Calgaz 1AL Aluminium Calibration Gas Cylinders

Code: 1AL
  • Aerosol type
  • For small amounts of gas
  • Two versions

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Calgaz offers two aerosol-type gas cylinders for use where the required quantity is small.

The 1ALE is supplied with a screw-type valve and requires a regulator from the FF20 range to be fitted to regulate flow and replace the 12DA cylinder. This product is approved globally.

The 1ALU is supplied with a plastic trigger mechanism, allowing an unregulated flow of gas to be released and replace the 1AL cylinder. This product is approved globally.


Contents Service Pressure Dimensions Weight
1ALE 10 litres 10 bar (145 psi) 285 mm x 74 mm (11.2”x2.9”) 0.14 kg (0.31 lb)
1ALU 10 liters 10 bar (145 psi) 292 mm x 74 mm (11.5”x2.9”) 0.14 kg (0.31 lb)


Approvals Type Cylinder Valve Recommended Equipment
1ALE Global Non-Refillable Screw Thread FF20 Series Regulators
1ALU Not to be shipped to European (ADR) countries Non-Refillable Trigger Aerosol None

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1AL Datasheet 282 KB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg

Ordering Information

C004969 1DA 1%O2/10%CO2/N2
C006206 1DA 0.2%H2/N2
C006769 1DA 0.5%O2/N2
C007211 1DA 0.34%C3H8/AIR
C007212 1DA 1000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C007528 1DA 2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C007543 1DA 5%CO2/15%O2/N2
C007578 1DA 5%CO2/5%CH4/6%O2/N2
C007583 1DA 5%CO2/5%C2H4/5%CO/N2
C007590 1DA 5%CO2/5%CH4/5.3%O2/N2
C007598 1DA 800PPM H2/800PPM CO/3%O2/N2
C007608 1DA 0.1%CO/1%O2/30%CO2/52%CH4/N2
C007653 1DA 10PPM 8 GAS/N2
C007654 1DA 100PPM 8 GAS/N2
C007655 1DA 1000PPM 8 GAS/N2
C007659 1DA ARGON (N5.0)
C007661 1DA 5PPM C6H6/AIR
C007669 1DA 10PPM C2H4/AIR
C007670 1DA 1.35%C2H4/AIR
C007674 1DA 10PPM C2H4/N2
C007682 1DA 1%C2H4/N2
C007685 1DA 5%C2H4/N2
C007694 1DA 0.68%C3H8/AIR
C007696 1DA 0.85%C3H8/AIR
C007698 1DA 1%C3H8/AIR
C007709 1DA 0.44%CH4/AIR
C007712 1DA 0.88%CH4/AIR
C007713 1DA 1%CH4/AIR
C007718 1DA 1.8%CH4/AIR
C007719 1DA 2%CH4/AIR
C007720 1DA 2.2%CH4/AIR
C007721 1DA 2.5%CH4/AIR
C007726 1DA 1000PPM CH4/AIR
C007730 1DA 60%CH4/CO2
C007733 1DA 5PPM CH4/N2
C007734 1DA 10PPM CH4/N2
C007736 1DA 1%CH4/N2
C007737 1DA 100PPM CH4/N2
C007742 1DA 2.5%CH4/N2
C007746 1DA 5%CH4/N2
C007749 1DA 10%CH4/N2
C007751 1DA 0.1%CH4/N2
C007752 1DA 15%CH4/N2
C007754 1DA METHANE (N3.5)
C007756 1DA 50%CH4/N2
C007760 1DA 5%CO2/AIR
C007762 1DA 1%CO2/AIR
C007765 1DA 0.3%CO2/AIR
C007766 1DA 9000PPM CO2/AIR
C007767 1DA 1000PPM CO2/AIR
C007778 1DA 1%CO2/N2
