/N2
C017045 8AL 15PPM H2S/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C020385 8AL 10PPM H2S/500PPM CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C015076 8AL 15PPM H2S/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C014528 8AL 15PPM H2S/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C012018 8AL 40PPM H2S/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C017201 8AL 40PPM H2S/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C011247 8AL 100PPM H2S/100PPM CO/5%CH4/5%CO2/N2
C016395 8AL 50PPM CO/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C017408 8AL 50PPM CO/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C018369 8AL 10PPM NO2/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C021047 8AL 150PPM CO/2.5%CO2/2.5%CH4/12%O2/N2
C017149 8AL 100PPM CO/2%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C017694 8AL 100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/3%CO2/18%O2/N2
C012033 8AL 5PPM NO2/50PPM CO/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011256 8AL 10PPM SO2/20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C019881 8AL 10PPM SO2/25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C021927 8AL 25PPM H2S/25PPM SO2/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C022127 8AL 0.1%CH4/250PPM C2H6/250PPM C3H8/250PPM I-C4H10/250PPM N-C4H10/250PPM I-C5H12/250PPM N-C5H12/N2
C020805 8AL 1%CH4/0.5%C2H6/0.5%C3H8/0.1%C4H10/0.1%I-C4H10/0.1%C5H12/0.1%I-C5H12/N2
C020814 8AL 10%CH4/1%C2H6/1%C3H8/0.5%I-C4H10/0.5%N-C4H10/0.5%I-C5H12/0.5% N-C5H12/N2
C020797 8AL 100PPM CH4/100PPM C2H6/100PPM C3H8/100PPM I-C4H10/100PPM N-C4H10/100PPM I-C5H12/100PPM N-C5H12/N2
C022140 8AL 1%CH4/0.5%C2H6/0.25%C3H8/0.25%I-C4H10/0.25%N-C4H10/0.1%I-C5H12/0.1%N-C5H12/N2
C008465 8AL 20%CH4/5%C2H6/2%C3H8/0.5%I-C4H10/0.5%N-C4H10/0.25%I-C5H12/0.25%N-C5H12/N2
C022141 8AL 10%CH4/2.5%C2H6/1%C3H8/0.4%I-C4H10/0.3%N-C4H10/0.15%I-C5H12/0.15%N-C5H12/N2
C011266 8AL ARGON (N5.0)
C015009 8AL 5PPM C6H6/AIR
C011268 8AL 5PPM C6H6/AIR
C011270 8AL 5PPM C6H6/N2
C020980 8AL 10PPM C6H6/N2
C019602 8AL 1.25%C2H2/AIR
C020972 8AL 1%C2H4/AIR
C011279 8AL 1.35%C2H4/AIR
C021943 8AL 0.3%C3H8/AIR
C011296 8AL 0.5%C3H8/AIR
C021172 8AL 0.34%C3H8/AIR
C019167 8AL 0.4%C3H8/AIR
C011297 8AL 0.55%C3H8/AIR
C011298 8AL 0.6%C3H8/AIR
C005508 8AL 0.68%C3H8/AIR
C011301 8AL 0.85%C3H8/AIR
C017684 8AL 0.9%C3H8/AIR
C018038 8AL 0.9%C3H8/AIR
C019676 8AL 1.05%C3H8/AIR
C005520 8AL 1%C3H8/AIR
C011306 8AL 2000PPM C3H8/AIR
C018063 8AL 80PPM C3H8/N2
C018595 8AL 2.2%C3H8/N2
C018499 8AL 0.85%C3H8/N2
C011309 8AL 1.1%C3H8/N2
C018810 8AL 5%C3H8/N2
C011313 8AL 10%C3H8/N2
C022145 8AL 50%C3H8/N2
C017224 8AL PROPANE (N3.5)
C019529 8AL 10PPM CH4/AIR
C016240 8AL 100PPM CH4/AIR
C022170 8AL 100PPM CH4/AIR
C011324 8AL 200PPM CH4/AIR
C018919 8AL 250PPM CH4/AIR
C016350 8AL 0.44%CH4/AIR
C019066 8AL 0.44%CH4/AIR
C011328 8AL 0.5%CH4/AIR
C019148 8AL 0.8%CH4/AIR
C016351 8AL 0.88%CH4/AIR
C016185 8AL 1%CH4/AIR
C011331 8AL 1%CH4/AIR
C020400 8AL 0.1%CH4/AIR
C011333 8AL 1.25%CH4/AIR
C011335 8AL 1.5%CH4/AIR
C016483 8AL 1.7%CH4/AIR
C011336 8AL 1.76%CH4/AIR
C017746 8AL 1.8%CH4/AIR
C011338 8AL 2%CH4/AIR
C011339 8AL 2.2%CH4/AIR
C011340 8AL 2.2%CH4/Air
C011342 8AL 2.5%CH4/AIR
C011344 8AL 2.5%CH4/AIR
C017193 8AL 500PPM CH4/AIR
C018406 8AL 800PPM CH4/AIR
C017894 8AL 2000PPM CH4/AIR
C011348 8AL 60%CH4/CO2
C020872 8AL 98%CH4/CO2
C020026 8AL 1%CH4/HE
C007748 8AL 1000PPM CH4/N2
C021975 8AL 50PPM CH4/N2
C020810 8AL 1%CH4/N2
C021119 8AL 18%CH4/N2
C011356 8AL 2.5%CH4/N2
