ABB Furse ESP 240T3/SKT Type 3 Surge Protector

Code: 7TCA085450R0069
  • Maintenance free
  • Repeated protection in lightning-intense environments
  • Working voltage (RMS) 200-275 V

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The ESP 240T3/SKT is a type 3 tested protector (to BS EN 61643) for use on low current (up to 16 A) single-phase systems to protect connected electronic equipment from transient overvoltages on the mains supply, e.g., fire/intruder alarm panels. Available for supplies up to 275V.

For use at boundaries LPZ 2 through to LPZ 3 to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Low let-through voltage (enhanced protection to IEC/BS EN 62305) between all sets of conductors (phase to neutral, phase to earth, neutral to earth—Full Mode protection) allows continuous operation of equipment.
  • Compact size for easy incorporation in the protected system.
  • Adhesive double-sided pad supplied, to secure in position within the application.
  • Colour-coded wires make for a simple connection.
  • Thermal protection technology, for safe disconnection under fault conditions.
  • Audible buzzer warns of loss of protection due to fault.


Use these protectors on low-current mains power supplies, e.g. CCTV cameras, alarm panels and telemetry equipment.


Connect in parallel (spur) with the power supply, usually within the equipment panel or behind the socket outlet.

The protector should be installed directly at the socket outlet to protect localised equipment inside the building from transients that could disrupt the operation.


  • Nominal voltage – Phase-Neutral Uo (RMS) 230 V
  • Maximum voltage – Phase-Neutral Uc (RMS) 275 V
  • Temporary overvoltage (TOV) withstands 5s 335 V
  • Frequency range 47-63 Hz
  • Current rating (supply) 16 A or less
  • Max. backup fuse (see installation instructions) ≤ 16 A
  • Leakage current (to earth) Zero
  • Temperature range -40 to +80 °C
  • Connection type Via 115 mm long cables, coloured brown, blue and green/yellow
  • Conductor size (stranded) 1 mm² / 17 AWG
  • Earth connection Via 115 mm long cable coloured green/yellow
  • Degree of protection (IEC 60529) IP20
  • Fault indication Acoustic (buzzer)
  • Case material FR Polymer UL-94 V-0
  • Weight: – Unit 0.20 kg. Packaged 0.25 kg
  • CN8: 8536308000

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