C007780 1DA 1.8%CO2/N2
C007782 1DA 2.5%CO2/N2
C007789 1DA 5%CO2/N2
C007792 1DA 0.5%CO2/N2
C007799 1DA 15%CO2/N2
C007801 1DA 20%CO2/N2
C007804 1DA 30%CO2/N2
C007807 1DA 4%CO2/N2
C007809 1DA 500PPM CO2/N2
C007811 1DA 20PPM CO/AIR
C007813 1DA 50PPM CO/AIR
C007817 1DA 60PPM CO/AIR
C007819 1DA 100PPM CO/AIR
C007821 1DA 150PPM CO/AIR
C007823 1DA 200PPM CO/AIR
C007825 1DA 300PPM CO/AIR
C007826 1DA 400PPM CO/AIR
C007832 1DA 100PPM CO/N2
C007837 1DA 1%CO/N2
C007841 1DA 5%CO/N2
C007851 1DA 200PPM H2/AIR
C007852 1DA 1%H2/AIR
C007853 1DA 100PPM H2/AIR
C007854 1DA 2%H2/AIR
C007864 1DA 100PPM H2/N2
C007866 1DA 1%H2/N2
C007878 1DA 50PPM H2S/AIR
C007883 1DA 20PPM H2S/N2
C007884 1DA 25PPM H2S/N2
C007890 1DA 100PPM H2S/N2
C007895 1DA 1000PPM HE/N2
C007901 1DA 0.9%I-C4H10/AIR
C007918 1DA 100PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C007932 1DA NITROGEN (N5.0)
C007951 1DA 5PPM N2O/N2
C007952 1DA 10PPM N2O/N2
C007956 1DA 100PPM N2O/N2
C007959 1DA 1000PPM N2O/N2
C007961 1DA 5000PPM N2O/N2
C007968 1DA 0.7%C4H10/AIR
C007972 1DA 0.9%C4H10/AIR
C007978 1DA 8%C4H10/N2
C007981 1DA 10%C4H10/N2
C007982 1DA 0.35%C5H12/AIR
C007983 1DA 0.7%C5H12/AIR
C007995 1DA 0.1%O2/N2
C007996 1DA 2%O2/N2
C008001 1DA 5%O2/N2
C008008 1DA 8%O2/N2
C008010 1DA 1%O2/N2
C008011 1DA 10%O2/N2
C008013 1DA 12%O2/N2
C008014 1DA 15%O2/N2
C008016 1DA 18%O2/N2
C008018 1DA 20%O2/N2
C008020 1DA 20.9%O2/N2
C008021 1DA 21%O2/N2
C008025 1DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C008026 1DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C008028 1DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C008029 1DA 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C008052 1DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.5%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C008064 1DA 300PPM R407C/AIR
C008065 1DA 500PPM R407C/AIR
C008066 1DA 1000PPM R407C/AIR
C008092 1DA ZERO AIR
C015017 1DA 500PPM C3H6/N2
C015037 1DA 3.5%CO2/N2
C015093 1DA 10%CO2/N2
C015098 1DA 0.5%C3H8/AIR
C016001 1DA 100PPM N2O/AIR
C016041 1DA 0.18%I-C4H10/AIR
C016047 1DA 100PPM CH4/AIR
C016067 1DA 0.85%C4H10/AIR
C016077 1DA 2%CO2/AIR
C016078 1DA 125PPM CO/AIR
C016081 1DA 5%CO2/15.9%O2/N2
C016132 1DA 1.5%CO2/AIR
C016150 1DA 3%CO2/AIR
C016254 1DA 10%CO2/AIR
C016316 1DA 2000PPM C3H8/3.5%CO/14%CO2/N2
C016340 1DA 500PPM CO/AIR
C016506 1DA 10PPM CH4/AIR
C016527 1DA 40PPM H2S/40PPM CO/2%CO2/2%CH4/N2
C016534 1DA 8%C4H10/14%CO2/N2
C016582 1DA 0.3%C3H8/AIR
C016647 1DA 50PPM CH4/N2
C016658 1DA 0.3%C6H14/AIR
C016698 1DA 0.2%CO2/AIR
C016798 1DA 50PPM C3H8/50PPM C4H10/N2
C016813 1DA 50PPM CO2/N2
C016842 1DA 2%CO2/2%O2/N2