C011366 8AL 3.25%CH4/N2
C011359 8AL 4%CH4/N2
C019949 8AL 4.4%CH4/N2
C011361 8AL 5%CH4/N2
C016201 8AL 10%CH4/N2
C011363 8AL 15%CH4/N2
C020605 8AL 20%CH4/N2
C011365 8AL 3%CH4/N2
C019412 8AL 3%CH4/N2
C011368 8AL 3.5%CH4/N2
C022047 8AL 40%CH4/N2
C011372 8AL 50%CH4/N2
C011374 8AL 60%CH4/N2
C008615 8AL 80%CH4/N2
C021148 8AL 90%CH4/N2
C011367 8AL METHANE (N3.5)
C021132 8AL 2PPM CL2/AIR
C011377 8AL 3PPM CL2/AIR
C011378 8AL 5PPM CL2/AIR
C011379 8AL 10PPM CL2/AIR
C011380 8AL 10ppm CL2/AIR
C015086 8AL 2PPM CL2/N2
C011383 8AL 2PPM CL2/N2
C011385 8AL 3PPM CL2/N2
C011386 8AL 5PPM CL2/N2
C016131 8AL 5PPM CL2/N2
C016155 8AL 10PPM CL2/N2
C011387 8AL 10PPM CL2/N2
C011388 8AL 15PPM CL2/N2
C011389 8AL 20PPM CL2/N2
C011390 8AL 25PPM CL2/N2
C011391 8AL 30PPM CL2/N2
C011392 8AL 50PPM CL2/N2
C011394 8AL 100PPM CL2/N2
C019085 8AL 500PPM CO2/AIR
C005795 8AL 800PPM CO2/AIR
C011396 8AL 0.1%CO2/AIR
C017577 8AL 0.25%CO2/AIR
C011397 8AL 250PPM CO2/AIR
C011398 8AL 5%CO2/AIR
C011399 8AL 50%CO2/AIR
C011407 8AL 5000PPM CO2/AIR
C019945 8AL 5000PPM CO2/AIR
C011400 8AL 1%CO2/AIR
C019942 8AL 1%CO2/AIR
C019249 8AL 1000PPM CO2/AIR
C016337 8AL 1.5%CO2/AIR
C011401 8AL 2%CO2/AIR
C011402 8AL 2.5%CO2/Air
C017280 8AL 2.5%CO2/AIR
C011403 8AL 3%CO2/AIR
C020936 8AL 3%CO2/AIR
C018920 8AL 1500PPM CO2/AIR
C021844 8AL 20%CO2/AIR
c018603 8AL 5%CO2/AR
C019482 8AL 12%CO2/AR
C016967 8AL 20%CO2/AR
C017553 8AL 10%CO2/CH4
C016561 8AL 40%CO2/CH4
C017811 8AL 13%CO2/N2
C011417 8AL 2500PPM CO2/N2
C024116 8AL 2500PPM CO2/N2
C011432 8AL 0.5%CO2/N2
C011447 8AL 5000PPM CO2/N2
C019962 8AL 5000PPM CO2/N2
C011420 8AL 1%CO2/N2
C018872 8AL 1.5%CO2/N2
C014517 8AL 1.8%CO2/N2
C011423 8AL 2%CO2/N2
C011424 8AL 2.5%CO2/N2
C011425 8AL 2.5%CO2/N2
C018662 8AL 3000PPM CO2/N2
C011413 8AL 3%CO2/N2
C011427 8AL 3.5%CO2/N2
C011428 8AL 4%CO2/N2
C011429 8AL 5%CO2/N2
C011431 8AL 5%CO2/N2
C011433 8AL 6%CO2/N2
C011434 8AL 1000PPM CO2/N2
C011435 8AL 10%CO2/N2
C019415 8AL 10%CO2/N2
C020521 8AL 15%CO2/N2
C021146 8AL 18%CO2/N2
C011440 8AL 2000PPM CO2/N2
C018082 8AL 20%CO2/N2
C011446 8AL 500PPM CO2/N2
C011419 8AL 50%CO2/N2
C020792 8AL 60%CO2/N2
C011450 8AL 80%CO2/N2
C005926 8AL 90%CO2/N2
C018555 8AL 99%CO2/N2
C021926 8AL 10PPM CO/AIR
C011461 8AL 15PPM CO/AIR
C011462 8AL 20PPM CO/AIR
C021014 8AL 30PPM CO/AIR
C018462 8AL 40PPM CO/AIR
C016092 8AL 50PPM CO/AIR
C011463 8AL 50PPM CO/AIR
C016416 8AL 60PPM CO/AIR
C019156 8AL 60PPM CO/AIR
C016944 8AL 100PPM CO/AIR
C011467 8AL 100PPM CO/AIR
C018341 8AL 125PPM CO/AIR
C019987 8AL 150PPM CO/AIR
C011468 8AL 150PPM CO/AIR
C019314 8AL 200PPM CO/AIR
C021583 8AL 250PPM CO/AIR
C017304 8AL 250PPM CO/AIR
C011471 8AL 300PPM CO/AIR
C019666 8AL 500PPM CO/AIR
C011473 8AL 5000PPM CO/AIR
C011474 8AL 1000PPM CO/AIR
C022168 8AL 2000PPM CO/AIR
C019957 8AL 3000PPM CO/AIR
C011478 8AL 20PPM CO/N2
C015072 8AL 50PPM CO/N2
C011481 8AL 70PPM CO/N2
C022041 8AL 80PPM CO/N2
C011484 8AL 100PPM CO/N2
C018080 8AL 100PPM CO/N2
C020954 8AL 15PPM CO/N2
C011485 8AL 1500PPM CO/N2
C011486 8AL 200PPM CO/N2
C011488 8AL 250PPM CO/N2
C011489 8AL 300PPM CO/N2
C020244 8AL 300PPM CO/N2
C015073 8AL 500PPM CO/N2
C015074 8AL 1000PPM CO/N2
C011497 8AL 1%CO/N2
C011504 8AL 3000PPM CO/N2
C022023 8AL 5%CO/N2
C020052 8AL 40PPM DMK/AIR
C016315 8AL 1000PPM DMK/N2
C011521 8AL 50mg/m3 C2H5OH/N2
C020045 8AL 52PPM C2H5OH/N2
C011524 8AL 190PPM C2H5OH/N2
C011529 8AL 191PPM C2H5OH/N2
C015028 8AL 192PPM C2H5OH/N2
C011526 8AL 260PPM C2H5OH/N2
C011531 8AL 191.4PPM C2H5OH/AIR
C016872 8AL 150PPM C2H5OH/N2
