ABB Furse CME 8 Mounting Kit

Code: 7TCA085400R0002
  • Sturdy construction
  • CME 8 for 8 mounting holes
  • Quick & easy installation

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The CME 8 enables groups of protectors to be simultaneously mounted and earthed via their earth stud.

Suitable for installing protectors with one or two earth studs on their top face.

Features & Benefits

  • Speedy installation of groups of protectors saves time and money.
  • Individual protectors can be changed without needing to remove others.
  • Supplied with a choice of flat and round-ended fixing screws to suit your application.


Use CME kits to simultaneously mount and earth groups of single and double earth stud protectors. Each single earth stud protector requires one CME mounting position, and each double earth stud protector requires two CME mounting positions; this includes:

High conductivity copper with electro-tin plating and nylon insulating pillars for low impedance to earth Single earth stud protectors which are:

ESP 06D, ESP 06E, ESP 06H, ESP TN, ESP 15D, ESP 15E, ESP 15H, ESP RTD, ESP 30D, ESP 30E, ESP 30H, ESP CCTV/B, ESP 50D, ESP 50E, ESP 50H, ESP CCTV/T, ESP 110D, ESP 110E, ESP 110H and ESP RS485.

Double earth stud protectors are:

ESP 120-5A, ESP 120-16A, ESP 240-16A, ESP 240-5A , ESP 277-5A and ESP 277-16A.

Once you know how many CME mounting positions you require, choose a CME kit to suit:

  • CME 4 has four mounting positions
  • CME 8 has eight mounting positions
  • CME 16 has sixteen mounting positions
  • CME 32 has thirty-two mounting positions


The earth bar is supported by a series of mounting pillars (which are fixed to the cubicle or box base). Protectors are attached to the CME’s earth bar via their earth stud(s) and earthed with shared connections to earth.

We suggest one earth connection per mounting pillar.


  • Hole size 6.5 mm with 20 mm spacings
  • Weight 0.15 kg
  • Enclosures suitable for a CME 4 and its associated protectors: (WBX 4/GS), CME 8 and protectors, (WBX 8/GS) or one or two CME 16 and protectors (WBX 16/2/G)

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