C016894 1DA 500PPM CO2/AIR
C016909 1DA 1500PPM CO2/AIR
C017141 1DA 2000PPM CO/AIR
C017192 1DA 100PPM C2H6/100PPM C3H8/100PPM I-C4H10/100PPM N-C4H10/100PPM N-C5H12/100PPM I-C5H12/100PPM I-C8H18/100PPM N-C8H18/100PPM CH4/N2
C017270 1DA 1000PPM R410A/AIR
C017412 1DA 0.25%C6H14/AIR
C017472 1DA 0.1%H2/AIR
C017559 1DA 23.5%O2/N2
C017608 1DA 2000PPM R410A/AIR
C017612 1DA 16.8%O2/N2
C017699 1DA 1000PPM R407F/AIR
C017719 1DA 2%H2/N2
C017841 1DA 1000PPM CO/AIR
C017891 1DA 2500PPM C3H8/AIR
C017908 1DA 1.76%CH4/AIR
C018042 1DA 0.25%CH4/AIR
C018045 1DA 5%CO2/21%O2/N2
C018087 1DA 200PPM CH4/AIR
C018220 1DA 0.3%C4H10/AIR
C018296 1DA 10PPM CO/AIR
C018306 1DA 0.5%CO2/AIR
C018345 1DA 1000PPM C2H4/AIR
C018396 1DA 0.1%C3H8/AIR
C018538 1DA 1%CO2/1%C2H4/1%CO/N2
C018604 1DA 50%CO2/N2
C018625 1DA 1%C3H6/AIR
C018637 1DA 80PPM CO/AIR
C018648 1DA 2.5%CO2/2.5%C2H4/2.5%CO/N2
C018652 1DA 2.5%O2/N2
C018656 1DA 1000PPM R449A/AIR
C018666 1DA 300PPM C2H4/N2
C019044 1DA 2.5%CO2/AIR
C019309 1DA 100PPM CH4/100PPM C2H6/100PPM C3H8/100PPM I-C4H10/100PPM N-C4H10/100PPM N-C5H12/100PPM N-C6H14/N2
C019375 1DA 0.5%CH4/N2
C019406 1DA 20%CO2/AIR
C019452 1DA 5%CO2/19%O2/N2
C019581 1DA 100PPM C2H4/100PPM C3H6/100PPM 1-C4H8/100PPM I-C4H8/100PPM 1-C5H10/100 PPM CIS-2-C5H10/100PPM TRANS-2-C5H10/N2
C019659 1DA 100PPM C2H4/AIR
C020044 1DA 1.05%C3H8/AIR
C020059 1DA 0.6%C3H8/AIR
C020147 1DA 40PPM CO/AIR
C020245 1DA 200PPM H2/N2
C020279 1DA 0.68%CH4/AIR
C020327 1DA 1000PPM R1234ZE/AIR
C020446 1DA 2000PPM R407C/AIR
C020510 1DA 500PPM CH4/N2
C020518 1DA 25PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C020519 1DA 50PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C020571 1DA 50%CH4/CO2
C020585 1DA 1.5%O2/N2
C020586 1DA 1.05%C3H8/AIR
C020638 1DA 0.45%I-C4H10/AIR
C020655 1DA 1.54%C3H8/N2
C020761 1DA 10%CO2/18%O2/N2
C020981 1DA 5%H2/N2
C021096 1DA 10%H2/N2
C021123 1DA 1.7%CH4/AIR
C021131 1DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.9%I-C4H10/18%O2/N2
C021139 1DA 7.5%I-C4H10/N2
C021239 1DA 120PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C021240 1DA 20PPM H2S/120PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C021560 1DA 0.95%C3H6O/N2
C021581 1DA 0.5%C4H10/AIR
C021582 1DA 1%C4H10/N2
C021588 1DA 20PPM H2/AIR
C021719 1DA 50%HE/AR
C021768 1DA 20%CH4/N2
C021784 1DA 0.48%C6H14/AIR
C021820 1DA 0.4%C3H8/AIR
C021821 1DA 7.5%CO2/N2
C021865 1DA 0.5%C2H4/AIR
C021959 1DA 600PPM CO/AIR
C021972 1DA 25PPM CH4/N2
C021973 1DA 250PPM CH4/N2
C022067 1DA 1800PPM C2H4/AIR
C022068 1DA 37%AR/N2
C022085 1DA 50%CH4/3%H2/N2
C022100 1DA 100PPM O2/AR
C022112 1DA 500PPM R134A/N2

