Calgaz 6D & 6DM Steel Calibration Gas Cylinders

Code: 6D
  • Globally approved cylinders
  • C10 valves
  • Ideally suited for non-reactive gases

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The 6D and 6DM are globally approved steel cylinders.

These cylinders are ideally suited for non-reactive gas use.

In addition, steel cylinders are often specified for use in Mines and other explosive atmospheres (please check regulations).

The 6D cylinder holds 103 litres of nominal gas capacity, and the 6DM is more compact with 58 litres of gas.

The small, lightweight cylinders are easy to carry around.

Both cylinders are fitted with a C10 valve.


  Contents Pressure Dimensions Weight
6D 103 liters 69 bar (1000 psig) 345mm x 83mm (13 1/2” x 3 1/4”) 1.4 kg (3 lb)
6DM 58 liters 69 bar (1000 psig) 83mm x 204mm (3.259” x 8.093”) 0.9 kg (1.90 lb)


Approvals Type Cylinder Valve Recommended Equipment
5E Global Non-Refillable C10 Most commonly used regulators include 700 Series, DFR 2000 Series, or 4200 Trigger regulators.
5ELR Global Non-Refillable C10 Most commonly used regulators include 700 Series, DFR 2000 Series, or 4200 Trigger regulators.

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Weight 0.190 kg

Ordering Information

C016438 6D 0.1%O2/10%CO2/N2
C016439 6D 1%O2/40%CO2/N2
C021680 6D 100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/AIR
C017076 6D 2%O2/2%CO2/N2
C019839 6D 8500PPM CO/3%O2/N2
C016971 6D 2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C003329 6D 0.35%C5H12/19%O2/N2
C021629 6D 2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C016982 6D 0.55%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C019425 6D 0.9%C4H10/18%O2/N2
C020033 6D 1.05%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C005023 6D 5%CO2/17%O2/N2
C003332 6D 0.85%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C003333 6D 2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C003334 6D 0.35%C5H12/18%O2/N2
C021894 6D 2.5%CH4/20.9%O2/N2
C018742 6D 100PPM CO/2%CO2/15%O2/N2
C004982 6D 2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C021201 6D 0.4%C3H8/18%O2/N2
C019410 6D 2.2%CH4/15%O2/N2
C003335 6D 50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/12%O2/N2
C016529 6D 100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C022086 6D 100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C020961 6D 10PPM C2H4/2%O2/2%CO2/N2
C016453 6D 60PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C021571 6D 100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/17%O2/N2
C019948 6D 100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/15%O2/N2
C021533 6D 40PPM CO/2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C021553 6D 100PPM CO/0.45%C5H12/17%O2/N2
C018893 6D 100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/2.5%CO2/19%O2/N2
C021554 6D 100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/2.5%CO2/17%O2/N2
C021639 6D 100PPM CO/0.55%C3H8/2.5%CO2/18%O2/N2
C019185 6D 1.25%C2H2/AIR
C018382 6D 100PPM C2H4/AIR
C018036 6D 1000PPM C2H4/AIR
C003341 6D 1.35%C2H4/AIR
C017728 6D 10PPM C2H4/N2
C018235 6D 0.54%C2H4/N2
