ABB Furse MBX D8 Metallic Enclosure

Code: 7TCA085400R0650
  • Spacious design with extra wiring space to aid SPD installation & maintenance
  • Hinged inspection lid for easy inspection of ESP SPD status indication
  • IP20 rating

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The MBX D8 metallic enclosure is for the convenient installation of Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) DIN rail-mounted single—and three-phase power Surge Protection Devices (SPDs).

For use with:

  • ESP 415/I/TT (5TE wide – use supplied blanking plates to cover exposed 3TE in inspection window. Use tall height DIN rail to mount the unit within the enclosure).
  • A three-phase D1 series SPD, such as the ESP 415D1 – use low height DIN rail supplied to mount SPD within enclosure.

Features & Benefits

  • High-quality steel enclosure for safe and secure mounting of ESP DIN rail-mounted SPDs.
  • Supplied complete with two heights of DIN rail (to suit both tall and shorter depth SPDs), inspection window blanking plates and earth link wire (between base and lid).


Use MBX enclosures when your ESP SPD cannot be installed within the existing equipment panel or enclosure.


Once the enclosure has been prepared (conduit entries, etc.) and mounted securely to a flat surface, select the correct height DIN rail (2 are supplied) for the SPD to be installed within the enclosure.

Mount the SPD onto the DIN rail (click on the DIN rail to lock the SPD into position). Make all necessary electrical connections to the SPD. Using the earth wire supplied, ensure an earth connection is made from the earth stud in the base of the enclosure to the earth stud of the enclosure lid.

Secure the lid to the base and ensure no live parts are exposed in the inspection window—use the supplied blanking plates if necessary.


  • Weight: – Unit 1.99 kg
  • Weight: – Packaged 2.16 kg
  • Length: – External 268 mm
  • Width: – External 208 mm
  • Depth: – External 104 mm
  • Fixing centres (mm) 201 x 137 (4 holes)
  • Temperature range: -40 to +80 °C
  • Product available width: 146mm (8TE)

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