C019973 8AL 10PPM ETO/AIR
C018239 8AL 10PPM ETO/AIR
C021133 8AL 100PPM ETO/AIR
C016440 8AL 5PPM ETO/N2
C015090 8AL 10PPM ETO/N2
C016091 8AL 10PPM ETO/N2
C011539 8AL 20PPM ETO/N2
C011540 8AL 50PPM ETO/N2
C016135 8AL 0.1%H2/AIR
C018544 8AL 0.1%H2/AIR
C011541 8AL 0.2%H2/AIR
C011542 8AL 200PPM H2/AIR
C020467 8AL 4000PPM H2/AIR
C019567 8AL 0.5%H2/AIR
C011545 8AL 0.5%H2/AIR
C011546 8AL 800PPM H2/AIR
C011562 8AL 8000PPM H2/AIR
C011549 8AL 100PPM H2/AIR
C019762 8AL 100PPM H2/AIR
C019476 8AL 1%H2/AIR
C011551 8AL 1.2%H2/AIR
C019568 8AL 1.6%H2/AIR
C011555 8AL 2%H2/AIR
C011553 8AL 2%H2/AIR
C011556 8AL 500PPM H2/AIR
C011558 8AL 0.8%H2/AIR
C018377 8AL 1000PPM H2/AIR
C020309 8AL 1000PPM H2/AIR
C011559 8AL 1500PPM H2/AIR
C011560 8AL 2000PPM H2/AIR
C019102 8AL 3000PPM H2/AIR
C020028 8AL 10PPM H2/AR
C020027 8AL 50PPM H2/AR
C022171 8AL 50%H2/HE
C017541 8AL 2%H2/N2
C020737 8AL 3000PPM H2/N2
C011570 8AL 50%H2/N2
C021214 8AL 0.8%H2/N2
C021160 8AL 100PPM H2/N2
C020318 8AL 200PPM H2/N2
C018207 8AL 300PPM H2/N2
C023623 8AL 3%H2/N2
C016904 8AL 0.4%H2/N2
C011575 8AL 500PPM H2/N2
C015054 8AL 850PPM H2/N2
C011577 8AL 1000PPM H2/N2
C011578 8AL 2000PPM H2/N2
C020898 8AL 5%H2/N2
C011580 8AL HYDROGEN (N5.0)
C021644 8AL 185PPM H2S/AIR
C011588 8AL 5PPM H2S/AIR
C011590 8AL 10PPM H2S/AIR
C011591 8AL 10PPM H2S/AIR
C011592 8AL 15PPM H2S/AIR
C016068 8AL 20PPM H2S/AIR
C017099 8AL 20PPM H2S/AIR
C011594 8AL 25PPM H2S/AIR
C011124 8AL 25PPM H2S/AIR
C011597 8AL 40PPM H2S/AIR
C011125 8AL 50PPM H2S/AIR
C011599 8AL 50PPM H2S/AIR
C011600 8AL 100PPM H2S/AIR
C011603 8AL 200PPM H2S/AIR
C019972 8AL 250PPM H2S/AIR
C020435 8AL 250PPM H2S/AIR
C011604 8AL 500PPM H2S/AIR
C017157 8AL 1000PPM H2S/AIR
C017552 8AL 25PPM H2S/CH4
C021048 8AL 50PPM H2S/CH4
C016563 8AL 3PPM H2S/N2
C011608 8AL 5PPM H2S/N2
C021939 8AL 7PPM H2S/N2
C020944 8AL 8PPM H2S/N2
C011609 8AL 10PPM H2S/N2
C024108 8AL 10PPM H2S/N2
C011610 8AL 15PPM H2S/N2
C021147 8AL 1800PPM H2S/N2
C015050 8AL 20PPM H2S/N2
C016073 8AL 20PPM H2S/N2
C011126 8AL 25PPM H2S/N2
C019173 8AL 25PPM H2S/N2
C011614 8AL 30PPM H2S/N2
C901092 8AL 30PPM H2S/N2
C011615 8AL 40PPM H2S/N2
C021815 8AL 40PPM H2S/N2
C011616 8AL 50PPM H2S/N2
C011128 8AL 50PPM H2S/N2
C011617 8AL 60PPM H2S/N2
C017509 8AL 80PPM H2S/N2
C015066 8AL 100PPM H2S/N2
C011618 8AL 100ppm H2S/N2
C019907 8AL 150PPM H2S/N2
C011621 8AL 200PPM H2S/N2
C011622 8AL 250PPM H2S/N2
C018536 8AL 250PPM H2S/N2
C011625 8AL 500PPM H2S/N2
C018537 8AL 500PPM H2S/N2
C011627 8AL 1000PPM H2S/N2
C011632 8AL 10PPM HCL/AIR
C011634 8AL 5PPM HCL/N2
C017792 8AL 5PPM HCL/N2
C011636 8AL 10PPM HCL/N2
C011635 8AL 10PPM HCL/N2
C011637 8AL 15PPM HCL/N2
C018793 8AL 20PPM HCL/N2
C011638 8AL 20PPM HCL/N2
C011639 8AL 25PPM HCL/N2
C017556 8AL 25PPM HCL/N2
C011640 8AL 30PPM HCL/N2
C011641 8AL 40PPM HCL/N2
C011642 8AL 50PPM HCL/N2
C011644 8AL 100PPM HCL/N2
C011646 8AL 10PPM HCN/AIR
C019963 8AL 50PPM HCN/AIR
C015040 8AL 10PPM HCN/N2
C016090 8AL 15PPM HCN/N2
C019905 8AL 20PPM HCN/N2
C011656 8AL 5000PPM HE/AIR
C017588 8AL 50%HE/AR
C021893 8AL 5000PPM HE/N2
C018273 8AL 20%HE/N2
C011658 8AL HELIUM (N5.0)
C011664 8AL 100PPM I-C4H10/AIR
C021749 8AL 0.45%I-C4H10/AIR
C018312 8AL 0.75%I-C4H10/AIR
C011661 8AL 0.9%I-C4H10/AIR
C011669 8AL 10%I-C4H10/N2
