3M Scott Safety Vision 3 Positive Pressure Facemask

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  • Shock resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Historic brand Sabre

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The Scott Vision 3 is a positive-pressure mask designed for use with Scott’s range of self-contained breathing apparatus. Providing respiratory protection in environments with an Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH). Suitable for professional firefighters, escape, or airline deployment.

The Vision 3 full-face mask comprises a Polycarbonate visor that is scratch and impact-resistant. The exterior is made from injection moulded liquid silicone, and the inner mask is made from thermoplastic elastomer. There are two head harness choices: a five-point fully adjustable rubber version or a two-point adjustable net-type available in Polyester or Kevlar.

The visor has a flame-retardant coating and allows panoramic vision. Spectacle frames can be worn without compromising mask integrity. Four sizes accommodate most head shapes.

The Demand valve connects to the left-hand side by a bayonet connection. A right quick fit port is available to take a communication interface.

CE marked in accordance with EN137:2006 Class II.

Order Information

1071671 Vision 3 LQF, Medium/Large, rubber head harness
1071675 Vision 3 LQF, Medium/Large, with Net Harness
2003575 Vision 3 LQF, Small Size, rubber head harness
2003576 Vision 3 LQF, Small Size, Net head harness
2003577 Vision 3 LQF, Medium Size, rubber head harness
2003578 Vision 3 LQF, Medium Size, Net head harness
2008699 Vision 3 LQF/REQF, Medium/Large, rubber head harness
2007996 Vision 3 LQF/REQF, Medium/Large, net head harness
2003606 Vision 3 LQF/REQF, Small, rubber head harness
2003888 Vision 3 LQF/REQF, Small, net head harness
2003607 Vision 3 LQF/REQF, Medium, rubber head harness
2008889 Vision 3 LQF/REQF, Medium, net head harness
2032228 Vision 3 LQF ECB, Small Size rubber head harness (Compatible with Epic)
2030730 Vision 3 LQF ECB, Medium Size rubber head harness (Compatible with Epic)
2032227 Vision 3 LQF ECB, Medium/Large Size rubber head harness (Compatible with Epic)

Vision 3 Fitted with Helmet Clamps

1073835 Vision 3 LQF, Medium Large
2018351 Vision 3 LQF, Small
2018721 Vision 3LQF/REQF, Medium Large

Vision 3 RAS versions

For use with the RAS system, 5 points fully adjustable head harness, demand valve connection and right-hand DIN40 fitting with an inhaling valve for the respiratory canister.

2003604 Vision 3 RAS Small
2003605 Vision 3 RAS Medium
2001746 Vision 3 RAS Medium/Large

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