Former part numbers:

C004969 12DA 1%O2/10%CO2/N2
C006206 12DA 0.2%H2/N2
C006769 12DA 0.5%O2/N2
C007211 12DA 0.34%C3H8/AIR
C007212 12DA 1000PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C007528 12DA 2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C007543 12DA 5%CO2/15%O2/N2
C007578 12DA 5%CO2/5%CH4/6%O2/N2
C007583 12DA 5%CO2/5%C2H4/5%CO/N2
C007590 12DA 5%CO2/5%CH4/5.3%O2/N2
C007598 12DA 800PPM H2/800PPM CO/3%O2/N2
C007608 12DA 0.1%CO/1%O2/30%CO2/52%CH4/N2
C007653 12DA 10PPM 8 GAS/N2
C007654 12DA 100PPM 8 GAS/N2
C007655 12DA 1000PPM 8 GAS/N2
C007659 12DA ARGON (N5.0)
C007661 12DA 5PPM C6H6/AIR
C007669 12DA 10PPM C2H4/AIR
C007670 12DA 1.35%C2H4/AIR
C007674 12DA 10PPM C2H4/N2
C007682 12DA 1%C2H4/N2
C007685 12DA 5%C2H4/N2
C007694 12DA 0.68%C3H8/AIR
C007696 12DA 0.85%C3H8/AIR
C007698 12DA 1%C3H8/AIR
C007709 12DA 0.44%CH4/AIR
C007712 12DA 0.88%CH4/AIR
C007713 12DA 1%CH4/AIR
C007718 12DA 1.8%CH4/AIR
C007719 12DA 2%CH4/AIR
C007720 12DA 2.2%CH4/AIR
C007721 12DA 2.5%CH4/AIR
C007726 12DA 1000PPM CH4/AIR
C007730 12DA 60%CH4/CO2
C007733 12DA 5PPM CH4/N2
C007734 12DA 10PPM CH4/N2
C007736 12DA 1%CH4/N2
C007737 12DA 100PPM CH4/N2
C007742 12DA 2.5%CH4/N2
C007746 12DA 5%CH4/N2
C007749 12DA 10%CH4/N2
C007751 12DA 0.1%CH4/N2
C007752 12DA 15%CH4/N2
C007754 12DA METHANE (N3.5)
C007756 12DA 50%CH4/N2
C007760 12DA 5%CO2/AIR
C007762 12DA 1%CO2/AIR
C007765 12DA 0.3%CO2/AIR
C007766 12DA 9000PPM CO2/AIR
C007767 12DA 1000PPM CO2/AIR
C007778 12DA 1%CO2/N2
C007780 12DA 1.8%CO2/N2
C007782 12DA 2.5%CO2/N2
C007789 12DA 5%CO2/N2
C007792 12DA 0.5%CO2/N2
C007799 12DA 15%CO2/N2
C007801 12DA 20%CO2/N2
C007804 12DA 30%CO2/N2
C007807 12DA 4%CO2/N2
C007809 12DA 500PPM CO2/N2
C007811 12DA 20PPM CO/AIR
C007813 12DA 50PPM CO/AIR
C007817 12DA 60PPM CO/AIR
C007819 12DA 100PPM CO/AIR
C007821 12DA 150PPM CO/AIR
C007823 12DA 200PPM CO/AIR
C007825 12DA 300PPM CO/AIR
C007826 12DA 400PPM CO/AIR
C007832 12DA 100PPM CO/N2
C007837 12DA 1%CO/N2
C007841 12DA 5%CO/N2
C007851 12DA 200PPM H2/AIR
C007852 12DA 1%H2/AIR
C007853 12DA 100PPM H2/AIR
C007854 12DA 2%H2/AIR
C007864 12DA 100PPM H2/N2
C007866 12DA 1%H2/N2
C007878 12DA 50PPM H2S/AIR
C007883 12DA 20PPM H2S/N2
C007884 12DA 25PPM H2S/N2
C007890 12DA 100PPM H2S/N2
C007895 12DA 1000PPM HE/N2
C007901 12DA 0.9%I-C4H10/AIR