C020632 8AL 5PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C016153 8AL 10PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C011675 8AL 10PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C019761 8AL 20PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C020633 8AL 25PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C020729 8AL 50PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C015004 8AL 100PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C011676 8AL 100PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C011677 8AL 500PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C011678 8AL 1000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C020603 8AL 1000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C020963 8AL 5000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C011680 8AL 10PPM I-C4H8/N2
C021656 8AL 25PPM I-C4H8/N2
C017806 8AL 50PPM I-C4H8/N2
C011682 8AL 100PPM I-C4H8/N2
C018508 8AL 5PPM CH4S/AIR
C019143 8AL 5PPM CH3SH/N2
C020000 8AL 10PPM CH3SH/N2
C011693 8AL NITROGEN (N4.0)
C011695 8AL NITROGEN (N5.0)
C011696 8AL NITROGEN (N5.0)
C006455 8AL 2000PPM N2O/AIR
C011711 8AL 10PPM N2O/N2
C011712 8AL 100PPM N2O/N2
C011713 8AL 200PPM N2O/N2
C011714 8AL 500PPM N2O/N2
C011716 8AL 1000PPM N2O/N2
C020990 8AL 2000PPM N2O/N2
C011726 8AL 0.7%C4H10/AIR
C018270 8AL 0.8%C4H10/AIR
C011729 8AL 0.9%C4H10/AIR
C011730 8AL 0.9%C4H10/AIR
C020477 8AL 50PPM C4H10/N2
C011734 8AL 8%C4H10/N2
C011735 8AL 10%C4H10/N2
C020984 8AL 0.14%C5H12/AIR
C017305 8AL 0.35%C5H12/AIR
C011737 8AL 0.7%C5H12/AIR
C020211 8AL 0.75%C5H12/AIR
C016087 8AL 0.55%C5H12/AIR
C020654 8AL 0.3%C6H14/AIR
C011322 8AL 0.48%C6H14/AIR
C020668 8AL 20PPM NF3/N2
C011757 8AL 10PPM NH3/AIR
C011760 8AL 25PPM NH3/AIR
C020354 8AL 25PPM NH3/AIR
C011761 8AL 30PPM NH3/AIR
C011763 8AL 50PPM NH3/AIR
C011764 8AL 50PPM NH3/AIR
C023667 8AL 85PPM NH3/AIR
C016050 8AL 100PPM NH3/AIR
C011771 8AL 150PPM NH3/AIR
C011772 8AL 200PPM NH3/AIR
C011773 8AL 250PPM NH3/AIR
C018357 8AL 267PPM NH3/AIR
C011774 8AL 300PPM NH3/AIR
C017413 8AL 300PPM NH3/AIR
C016206 8AL 500PPM NH3/AIR
C011776 8AL 500PPM NH3/AIR
C021737 8AL 800PPM NH3/AIR
C017664 8AL 900PPM NH3/AIR
C011778 8AL 1000PPM NH3/AIR
C021235 8AL 1000PPM NH3/AIR
C021175 8AL 2500PPM NH3/AIR
C016972 8AL 5000PPM NH3/AIR
C019660 8AL 5000PPM NH3/AIR
C009031 8AL 250PPM NH3/N2
C011785 8AL 10PPM NH3/N2
C011786 8AL 15PPM NH3/N2
C011787 8AL 20PPM NH3/N2
C016282 8AL 25PPM NH3/N2
C011788 8AL 25PPM NH3/N2
C019799 8AL 40PPM NH3/N2
C011793 8AL 50PPM NH3/N2
C016083 8AL 50PPM NH3/N2
C011796 8AL 100PPM NH3/N2
C017143 8AL 100PPM NH3/N2
C016792 8AL 1%NH3/N2
C011797 8AL 150PPM NH3/N2
C011798 8AL 200PPM NH3/N2
C011799 8AL 300PPM NH3/N2
C019802 8AL 300PPM NH3/N2
C011800 8AL 400PPM NH3/N2
C016310 8AL 500PPM NH3/N2
C020300 8AL 500PPM NH3/N2
C011801 8AL 600PPM NH3/N2
C011803 8AL 800PPM NH3/N2
C011804 8AL 1000PPM NH3/N2
C019205 8AL 1000PPM NH3/N2
C020304 8AL 250PPM NO2/AIR
C016187 8AL 5PPM NO2/AIR
C011806 8AL 5PPM NO2/AIR
C011808 8AL 10PPM NO2/AIR
C016222 8AL 10PPM NO2/AIR
C011809 8AL 15PPM NO2/AIR
C011810 8AL 20PPM NO2/AIR
C018105 8AL 20PPM NO2/AIR
C011811 8AL 25PPM NO2/AIR
C019956 8AL 25PPM NO2/AIR
C017440 8AL 30PPM NO2/AIR
C011813 8AL 50PPM NO2/AIR
C011816 8AL 100PPM NO2/AIR
C021095 8AL 100PPM NO2/AIR
C015031 8AL 150PPM NO2/AIR
C021856 8AL 200PPM NO2/AIR
C021976 8AL 300PPM NO2/AIR
C014518 8AL 500PPM NO2/AIR
C017142 8AL 5PPM NO2/N2
C011817 8AL 5PPM NO2/N2
C016463 8AL 10PPM NO2/N2
C011818 8AL 10PPM NO2/N2
C016476 8AL 25PPM NO2/N2
C011825 8AL 50PPM NO2/N2
C019667 8AL 50PPM NO2/N2
C011830 8AL 500PPM NO2/N2
C021551 8AL 10PPM NO2/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C020311 8AL 60PPM NO/N2
C011832 8AL 5PPM NO/N2
C021187 8AL 600PPM NO/N2
C019992 8AL 10PPM NO/N2
C011833 8AL 10PPM NO/N2