C021805 6D 1.5%C2H6/AIR
C020718 6D 1%C2H6/AIR
C003351 6D 1%C3H6/AIR
C018527 6D 0.5%C3H8/AIR
C021998 6D 80PPM C3H8/AIR
C021999 6D 10PPM C3H8/AIR
C020397 6D 0.1%C3H8/AIR
C021942 6D 0.11%C3H8/AIR
C016682 6D 0.22%C3H8/AIR
C003345 6D 0.44%C3H8/AIR
C021997 6D 50PPM C3H8/AIR
C003346 6D 0.55%C3H8/AIR
C018216 6D 0.6%C3H8/AIR
C021229 6D 0.75%C3H8/AIR
C017075 6D 0.85%C3H8/AIR
C016768 6D 0.9%C3H8/AIR
C003350 6D 100PPM C3H8/AIR
C020032 6D 1.05%C3H8/AIR
C019864 6D 2500PPM C3H8/AIR
C003347 6D 1000PPM C3H8/AIR
C018630 6D 1%C3H8/AIR
C018401 6D 2000PPM C3H8/AIR
C018402 6D 4000PPM C3H8/AIR
C021129 6D 1.26%C3H8/N2
C020858 6D 1.445%C3H8/N2
C021128 6D 0.63%C3H8/N2
C018064 6D 5PPM 1,3-C4H6/AIR
C020204 6D 1%1,3-C4H6/N2
C022167 6D 5PPM CH4/AIR
C016831 6D 100PPM CH4/AIR
C021086 6D 200PPM CH4/AIR
C021923 6D 0.2%CH4/AIR
C016834 6D 0.25%CH4/AIR
C021099 6D 0.44%CH4/AIR
C003354 6D 5000PPM CH4/AIR
C003355 6D 1%CH4/AIR
C016970 6D 0.1%CH4/AIR
C017046 6D 1.1%CH4/AIR
C003356 6D 1.25%CH4/AIR
C017518 6D 1.32%CH4/AIR
C018468 6D 1.45%CH4/AIR
C018400 6D 1.5%CH4/AIR
C019729 6D 0.16%CH4/AIR
C003358 6D 2%CH4/AIR
C003359 6D 2.2%CH4/AIR
C003360 6D 2.5%CH4/AIR
C003363 6D 0.375%CH4/AIR
C003364 6D 500PPM CH4/AIR
C020507 6D 800PPM CH4/AIR
C016513 6D 1000PPM CH4/AIR
C021039 6D 0.8%CH4/AIR
C018428 6D 5%CH4/N2
C022098 6D 10PPM CH4/N2
C022048 6D 8%CH4/N2
C003368 6D 1%CH4/N2
C003369 6D 100PPM CH4/N2
C021127 6D 1.5%CH4/N2
C003372 6D 2.5%CH4/N2
C003375 6D 4%CH4/N2
C019872 6D 1000PPM CH4/N2
C003379 6D 3%CH4/N2
C017469 6D 3.25%CH4/N2
C016886 6D 3.5%CH4/N2
C019206 6D 500PPM CO2/AIR
C016671 6D 2000PPM CO2/AIR
C003386 6D 5%CO2/AIR
C003392 6D 5000PPM CO2/AIR
C016869 6D 98%CO2/AIR
C017235 6D 1%CO2/AIR
C003387 6D 1000PPM CO2/AIR
C016434 6D 2%CO2/AIR
C003388 6D 2.5%CO2/AIR
C017234 6D 3%CO2/AIR
C003390 6D 10%CO2/AIR
C003391 6D 20%CO2/AIR
C019958 6D 2500PPM CO2/AIR
C019207 6D 3000PPM CO2/AIR
C019696 6D 5PPM CO2/N2
C007803 6D 2500PPM CO2/N2
C003399 6D 0.5%CO2/N2
C003407 6D 5000PPM CO2/N2
C003395 6D 1%CO2/N2
C019760 6D 1.5%CO2/N2
C016394 6D 2%CO2/N2
C016790 6D 2.5%CO2/N2
C017467 6D 3300PPM CO2/N2
C017244 6D 385PPM CO2/N2
C017175 6D 400PPM CO2/N2
C020419 6D 4.5%CO2/N2
C003398 6D 5%CO2/N2
C003400 6D 6000PPM CO2/N2
C020869 6D 7%CO2/N2
C003402 6D 1000PPM CO2/N2
C003403 6D 10%CO2/N2
C017089 6D 15%CO2/N2
C020418 6D 17%CO2/N2
C020126 6D 2000PPM CO2/N2
C003393 6D 3%CO2/N2
C017550 6D 500PPM CO2/N2
C003394 6D 50%CO2/N2
C018551 6D 10PPM CO/AIR
C003408 6D 15PPM CO/AIR
C003409 6D 20PPM CO/AIR
C018532 6D 25PPM CO/AIR
C003410 6D 40PPM CO/AIR
C003411 6D 50PPM CO/AIR
C018385 6D 60PPM CO/AIR
C003412 6D 80PPM CO/AIR
C003413 6D 100PPM CO/AIR
C003414 6D 200PPM CO/AIR
C003415 6D 250PPM CO/AIR
C016791 6D 300PPM CO/AIR
C017164 6D 0.35%CO/AIR
C003416 6D 500PPM CO/AIR
C020432 6D 1000PPM CO/AIR
C020470 6D 3000PPM CO/AIR
C021632 6D 25PPM CO/N2
C003420 6D 50PPM CO/N2
C006007 6D 80PPM CO/N2
C019796 6D 0.85%CO/N2
C003421 6D 100PPM CO/N2
C017934 6D 135PPM CO/N2
C019622 6D 150PPM CO/N2
C016512 6D 200PPM CO/N2
C003422 6D 250PPM CO/N2
C003424 6D 500PPM CO/N2
C020988 6D 5000PPM CO/N2
C003426 6D 1000PPM CO/N2
C017549 6D 1%CO/N2
C016690 6D 2000PPM CO/N2
C020987 6D 2500PPM CO/N2
