ABB Furse ESP K10T1 Surge Protector

Code: 7TCA085400R0130
  • Low-cost protection for large numbers of data and signal lines
  • Quick & easy plugin installation, with ‘bump’ location feedback
  • Repeated protection in lightning-intense environments

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The ESP K10T1 is a combined Category D, C, and B tested protector (to BS EN 61643) suitable for use on ten-line LSA-PLUS disconnection modules to PBX telephone exchanges, ISDN and other telecoms equipment with LSA-PLUS disconnection modules.

For use at boundaries up to LPZ 0 to protect against flashover (typically the service entrance location) through to LPZ 3 to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Very low let-through voltage (enhanced protection to IEC/BS EN 62305) between all lines – Full Mode protection.
  • Full Mode design can handle partial lightning currents and allow the continual operation of protected equipment.
  • Colour of housing distinguishes electrically different protectors – avoids confusion when installed together on the same distribution frame.
  • Under power line cross conditions, PTC versions offer safe disconnection during the fault duration. The unit auto-resets once the fault is corrected.
  • At larger installations, ESP K10T1/2 and ESP K10T1/PTC provide all-in-one protection for all ten lines on LSA-PLUS disconnection modules.
  • Use the ESP KE10 to provide trouble-free earthing for up to ten ESP KT1/2 and ESP KT1/PTC (per disconnection module).
  • ESP K10T1/2 and ESP K10T1/PTC have an integral earth connection and an external M4 earth bush for use with non-metallic LSA-Plus frames.
  • ESP KT1/PTC and ESP K10T1/PTC have resettable overcurrent protection and are rated for power cross faults.
  • ESP KT1, ESP KT1/PTC, ESP K10T1 and ESP K10T1/PTC are suitable for telecoms applications in accordance with Telcordia and ANSI Standards.


  • For PSTN (e.g. POTS, dial-up, lease line, T1/E1, *DSL and Broadband) and U interface ISDN lines, use ESP KT1 (or ESP KT1/PTC) and ESP K10T1 (or ESP K10T1/PTC).
  • For S/T interface ISDN lines, use ESP KT2 and ESP K10T2.
  • Protect single lines with ESP KT1, ESP KT2 or ESP KT1/PTC.
  • Protect all ten lines on a disconnection module with ESP K10T1/2.


Install protectors on all lines that enter or leave each building (including extensions to other buildings). Identify the lines requiring protection and plug in the protector (ensuring the correct orientation) for a series connection. Plug ESP K10T1/2 directly into each disconnection module requiring protection.

ESP KT1/2 and ESP KT1/PTC must be installed via the ESP KE10 earth bar. Clip an ESP KE10 onto the disconnection module and plug an ESP KT1/2 or ESP KT1/PTC into each line on the module that needs protecting. In the unlikely situation that the protector is damaged, it will sacrifice itself and fail a short circuit, taking the line out of commission, indicating it needs replacing and preventing subsequent transients from damaging equipment.


  • Maximum working voltage Uc – line to line 296 V
  • Maximum working voltage Uc – line to earth 296 V
  • Current rating (signal) 300 mA
  • In-line resistance (per line ±10%) 4.4 Ω
  • Bandwidth (-3 dB 50 Ω system) 20 MHz
  • Temperature range – 40 to +80 °C
  • Connection type To LSA-PLUS disconnection modules (BT part number 237A)
  • Earth connection Via integral earth clip/external M4 bush
  • Material FR Polymer UL-94
  • Weight: – Unit 0.10 kg
  • CN8: 8536308000

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