C011835 8AL 18PPM NO/N2
C011836 8AL 20PPM NO/N2
C011837 8AL 25PPM NO/N2
C019201 8AL 25PPM NO/N2
C016205 8AL 30PPM NO/N2
C024573 8AL 40PPM NO/N2
C019900 8AL 40PPM NO/N2
C018437 8AL 45PPM NO/N2
C011838 8AL 50PPM NO/N2
C017864 8AL 50PPM NO/N2
C020420 8AL 80PPM NO/N2
C011841 8AL 100PPM NO/N2
C018585 8AL 100PPM NO/N2
C011843 8AL 200PPM NO/N2
C011844 8AL 250PPM NO/N2
C021977 8AL 450PPM NO/N2
C011846 8AL 500PPM NO/N2
C018717 8AL 1000PPM NO/N2
C011852 8AL 1000PPM NO/N2
C011855 8AL 2000PPM NO/N2
C018598 8AL 500PPM O2/AR
C011873 8AL 3%O2/N2
C019620 8AL 80PPM O2/N2
C011860 8AL 200PPM O2/N2
C022173 8AL 0.3%O2/N2
C020473 8AL 0.4%O2/N2
C017605 8AL 0.45%O2/N2
C011865 8AL 50PPM O2/N2
C011866 8AL 500PPM O2/N2
C019569 8AL 800PPM O2/N2
C011869 8AL 100PPM O2/N2
C020134 8AL 100PPM O2/N2
C011870 8AL 0.1%O2/N2
C011871 8AL 2%O2/N2
C018076 8AL 2%O2/N2
C021934 8AL 2.1%O2/N2
C011876 8AL 5%O2/N2
C011877 8AL 5%O2/N2
C011867 8AL 0.5%O2/N2
C011878 8AL 5.5%O2/N2
C018619 8AL 6%O2/N2
C011880 8AL 8%O2/N2
C018417 8AL 8%O2/N2
C011881 8AL 1000PPM O2/N2
C018744 8AL 10%O2/N2
C011882 8AL 1%O2/N2
C011883 8AL 10%O2/N2
C011884 8AL 15%O2/N2
C019238 8AL 15%O2/N2
C011885 8AL 17%O2/N2
C011886 8AL 18%O2/N2
C017355 8AL 18%O2/N2
C017995 8AL 19%O2/N2
C011888 8AL 20%O2/N2
C016478 8AL 20.8%O2/N2
C017485 8AL 20.9%O2/N2
C011891 8AL 20.9%O2 / N2
C011892 8AL 21%O2/N2
C019022 8AL 21%O2/N2
C019971 8AL 23%O2/N2
C011893 8AL 23%O2/N2
C017861 8AL 23.5%O2/N2
C020058 8AL 23.5%O2/N2
C011874 8AL 4%O2/N2
C018614 8AL 4%O2/N2
C011905 8AL 0.5PPM PH3/N2
C011906 8AL 1PPM PH3/N2
C011908 8AL 5PPM PH3/N2
C019004 8AL 10PPM PH3/N2
C011909 8AL 20PPM PH3/N2
C011916 8AL 10PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016452 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011917 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011918 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019157 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011921 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019087 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011922 8AL 25ppm H2S, 100ppm CO, 2.2% Vol CH4, 18% O2 // N2
C011923 8AL 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C018347 8AL 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C011925 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C019158 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C011926 8AL 10PPM H2S/300PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C016035 8AL 10PPM H2S/300PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C011928 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/12%O2/N2
C011244 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/12%O2/N2
C016304 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.9%I-C4H10/12%O2/N2
C019635 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.9%I-C4H10/12%O2/N2
C011936 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011937 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C019960 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C011938 8AL 10PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C015008 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.35%C5H12/19%O2/N2
C011939 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.35%C5H12/19%O2/N2
C011940 8AL 10PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C018602 8AL 10PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011942 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C017863 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C011944 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C011945 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/19%O2/N2