C007918 12DA 100PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C007932 12DA NITROGEN (N5.0)
C007951 12DA 5PPM N2O/N2
C007952 12DA 10PPM N2O/N2
C007956 12DA 100PPM N2O/N2
C007959 12DA 1000PPM N2O/N2
C007961 12DA 5000PPM N2O/N2
C007968 12DA 0.7%C4H10/AIR
C007972 12DA 0.9%C4H10/AIR
C007978 12DA 8%C4H10/N2
C007981 12DA 10%C4H10/N2
C007982 12DA 0.35%C5H12/AIR
C007983 12DA 0.7%C5H12/AIR
C007995 12DA 0.1%O2/N2
C007996 12DA 2%O2/N2
C008001 12DA 5%O2/N2
C008008 12DA 8%O2/N2
C008010 12DA 1%O2/N2
C008011 12DA 10%O2/N2
C008013 12DA 12%O2/N2
C008014 12DA 15%O2/N2
C008016 12DA 18%O2/N2
C008018 12DA 20%O2/N2
C008020 12DA 20.9%O2/N2
C008021 12DA 21%O2/N2
C008025 12DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2
C008026 12DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C008028 12DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C008029 12DA 20PPM H2S/60PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2
C008052 12DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.5%CO2/2.2%CH4/18%O2/N2
C008064 12DA 300PPM R407C/AIR
C008065 12DA 500PPM R407C/AIR
C008066 12DA 1000PPM R407C/AIR
C008092 12DA ZERO AIR
C015017 12DA 500PPM C3H6/N2
C015037 12DA 3.5%CO2/N2
C015093 12DA 10%CO2/N2
C015098 12DA 0.5%C3H8/AIR
C016001 12DA 100PPM N2O/AIR
C016041 12DA 0.18%I-C4H10/AIR
C016047 12DA 100PPM CH4/AIR
C016067 12DA 0.85%C4H10/AIR
C016077 12DA 2%CO2/AIR
C016078 12DA 125PPM CO/AIR
C016081 12DA 5%CO2/15.9%O2/N2
C016132 12DA 1.5%CO2/AIR
C016150 12DA 3%CO2/AIR
C016254 12DA 10%CO2/AIR
C016316 12DA 2000PPM C3H8/3.5%CO/14%CO2/N2
C016340 12DA 500PPM CO/AIR
C016506 12DA 10PPM CH4/AIR
C016527 12DA 40PPM H2S/40PPM CO/2%CO2/2%CH4/N2
C016534 12DA 8%C4H10/14%CO2/N2
C016582 12DA 0.3%C3H8/AIR
C016647 12DA 50PPM CH4/N2
C016658 12DA 0.3%C6H14/AIR
C016698 12DA 0.2%CO2/AIR
C016798 12DA 50PPM C3H8/50PPM C4H10/N2
C016813 12DA 50PPM CO2/N2
C016842 12DA 2%CO2/2%O2/N2
C016894 12DA 500PPM CO2/AIR
C016909 12DA 1500PPM CO2/AIR
C017141 12DA 2000PPM CO/AIR
C017192 12DA 100PPM C2H6/100PPM C3H8/100PPM I-C4H10/100PPM N-C4H10/100PPM N-C5H12/100PPM I-C5H12/100PPM I-C8H18/100PPM N-
C8H18/100PPM CH4/N2
C017270 12DA 1000PPM R410A/AIR
C017412 12DA 0.25%C6H14/AIR
C017472 12DA 0.1%H2/AIR
C017559 12DA 23.5%O2/N2
C017608 12DA 2000PPM R410A/AIR
C017612 12DA 16.8%O2/N2