C016397 6D 9999PPM CO/N2
C020959 6D 104.2PPM C2H5OH/N2
C019998 6D 260.5PPM C2H5OH/N2
C020937 6D 191.4PPM C2H5OH/AIR
C022091 6D 208.4PPM C2H5OH/N2
C020440 6D 223PPM C2H5OH/N2
C018276 6D 0.4%H2/AIR
C021902 6D 0.1%H2/AIR
C003433 6D 200PPM H2/AIR
C016501 6D 0.2%H2/AIR
C006139 6D 0.25%H2/AIR
C021903 6D 0.3%H2/AIR
C018297 6D 0.5%H2/AIR
C009399 6D 800PPM H2/AIR
C003435 6D 100PPM H2/AIR
C020085 6D 1.1%H2/AIR
C016442 6D 1.2%H2/AIR
C003436 6D 2%H2/AIR
C003437 6D 500PPM H2/AIR
C017896 6D 0.8%H2/AIR
C003434 6D 1%H2/AIR
C020851 6D 1500PPM H2/AIR
C018277 6D 1%H2/N2
C020421 6D 200PPM H2/N2
C017210 6D 25PPM H2/N2
C020285 6D 1600PPM H2/N2
C003439 6D 2%H2/N2
C018332 6D 2.4%H2/N2
C019825 6D 50PPM H2/N2
C022110 6D 800PPM H2/N2
C018763 6D 3%H2/N2
C018663 6D 4%H2/N2
C017219 6D 500PPM H2/N2
C018980 6D 5000PPM H2/N2
C017470 6D 1000PPM H2/N2
C019770 6D 5%H2/N2
C019883 6D 0.5%HE/AIR
C017155 6D HELIUM
C020811 6D 10PPM I-C4H10/AIR
C020800 6D 100PPM I-C4H10/AIR
C021592 6D 2500PPM I-C4H10/AIR
C021591 6D 5000PPM I-C4H10/AIR
C003441 6D 0.9%I-C4H10/AIR
C017291 6D 4000ppm I-C4H10/AIR
C003443 6D 0.9%I-C4H10/N2
C021013 6D 150PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C003445 6D 5PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C003446 6D 10PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C003447 6D 20PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C018634 6D 50PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C003448 6D 100PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C003449 6D 500PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C021789 6D 0.9%I-C4H8/AIR
C003450 6D 1000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C017999 6D 3000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C003451 6D 5000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C003452 6D 100PPM I-C4H8/N2
C003453 6D 1%I-C4H8/N2
C017159 6D 1000PPM N2O/N2
C016924 6D 0.36%C4H10/AIR
C018779 6D 0.65%C4H10/AIR
C016552 6D 0.7%C4H10/AIR
C003457 6D 0.75%C4H10/AIR
C016398 6D 0.8%C4H10/AIR
C003458 6D 0.9%C4H10/AIR
C018106 6D 0.35%C5H12/AIR
C003461 6D 0.7%C5H12/AIR
C018915 6D 0.75%C5H12/AIR
C016622 6D 0.3%C6H14/AIR
C020860 6D 0.48%C6H14/AIR
C021951 6D 500PPM C6H14/AIR
C020857 6D 40PPM O2/N2
C019861 6D 3%O2/N2
C017088 6D 10PPM O2/N2
C017659 6D 1.6%O2/N2
C018561 6D 0.2%O2/N2
C003470 6D 0.4%O2/N2
C003465 6D 50PPM O2/N2
C017796 6D 500PPM O2/N2
C003467 6D 900PPM O2/N2
C003468 6D 100PPM O2/N2
C016223 6D 2%O2/N2
C003471 6D 5%O2/N2
C003472 6D 0.5%O2/N2
C019681 6D 6.25%O2/N2
C019875 6D 7%O2/N2
C003473 6D 8%O2/N2
C003475 6D 1%O2/N2
C003476 6D 10%O2/N2
C003478 6D 12%O2/N2
C019690 6D 12.5%O2/N2
C003480 6D 15%O2/N2
C021910 6D 16%O2/N2
C019328 6D 17%O2/N2
C003481 6D 18%O2/N2
C019822 6D 18.5%O2/N2
C003482 6D 19%O2/N2
C017403 6D 19.5%O2/N2
C016879 6D 20.8%O2/N2
C003484 6D 20.9%O2/N2
C021126 6D 20.95%O2/N2
C017568 6D 21%O2/N2
C003485 6D 23%O2/N2
C019232 6D 23.5%O2/N2
C019882 6D 4%O2/N2
C022150 6D 1000PPM R134A/N2
C019511 6D 100PPM R134A/N2
C018476 6D 100PPM R410A/AIR
C021627 6D 1000PPM R410A/AIR
C018112 6D 50PPM VCM/N2
C900358 6D ZERO AIR

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