C019169 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/19%O2/N2
C011946 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011948 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016179 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.2%CH4/12%O2/N2
C019329 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.2%CH4/12%O2/N2
C011949 8AL 40PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/15%O2/N2
C011950 8AL 40PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C017630 8AL 40PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C011952 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1.25%CH4/18%O2/N2
C006951 8AL 50PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C011955 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1.05%C3H8/19%O2/N2
C011958 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.7%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C024327 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.7%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C019970 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.9%C4H10/18%O2/N2
C011961 8AL 15PPM H2S/250PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C018056 8AL 15PPM H2S/250PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011962 8AL 25PPM H2S/250PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011966 8AL 10PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.7%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C024184 8AL 10PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.7%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C011972 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/1.62%CH4/19%O2/N2
C011979 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.35%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C016851 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.85%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C020040 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1.05%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C011984 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/1.62%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019161 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/15%O2/N2
C019947 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/15%O2/N2
C011986 8AL 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C011988 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C022000 8AL 25PPM H2S/250PPM CO/2.5%CH4/19%O2/N2
C019020 8AL 40PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011996 8AL 50PPM H2S/500PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C011997 8AL 50PPM H2S/500PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C002943 8AL 50PPM H2S/500PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C012000 8AL 10PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.55%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C012003 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.75%I-C4H10/12%O2/N2
C012005 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C024233 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C017484 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C016176 8AL 25PPM H2S/200PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019641 8AL 50PPM H2S/500PPM CO/0.7%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C016500 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.45%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C020206 8AL 25PPM H2S/150PPM CO/2.5%CH4/12%O2/N2