C017699 12DA 1000PPM R407F/AIR
C017719 12DA 2%H2/N2
C017841 12DA 1000PPM CO/AIR
C017891 12DA 2500PPM C3H8/AIR
C017908 12DA 1.76%CH4/AIR
C018042 12DA 0.25%CH4/AIR
C018045 12DA 5%CO2/21%O2/N2
C018087 12DA 200PPM CH4/AIR
C018220 12DA 0.3%C4H10/AIR
C018296 12DA 10PPM CO/AIR
C018306 12DA 0.5%CO2/AIR
C018345 12DA 1000PPM C2H4/AIR
C018396 12DA 0.1%C3H8/AIR
C018538 12DA 1%CO2/1%C2H4/1%CO/N2
C018604 12DA 50%CO2/N2
C018625 12DA 1%C3H6/AIR
C018637 12DA 80PPM CO/AIR
C018648 12DA 2.5%CO2/2.5%C2H4/2.5%CO/N2
C018652 12DA 2.5%O2/N2
C018656 12DA 1000PPM R449A/AIR
C018666 12DA 300PPM C2H4/N2
C019044 12DA 2.5%CO2/AIR
C019309 12DA 100PPM CH4/100PPM C2H6/100PPM C3H8/100PPM I-C4H10/100PPM N-C4H10/100PPM N-C5H12/100PPM N-C6H14/N2
C019375 12DA 0.5%CH4/N2
C019406 12DA 20%CO2/AIR
C019452 12DA 5%CO2/19%O2/N2
C019581 12DA 100PPM C2H4/100PPM C3H6/100PPM 1-C4H8/100PPM I-C4H8/100PPM 1-C5H10/100 PPM CIS-2-C5H10/100PPM TRANS-2-C5H10/N2
C019659 12DA 100PPM C2H4/AIR
C020044 12DA 1.05%C3H8/AIR
C020059 12DA 0.6%C3H8/AIR
C020147 12DA 40PPM CO/AIR
C020245 12DA 200PPM H2/N2
C020279 12DA 0.68%CH4/AIR
C020327 12DA 1000PPM R1234ZE/AIR
C020446 12DA 2000PPM R407C/AIR
C020510 12DA 500PPM CH4/N2
C020518 12DA 25PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C020519 12DA 50PPM I-C4H8/AIR
C020571 12DA 50%CH4/CO2
C020585 12DA 1.5%O2/N2
C020586 12DA 1.05%C3H8/AIR
C020638 12DA 0.45%I-C4H10/AIR
C020655 12DA 1.54%C3H8/N2
C020761 12DA 10%CO2/18%O2/N2
C020981 12DA 5%H2/N2
C021096 12DA 10%H2/N2
C021123 12DA 1.7%CH4/AIR
C021131 12DA 25PPM H2S/100PPM CO/0.9%I-C4H10/18%O2/N2
C021139 12DA 7.5%I-C4H10/N2
C021239 12DA 120PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C021240 12DA 20PPM H2S/120PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2
C021560 12DA 0.95%C3H6O/N2
C021581 12DA 0.5%C4H10/AIR
C021582 12DA 1%C4H10/N2
C021588 12DA 20PPM H2/AIR
C021719 12DA 50%HE/AR
C021768 12DA 20%CH4/N2
C021784 12DA 0.48%C6H14/AIR
C021820 12DA 0.4%C3H8/AIR
C021821 12DA 7.5%CO2/N2
C021865 12DA 0.5%C2H4/AIR
C021959 12DA 600PPM CO/AIR
C021972 12DA 25PPM CH4/N2
C021973 12DA 250PPM CH4/N2
C022067 12DA 1800PPM C2H4/AIR
C022068 12DA 37%AR/N2
C022085 12DA 50%CH4/3%H2/N2
C022100 12DA 100PPM O2/AR
C022112 12DA 500PPM R134A/N2

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