3M Scott Safety ProPak Sigma

Code: ProPak Sigma
  • Adjustable Harness
  • Simple To Use
  • Accepts Most Cylinders

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The 3M Scott Safety ProPak Sigma self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus accommodates the range of Scott Cylinders 200 and 300 bar,  capacity 4.7 to 9 litre. Lightweight composite material backplate with fully adjustable harness and pressure gauge with a 55 bar whistle.

Approved to EN137:2006 Type 2, the set provides a high level of respiratory protection in a simple to operate, economical piece of equipment that meets the needs of Industrial and Marine firefighters.

The Propak Sigma 2 is proven in the market with a broad customer base who require safety and simplicity—specifically designed for Marine and Industrial fire fighting use.


  • Tried and tested pneumatic system
  • Activated demand valve on user first breath with bypass (two-stage pneumatic system)
  • Lightweight backplate and type 2 harness
  • Flame resistant webbing
  • Corrosion proof fittings in resistant polyamide
  • Easy operation for users
  • Approved to the MED as a Type 2 set
  • Historic brand Sabre
  • Size length 600mm, width 285mm and depth 215mm (with a 6 litre 200 bar cylinder). Weight SCBA and facemask (less cylinder) 3.2kg

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Weight 0.09 kg

Ordering Information

2027156 PROPAK-SIGMA-PS (V2)with PanaSeal face mask
2027157 PROPAK-SIGMA-VIS (V2) with Vision 3 face mask.
2027150 PROPAK-SIGMA (V2) without a face mask.
2027152 PROPAK-SIGMA-AC (V2) with Airline attachment*. (no mask)
2027153 PROPAK-SIGMA-SDC (V2) with Split demand valve (no mask)
2027155 PROPAK-SIGMA-SDC-AC (V2) with Split demand valve and Airline attachment*. (no mask)
2027154 PROPAK-SIGMA-Y2C (V2) fitted with Y-piece (2 CEN socket) in demand valve hose. (no mask)
2033191 PROPAK-SIGMA-AC-FOSTER (no mask)

Ensure right-angled valved cylinders are ordered to use valve handwheel on the normal right-hand side of the SCBA. These cylinders have the suffix -RA

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