C011991 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.9%C4H10/12%O2/N2
C020508 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.55%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C020466 8AL 25PPM H2S/300PPM CO/0.7%C5H12/17%O2/N2
C017457 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1.45%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016762 8AL 10PPM H2S/300PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C016809 8AL 25PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.85%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C016266 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C018379 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.45%C5H12/20.9%O2/N2
C017595 8AL 20PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.9%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C020971 8AL 10PPM H2S/25PPM CO/2.5%CH4/19.5%O2/N2
C019381 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.275%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C019919 8AL 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/0.4%C3H8/15%O2/N2
C022024 8AL 50PPM H2S/200PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C019356 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.9%C4H10/18%O2/N2
C021213 8AL 25PPM H2S/150PPM CO/2.5%CH4/20%O2/N2
C021541 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/8%O2/N2
C021552 8AL 10PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C015013 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C012014 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016239 8AL 25PPM H2S/150PPM CO/2.5%CO2/2.2%CH4/15%O2/N2
C012017 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.5%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C017205 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.5%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C012020 8AL 20PPM H2S/160PPM CO/1%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016468 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.5%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019407 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.5%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C012023 8AL 10PPM H2S/300PPM CO/2.5%CO2/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C012032 8AL 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/2.5%CO2/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C012029 8AL 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/2.5%CO2/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C016783 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/0.45%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C014530 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/0.45%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C012035 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C012624 8AL 40PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2%CO2/2.2%CH4/15%O2/N2
C020877 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.5%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C018890 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C012030 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C016370 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C021803 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C012034 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016030 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/0.4%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C017098 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/0.4%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C016889 8AL 10PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C016586 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CO2/2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C016727 8AL 15PPM H2S/70PPM CO/2%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019980 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/0.9%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C016391 8AL 20PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/0.9%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C020501 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/0.5%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C018716 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C018344 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/1%CO2/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C021150 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/3%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C019625 8AL 15PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2% CO2/0.75%C3H8/15%O2/N2
C020301 8AL 15PPM H2S/50PPM CO/2%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C020682 8AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2%CH4/2.5%CO2/18%O2/N2
C021020 8AL 25PPM H2S/125PPM CO/2.5%CO2/2.2%CH4/12.5%O2/N2
C021188 8AL 1000PPM R1233ZD/AIR
C019976 8AL 500PPM R1233ZD/N2
C021189 8AL 1000PPM R1234YF/AIR
C020386 8AL 1000PPM R1234ZE/AIR
C020663 8AL 1000PPM R1234ZE/N2
C020665 8AL 2000PPM R1234ZE/N2
C012042 8AL 1000PPM R134A/N2
C020661 8AL 2000PPM R134A/N2
C020699 8AL 2000PPM R134A/N2
C018240 8AL 100PPM R134A/N2
C012046 8AL 1000PPM R32/AIR
C021995 8AL 300PPM R32/N2
C017735 8AL 1000PPM R407C/AIR
C017734 8AL 500PPM R407C/AIR
C021760 8AL 2000PPM R407C/AIR
C012054 8AL 1000PPM R410A/AIR
C019209 8AL 5000PPM R410A/AIR
C012056 8AL 5PPM SIH4/N2
C018995 8AL 10PPM SIH4/N2
C018997 8AL 15PPM SIH4/N2
C020667 8AL 20PPM SIH4/N2
C020391 8AL 25PPM SIH4/N2
C021764 8AL 75PPM SO2/AIR
C012061 8AL 5PPM SO2/AIR
C012062 8AL 10PPM SO2/AIR
C017769 8AL 10PPM SO2/AIR
C012064 8AL 20PPM SO2/AIR
C017268 8AL 20PPM SO2/AIR
C012065 8AL 25PPM SO2/AIR
C012066 8AL 50PPM SO2/AIR
C017910 8AL 100PPM SO2/AIR
C016208 8AL 5PPM SO2/N2
C012069 8AL 5PPM SO2/N2
C020388 8AL 600PPM SO2/N2
C018576 8AL 8PPM SO2/N2
C015039 8AL 10PPM SO2/N2
C017174 8AL 10PPM SO2/N2
C012071 8AL 15PPM SO2/N2
C016284 8AL 20PPM SO2/N2
C012072 8AL 20PPM SO2/N2
C012073 8AL 25PPM SO2/N2
C022046 8AL 27PPM SO2/N2
C017944 8AL 35PPM SO2/N2
C020086 8AL 40PPM SO2/N2
C012074 8AL 50PPM SO2/N2
C019977 8AL 60PPM SO2/N2
C019719 8AL 75PPM SO2/N2
C017774 8AL 80PPM SO2/N2
C012076 8AL 100PPM SO2/N2
C016270 8AL 200PPM SO2/N2
C012077 8AL 250PPM SO2/N2
C020325 8AL 250PPM SO2/N2
C021759 8AL 400PPM SO2/N2
C012080 8AL 500PPM SO2/N2
C017539 8AL 500PPM SO2/N2
C012082 8AL 1000PPM SO2/N2
C020870 8AL 1000PPM SO2/N2
C018899 8AL 2000PPM SO2/N2
C020524 8AL 20PPM SO2/20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C021623 8AL 10PPM SO2/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C016072 8AL 5PPM TBM/N2
C017581 8AL 50mg/m3 THT/AIR
C012090 8AL 10PPM THT/N2
C019344 8AL 10PPM THT/N2
C017279 8AL 200PPM C7H8/AIR
C012100 8AL ZERO AIR
C011890 8AL ZERO AIR

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